Endometriosis Articles

endometriosis articles

Below you will find a collection of articles that cover various topics related  to endometriosis. 

The articles include advice about different treatments, information about specific symptoms, bowel endometriosis, dealing with constipation, problems with relationships, and many other issues that are common when dealing with endometriosis.

This list will be added to on a regular basis, to keep you up to date with information, and will assist you to make informed choices about your treatment and options.

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Endometriosis  articles

What does endometriosis look like A description of the different types of growths that can develop with the disease 

Prostaglandins This article gives you a clear and thorough description what prostaglandins are, and why they are so important to help you deal with the pain of endometriosis 

Drug Treatment - There can be some confusion between the drug treatments of Depo Provera, Provera tablets and Lupron. You can read a brief and concise explanation here 

Intestinal endometriosis - This article describes intestinal endometriosis and the treatment options that are available

Adhesions - Improved techniques in surgery can now mean fewer adhesions caused by the actual surgery - this article outlines how this is achieved 

Bowel Endometriosis - Symptoms and treatment of endometriosis of the bowel

Endometriosis and Dioxin - mounting evidence suggests that the links between Endometriosis and Dioxins in the environment are playing a key role with the increase of this disease

Cause of endometriosis - a look at some of the possible causes of endometriosis

Further ideas about the cause of endometriosis - with some interesting ideas and speculation

Birth control for endometriosis - a look at how the birth-control pill (mini pill) is use as treatment 

What causes your pain with endometriosis - this article looks at the chemistry in your body that causes you to feel pain with this disease

Adenomyosis - some endo sufferers also have adenomyosis - find out more about the differences

Miscellaneous endometriosis articles  

Estrogen and xeno-estrogens related to endometriosis - how toxins and chemicals in the environment and in your toiletries react with your natural hormones in your body

Endometriosis and Dioxin - mounting evidence suggests that the links between Endometriosis and Dioxins in the environment are playing a key role with the increase of this disease

Pregnancy support - ideas to help support your body to support pregnancy

Endometriosis and candida - a look at the possible link between endometriosis and candida

Endometriosis Suggestions Advice from a fellow endometriosis sufferer with ideas to help you cope and decide on your treatment options 

Toxic Toiletries How to avoid Toxic toiletries which can help reduce your symptoms of endometriosis

Endometriosis and Bloating - an article to help you deal with the bloating that may be caused by Endometriosis 

Your immune system A great in-depth (but concise) article advising how your immune system helps to fight illness, infection and disease - your best asset in dealing with endometriosis 

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome - an informative article covering many aspects of IBS 

Endometriosis and Constipation Common sense solutions to dealing with constipation

Premenstrual Syndrome - How to cope with PMS 

Endometriosis and Relationships - This article looks at how this disease can affect your relationships, friendships and attitudes from co-workers

Counselling for endometriosis - discusses the emotional support that can be obtained by seeking the support of counselling

Help with treatment costs - treatment can be expensive, here are some ideas to help with the cost

History of endometriosis - a look at how far back this disease has been reported by the medical community

Endometriosis related to other diseases - is endo another autoimmune disease that causes other diseases?

Problems helping the endometriosis community - why you should always question the advice being offered about endo and concerns about paying for advice PLUS issues with search engines and getting information you need

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