Serrapeptase to reduce pain, scar tissue & inflammation with endometriosis

There are certain supplements you can use to help with the symptoms of endometriosis but there is one supplement that stands out as having great success for helping with endometriosis and that is serrapeptase .

I have briefly mentioned this supplement here at endo-resolved and have received some very favorable feedback from women who have had success with this supplement in helping to reduce their symptoms of endometriosis. 


What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme which is found in silkworms. The silkworm uses it to dissolve the cocoon when the moth is ready to come out. Serrapeptase is used for many painful conditions as it has the ability to reduce inflammation, it helps to dissolve old scar tissue, reduce adhesions and cysts . One of the main actions it has is to dissolve fibrin, and scar tissue is made up of fibrin. 


Fibrin and scar tissue

Fibrin is produced in the body as a chemical product to help stop bleeding and is used in part of the healing process following injury or surgery. It has a useful purpose initially in the role of healing, however if the area in question is slow to heal, an excess of fibrin will appear as clumps of scar tissue in the site of the wound, injury or at the surgical site.


Once this happens, an acute condition becomes chronic. For women with endometriosis this action can cause a severe excess of fibrin in the body caused by bleeding implants, scar tissue and post-operative scarring as well.


To help with scar tissue and endometriosis, Serrapeptase basically digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms. Additionally, it helps improve the immune response, helps with pain and assists with speeding up the healing process.


How to take serrapeptase

Serrapeptase needs to be taken on an empty stomach at least 45 minutes before eating or two hours after eating.

Serrapeptase is easily destroyed and deactivated by your stomach acid before it has a chance to reach your intestines to be absorbed. For this reason, Serrapeptase supplements should be enteric-coated, which prevents them from being dissolved in the stomach and allows for release in the intestine.

Serrapeptase is readily available on Amazon and other online health-stores. It is available in many dose ranges and it is advised to start low and build your dosage up. A good starting dose is 80,000iu per dose taken twice a day. Some Serrapeptase supplements are as high as 250,000iu but it is not advisable to start on such a high dose with a supplement you have not taken before. It is safer to see what your reaction is first and then work your way up


Benefits of serrapeptase for endometriosis

Contraindications or side effects

Serrapeptase has blood thinning properties so it is advised not to take it with any other supplements that can thin the blood like omega 3, garlic, turmeric, vitamin E and ginko biloba. It is also advised to stop taking the supplement a few days before your period and also stop for a few weeks before having surgery.

Feedback from others who have used serrapeptase for endometriosis

It really helps to read feedback from others who have used a product before you rush out to buy it. Some of these feedback comments come from Amazon and others have been sent here to endo-resolved.

This product is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It's the only product (together with a healthy diet) that has kept my endometriosis pain and symptoms under control. I have been taking this for 6 months now and my endometrioma cyst has decreased in nearly 1cm! It has also improved my digestion, I hardly ever have stomach pain now.

I am very impressed by this Serrapeptase. It is very effective for severe endometriosis pain and works from the 1st month of using it. The dosage that works for me is 3 tablets on an empty stomach in the morning (1-hour 30min before eating breakfast), and I take it every day. This is my 2nd month of taking this, and the improvement in pain is great, I still have some pain but less than before in intensity and less often. I have read that Serrapeptase taken along with Nattokinase have completely eliminated pain for some women with endometriosis so I will now try Nattokinase to see if it also works for me.

I have now used Serrapeptase for over 6 months and I had an internal scan to check if my Endometriosis has come back on my ovaries after over 1 year of surgery. I am about to start IVF treatment and to our happy surprise no Endometriosis or scarring has been found. Everything is looking good. We are so happy that I have used this as it has not only helped enormously with keeping my pain away but also kept the Endometriosis away !! This is a miracle enzyme and I always recommend this product to my friends and family or anyone who could benefit from it. Thank you :-)

Started taking these for my endometriosis pain and it has changed my life. Went from daily pain and swelling to the odd twinge maybe once a week if that. Haven't experienced any side effects. Works wonders for me and I will continue to take these.

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My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.



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