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Women's endometriosis stories submitted by the women who suffer the distressing symptoms of this disease every day.  Reading stories from other women helps you feel as though you are not alone in this struggle

Prescribed synthetic progesterone drugs 

When Julie was diagnosed endometriosis, her doctor put her on two different synthetic progesterone drugs and both caused bad side effects, this is her experience  MORE

Pain meds not helping symptoms 

The pain medication Kim used for endometriosis hardly touched the pain and she was put on hormone drug treatment.  She also has severe bowel symptoms and really bad constipation MORE

Severe endo since age seventeen 

LeeAnn started her periods early and when she had surgery at seventeen years old it was found she has severe endometriosis and seven years later is waiting for another surgery MORE

Multiple treatments still suffering  

Mary’s journey started being diagnosed with endometriosis and a huge cyst, twelve years on birth control, three laparoscopies, Lupron treatment, partial hysterectomy and then return of symptoms. MORE

Anaemia and coughing blood  

Michelle has had really painful periods which have got to the point she became anaemic due to heavy bleeding.  She now coughs up blood with her periods and is understandable very depressed  MORE

Endo with fibro and chronic fatigue 

Nancy has had eleven surgeries as endometriosis had spread all over her abdomen and she also has to deal with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue every day  MORE

Ectopic pregnancy with endometriosis 

Norma started with pain from an early age then went on birth control to help her pain. Later she suffered an ectopic pregnancy and had surgery where endometriosis was found MORE

Success with excision surgery  

After three laparoscopies Rachel had excision surgery which was a success and gave her relief from the pain, her periods became regular and she also stopped feeling so tired.  MORE

 Extensive adhesions with endometriosis  

Following surgery for endometriosis which showed Rachel had extensive adhesions, she then tried many heavy-duty pain medications, followed by Lupron leading to severe emotional distress MORE

Endo specialist took Stacy seriously 

Often women are not taken seriously by doctors when describing their symptoms and Stacy knew she had endometriosis and it was not till she saw an endo specialist was she taken seriously  MORE

Zoladex injections for endo treatment  

Tara was diagnosed with endometriosis and following laparoscopy surgery  was then put on zoladex injections but this has given her side-effects and she feels really moody all the time  MORE

Stage four endometriosis  

Kristina was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and after surgery was put on birth control pill and told to double her dose to help reduce her pain which helps but she is still in pain   MORE

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