Laparoscopy surgery feedback

Here is a brief account of one readers recent laparoscopy surgery with the tips and advice she followed to help reduce the trauma and pain of her surgery. 

From Karen

I just wanted to say thank you as I have found this site very helpful especially around preparation and recovery for diagnostic laparoscopy. 

I had my op this Monday and am making a very speedy recovery as I believe the right preparation really helps with this. Some things to share - i was given Voltarol 100mg suppositories in recovery along with morphine and would recommend it. My pain was minimal and very manageable.

Then they gave me some of the suppositories to take home; they are effective for about 12 hours when taken with 4-6 hourly paracetamol. I was lucky as I had no nausea but terrible wind for which i took one drop of japanese peppermint oil (you can buy in Holland and Barrat in uk), in small amount of hot water.

I then started taking Colpermin on day 2 which is slow release peppermint and really helps get the gas moving. Day 5 and I have started Motilium to help with the slow bowels - not advisable before in case you have any bowel weakness, and it would depend if you have had surgery, but for a straight forward diagnostic it helps. 

Also of course I recommend arnica oral and arnica cream on my tum, having a huggy cushion for when you move or cough helps support your tum too and don’t over estimate the need for loose clothing. I am a pyjama girl but even my big ones were too much on my distended tum, so I gave in to nighties and nightshirts. 

I have been following the strict diet for 4 months and seen a marked improvement in my symptoms and feel generally better in myself now I have learnt to live with it.

Although it took some getting use to and is more difficult when eating out, but I now say I am gluten free when we eat out to make sure there is nothing added to foods which look like they would be unsuitable, and most restaurants are really helpful. Thank you again for all sharing your stories. I hope mine can help someone too.


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