Endometriosis stories page two

Women's stories of living with endometriosis and the many issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.  Reading other stories can help you feel you are not so alone

Surgeries, lupron and drug treatment

This endometriosis story from Mandie who has had repeated surgeries and tried different drug treatments including two rounds of Lupron and her endometriosis kept coming back.  This has left her very scared and worried. MORE

Tried many drugs to get relief 

A story from Angie who tried different drugs for her endometriosis including Lupron and Danazol and two surgeries. She discovered from her medical notes and found that both her fallopian tubes were blocked. MORE

Stage four and deep implants

Gallbladder surgery and a downturn in health including many digestive problems with bloating, IBS and nausea. A laparoscopy later found stage four endometriosis with many deep implants. MORE

Severe scarring and anaemia  

This story comes from Bobbi who developed such severe scarring from endometriosis that her surgeon could not remove the disease and she also developed anaemia due to heavy bleeding MORE

Post surgical scar tissue  

Years of horrific pain, huge doses of pain meds and find a surgeon who could perform surgery.  Only to find the pain from post-surgical scars was worse than the pain she had before. MORE

Severe scarring and adhesions  

BCP covered up the fact that Emily had endometriosis After having a laparotomy, it was revealed that she had severe scaring and adhesions throughout her abdomen. MORE

Three miscarriages due to endometriosis 

After suffering for many years and finally getting a laparoscopy, Helen was diagnosed with endometriosis which helps to explain why she had three miscarriages and suffered so much pain. MORE

Total hysterectomy and return of endo

A year after having a hysterectomy Anna’s symptoms returned and she had to have another surgery to remove endometriosis.  This was followed by more surgeries as the endometriosis kept returning MORE

Stage four endometriosis  

This is a story from Breanna who developed stage four endometriosis really quickly, leading her to need a five-hour surgery. Luckily, she was able to become pregnant after her surgery MORE

Severe abdominal swelling 

Amber has recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and she has severe swelling in the abdomen including her ovaries, tubes and uterus and bleeding cysts. MORE

Severe endometriosis and lupron  

This is Amy’s endometriosis story of delayed diagnosis, to discover very severe endometriosis followed by Lupron treatment causing bad side-effects. MORE

Endometriosis, fatigue and constipation  

This is a story from Heidi who cannot afford surgery to diagnose endometriosis having pain, fatigue and constipation and is using natural treatments to support her health. MORE

Endometriosis stories Page THREE

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