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Find all the advice about endometriosis that you may be looking for in one place.  This site map has been put together so that you can easily navigate your way round the site.

Endometriosis Basics:

What is Endometriosis - a comprehensive overview of Endometriosis and how it affects women's lives 

How Endometriosis affects lives - personal stories describing how the disease has affected the lives of women and girls 

Diagnosis of Endometriosis - find advice about diagnosing Endometriosis and why it can be a difficult disease to obtain an accurate diagnosis 

Personal diagnosis experiences - read how long it took for these women to obtain a true and correct diagnosis for endometriosis 

Symptoms of endometriosis - advice about the most common symptoms, and find out why they can be mistaken for other illnesses 

Symptoms of other sufferers - find out which symptoms other women are dealing with as written in their own words 

Treatment of Endometriosis - advice about different treatment methods used by orthodox modern medicine 

Surgical Treatment - details of the various surgical treatments used for endometriosis 

Additional surgical procedures - details of other surgical treatments you may be offered for endometriosis

Treatment Questions - what to ask you surgeon before and after treatment

Personal treatment experiences - find out which treatments other women have tried to treat their endometriosis, and which treatments they have found helpful 

Laparoscopy and Endometriosis - describes in detail how a laparoscopy is performed 

Laparoscopy advice - a detailed guide of how to prepare for a Laparoscopy and how to cope with the surgery afterwards 

Laparoscopy Feedback - one readers helpful advice on how she prepared and dealt with her surgery 

Hysterectomy and Endometriosis - a brief but clear message that hysterectomy is not a guarantee to being rid of Endometriosis 

Infertility - a look at some of the possible reasons why Endometriosis affects a woman's fertility 

Infertility treatment - what are your treatment options for fertility?

Pregnancy success - read these real life stories from women with endometriosis who have been able to have children 

Pain Management for endometriosis - how to deal with your pain using medication and natural treatments 

Cause of Endometriosis - if you have a better understanding of what the possible cause of Endometriosis is, you then have a better chance to equip your body to defend itself against this disease 

Endometriosis Specialists - with a list of specialists listed by location 

Endometriosis Treatment Specifics:

Adhesions during surgery can be reduced by new surgical techniques - find out more in this article 

Endometriosis Adhesions - what are they, how are they treated and ideas with natural treatments and supplements to help reduce adhesions

Intestinal Endometriosis - An article which describes the issues and treatment of GI symptoms 

Endometrial Cysts - Learn about the different types of cysts and how they are often treated by your surgeon

Hormone Drugs - Advice about some of the drugs used to treat endometriosis 

Natural Treatment Advice:

Alternative and Natural Treatment for Endometriosis 

Which Natural Treatment - guidance on various natural treatments you can use to help with the pain and symptoms of endometriosis

Choosing which natural Therapy - how do you choose which of the different natural or alternative therapies to use

Effectiveness of Natural Therapies - so just how effective are they in helping to treat endometriosis? 

Ability to Heal - learn why it is totally possible for you to achieve healing of Endometriosis 

Overview of Curing - learn about the wonderful properties of our bodies - discover how and why we are able to cure ourselves of many diseases 

Endometriosis and Constipation - A common sense look at this common problem and advice how to deal with it

Natural Toiletries - advice of how to make your own safe, chemical free toiletries which will help to reduce the level of xeno-estrogens in your body

Natural Pain Relief - using MSM (sulphur powder) which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties

Endometriosis and Aromatherapy - how to use essential oils to help with different symptoms of endometriosis

Diet & Nutrition Advice:

Diet and Nutrition for Endometriosis - find advice of the importance that diet changes can have in helping with symptoms of Endometriosis 

Safe Ingredients - list of alternative ingredients for wheat, sugar and milk for the endo diet

Soy and soy proteins - read why you need to eliminated them from your diet 

Prostaglandins and diet - how they effect endometriosis, inflammation, pain and infertility - and very relevant to your diet 

The role of Phytoestrogens - explanation how phytoestrogens relate to diet, with the aim to reduce your symptoms 

Whole Grains explained - giving you a better understanding what whole grains are 

Endometriosis Diet & Wheat - explains the connection between wheat and endometriosis pain 

Endometriosis & calcium intake - how to obtain sufficient calcium when reducing dairy foods 

Endometriosis & protein intake - how to obtain sufficient protein when reducing meat and dairy in the endo diet 

Endometriosis & honey - guidelines of some of the risks regarding honey despite its health benefits 

Feedback from other women - who have followed the diet for endometriosis - and how it has helped them 

One woman's story with diet - of achieving pregnancy and healing despite severe endometriosis by following the diet 

Chocolate Recipe - A recipe to make your own chocolate which is quick and easy and is endo-friendly - a special link for this one! 

Endometriosis Specifics:

Fighting endometriosis - Here you will find advice of some of the key factors to help you fight endometriosis

Keeping a Symptoms Diary - advice on how to draw up an easy to read visual diary of your symptoms

Endometriosis appearance - what does endometriosis look like - a description is found here 

The immune system - this is your biggest asset in the fight against Endometriosis, find more about it here 

Progesterone - many women are obtaining great relief from some symptoms of Endometriosis using Progesterone cream - find more details and avoid the Yam scam 

Prostaglandins - background to these enzymes and why they are so important in helping to control endometriosis 

Autoimmune Diseases - is Endometriosis one of them? 

Treatment costs - Many women are seriously affected financially by endometriosis - you will find advice and tips here of how to get help with the cost of treatment 

Endometriosis Pictures - taken during surgical procedures 

Toxic toiletries - advice of how to avoid toxic toiletries that can increase the symptoms of endometriosis 

A to Z Glossary of all the terms related to endometriosis 

Endometriosis and Relationships - A look at how this disease can affect relationships, friendships and co-worker

Dealing with Tiredness - A few strategies to help you deal with the tiredness and fatigue which is caused by suffering a long-term illness

Endometriosis in History - how common was this disease in the past?

Sharing & Support:

My own story of healing from endometriosis 

Readers Healing story - Ingrid's detailed story of being able to heal from endometriosis using natural treatments 

Endometriosis healing testimonies - many of them sent direct to Endo Resolved 

Endometriosis articles - a list of informative articles relating to Endometriosis - with a focus on positive advice! 

Personal Endometriosis Stories - LOTS of stories from other women who suffer from the disease 

Emotional support - how to develop positive emotions and gain more emotional support to help deal with endometriosis

Feedback and messages from women who suffer from endometriosis who have visited the site 

Endometriosis Support Groups around the world 

Endometriosis Message Board  from Endo Resolved - a long established board which provides much needed support and advice 

Books & Free download documents:

Total Support for Healing - here you will find more advice to aid your own healing of Endometriosis - from the book 'Reclaim Your Life' from Endo-Resolved

Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis - Diet Book from Endo Resolved 

A collection of helpful pdf booklets and documents on specific topics for you to download 

Please note....

The sincere intent of this website is to provide hope through encouraging content - especially by including the positive stories and testimonies of recovery and successful pregnancies. 

If anyone wishes to refer to the content here please contact me first, as this site is protected by copyright law under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Finally I want to say thank you to my partner, who is a highly qualified chemist and has keep me up to speed on any of the difficult chemistry topics to ensure the advice is clear for you to understand. 

Thank you for your understanding


PS. If you need any support there are the following options at the site:

  • A very supportive Message Board with helpful and knowledgeable moderators 

  • Interactive feedback forms where you can leave your endometriosis stories and request advice from others, and obtain an email notification if anyone has left a comment to your story 

  • A list of Global Support Groups 

  • Ability to contact me direct via the ‘contact page’

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