Endometriosis & natural treatment success stories

Endometriosis healing success stories

Below you will find a collection of stories and feedback from women who have achieved treatment success from endometriosis to one degree or another. Some women have obtained complete freedom from the disease, others have been able to gain total relief from pain, while others have measured their success by their ability to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Most of these treatment success stories relate to women who have achieved their healing with the aid and support of alternative or natural therapies or  combine natural therapies along with conventional treatment.

Read on, and I hope your confidence grows with each story.........

This first collection of positive treatment stories have been submitted to the website here at Endo Resolved over the years.    You will find the following stories at the following links:

Carolina's story - this particular story is just so inspiring. Carolina tells how she cured herself with some help from acupuncture, but mostly by using the healing power of her mind - please read and be blown away

Ingrid's story - she followed a regime of natural treatments, yoga and diet and was able to be free of endometriosis - she tells her story here

This story from Diane  - who had great success with healing by following the endometriosis diet, which is at the bottom of the page

This story from Brenda  - describes her great success to regain her health when she used Acupuncture, which you will find at the bottom of the page

Here you can read of Lisa's story  - how diet improved her life 90% - in her own words! You will find it second story on the page

The story from Rececca  - also tells how she turned her life around after being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis by also following the diet. Her story is to be found at the top of the page

Cara's story - was able to have pain free periods after 4 months of following the endometriosis diet. Her particular story is at the top of the page

Here is Monica's story  from her own blog page, where tells how she used natural treatments to get rid of endometriosis

Its your time to make choices.....

Endometriosis treatment success

A selection of more positive stories...... these are great success stories, some of which have been submitted to endo-resolved.

A positive story of healing/remission and pregnancy from Kara which reflects the advice here at Endo Resolved

Combination: Detox, exercise, herbs & diet change! It took me a long time to find out what was causing me so much pain. I had had many doctors tell me it was "all in my head" and I finally went online to find answers and decided from my symptoms I probably had endometriosis.

Laparoscopy confirmed it Jan of 2012. I felt pretty hopeless as supposedly there was no cure and hormonal treatments caused terrible side effects. When I had had enough of Western medicine i went back to trying alternatives. I started with a candida diet and the herb pao de arco (a fungicide) then introduced probiotics after 1 month. My yeast problems have never returned.

Then I started using a sauna and taking Spirulina (spirulina can spead up the detoxing for dioxins) to further detox, when i felt a little better, i began to walk, then jog, and did yoga with an Iyengar teacher who could help me with my condition. I went vegan (milk is especially bad for me!) and cook completely from scratch (otherwise there is too much salt for my bloating!).

I bought a capsule maker and started a mix of cramp bark and valerian root capsules for my constant 24/7 cramping. I heard about a small study on Maritime Pine Bark and began taking 2 capsules a day--this is a wonder herb!! I cut out any parabens in my toiletries.

Then I added to this almost daily intake of berries (or other anti-inflammatory fruit), olive oil for cooking almost exclusively, plus flax seed oil in my oatmeal etc. I also found out that yerba mate helped a ton with my allergies (also a side-problem assoc. with endo...) and drank that 2X a week to keep my sinuses less swollen and my bloating from endo down. plus a ton of water each day!!

Was feeling a ton better and was back to doing pretty much all my normal activities by Jan. of 2013! I couldn't believe it, after only 1 year!! Decided to get pregnant and I did after only 1 month of trying! Now in remission. If I can do it, you can too! There really is nothing more precious than a healthy body!

Mar 2013

Endometriosis and homeopathy treatment success

"For many years I have suffered from endometriosis. Following several exploratory operations the endometriosis was found to be extensive and a hysterectomy seemed inevitable if I wanted to be free of pain. My GP prescribed pain killers and hormone treatments which were unsuccessful as a cure.

In 1999 (aged 37) I was given painful ‘Zoladex’ injections for 6 months (maximum allowed). This was injected into my stomach and again proved to be unsuccessful. Determined not to undergo any further invasive treatment I discussed my condition with Denise, my homeopath.”

Denise discussed my case history with me in full and was not at all fazed by what I considered to be a complicated medical past. I stuck rigidly to the remedies prescribed and regularly attended progress sessions with Denise.

The side effects were minimal and almost immediately I was pain free. I have had only one relapse in five years which Denise quickly identified and treated. I no longer need a hysterectomy. Thanks to homeopathy I can now lead a pain free life and work full time." J.M. Telford.

From: International college of Healing and Mediation website

Healing of Endometriosis

In 1997 I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was only 32 years old at the time. I was feeling tired, moody and experiencing two menstrual cycles per month, each lasting for seven days at a time, with heavy bleeding.

After seeing a gynaecologist, he suggested I have an operation to fix the problem. I was not keen to have the operation, so I made an appointment to see Dr. Issam. After the first Ajna healing session I began to feel better – my moodiness seemed to lift. By the second visit, I started to feel more energetic. By the sixth visit, I started having regular periods again.

I made another appointment to see the gynaecologist to check my condition. He was astonished, there was no sign whatsoever of the endometriosis. The healing performed by Dr. Issam had cured the problem. Today (three years later) my cycle is still regular and I no longer suffer from mood swings.

N. J. - Yoga Teacher

Endometriosis and Infertility success

Laurie was 33 when she first saw us. She suffered from severe abdominal pains for half of the month and her periods were extremely heavy. Laurie told us that her condition made it impossible for her to work or socialise for 10 days out of every month.

She had been diagnosed with Endometriosis and told by her gynaecologist that she will have to have her uterus and ovaries removed. She and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for the last 3 years with no results.

After doing a couple of tests for minerals and fatty acids levels, we established a special diet and supplement program and a series of micro-current treatments.

Within a month of treatment, there was an obvious change. Her second menstrual period was a lot lighter and less painful and within 4 months of starting treatment she reported only minor pains and only one heavy day of menses.

Eight months after the initial visit, Laurie called to tell us was pregnant. A healthy baby boy was born few months later.

Endometriosis pain treated with acupuncture

I am a 25 year old female that has been through 4 Laparoscopic surgeries for Endometriosis and a variety of cysts in the past 4 years. (Yeah, I know, that) averaging one surgery every year. It was not fun, and it was slowly pushing me into depression.

I was in a constant cycle of being in pain, fearing the surgery, healing, and then being back in pain.) I remember being so frustrated and no one was able to give me any options outside of having to do these surgeries on an annual basis, even experimental drugs weren't giving me any relief from the constant pain and fatigue.

When I was finally at my wit's end and got tired of hearing people tell me there was nothing left to do, I had a friend of mine give me Doug Rutkowski's card (acupuncturist) and told me to give it a try. Well, of course I went into all of the excuses of being too busy, I was going to be moving, I had just gotten a new job.

Where was I supposed to fit in something new? So, a few weeks passed and it was now around 6 months after my last surgery, and the pain from the endometriosis was getting unbearable.

The doctors kept telling me that they had never seen someone so young with such an aggressive case. (Yep, I'm special, what can I say.) They asked for me to try and hold out for as long as I could and they gave me pain medicine to try and keep me functional, and told me that when it got too bad that we would schedule another surgery.

Well, now I was angry and frustrated with my doctors enough to give Tigerlily Acupuncture a call. I was greatly relieved when I found out that Doug would take appointments on Saturdays! I could actually make this fit into my schedule.

Doug was so nice and sincere when discussing my past medical history, and he said he could help! He's been treating me for the Endometriosis for a little over 3 months and I am completely pain free! This September will be one year since my last surgery and I am going to celebrate! It's such a relief to be out of the constant pain, but even more of a relief because I'm able to move on with my life.

Not only is Doug good at what he does, but he really cares. If you've had a bad day, he's always got a joke to make you smile. I am so thankful that I found my way to Tigerlily Acupuncture; they have given me a pain free present, and hope for a pain free future!

Janna W.

Acupuncture and Pain Treatment

In 1999 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. This was the most painful experience of my life. I took too many different medicine, but nothing worked. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't work, I just could not function. I went through Lupron injections, surgery, narcotics, but the pain still remained.

I ended up having to quit my job in Texas and moved to California with my Mom. I was in my mid- twenties and unable to take care of myself. One day my Mom took me to see Dr. Ting and my life changed. Just after a few sessions I started to notice a change.

Eventually I went from taking up to 10 pills a day to zero. I'm truly amazed at how far I've come. Not only am I back at work, but I am also a full-time student. I thought I would be dealing with debilitating pain for the rest of my life, but Dr. Ting changed that. She is truly a blessing to me. 

DeKina Cleveland, 29, Customer Service / Student

Homeopathy healing success

My family and I have all been greatly helped by Krista Voysest and homeopathy. In 1995 I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I failed to respond to hormone therapy and because I had had two c-sections, my insurance informed me that they would not cover surgery because the risk of a medical emergency was too great.

I did not have the money to pay cash for surgery, so I began to resign myself to a life of spending most of my time in so much pain I could not function. At this point, a friend introduced me to Krista. She found the right remedy for me, and I began to improve immediately. My endometriosis has been entirely cured, and I am in better health than ever.


Naturopathy treatment success

"Naturopathy cleared my endometriosis"

Catherine, aged 32 - It is easy to feel a victim, not in the least because my GP couldn’t help me with my endometriosis. It was making my life hell and my husband was at his last tether. Undaunted and in the profound belief that all illnesses can be cured I sought Naturopathic help.

I was given a new dietary regimen – no dairy, meat, or eggs, and no white refined products such as pasta, white bread, and white rice. No ready-made meals. Sound drastic – it was in the beginning. I had to learn how to cook properly. We eat plenty of fresh organic vegetables and whole grains foods now. Yes my husband supported the diet change all the way.

I was given herbs to cleanse and detox the body, particularly the liver, and to regulate my menstrual cycle. My Naturopath told me most gynaecological problems stem from liver imbalance. My condition improved fabulously, which was very noticeable with each month. My overall health is now better than ever and completely clear of the former condition. I am so impressed I am taking up the study of Naturopathy to help others.

Progesterone cream success for endometriosis

From: website of Dr Bonnie Travis

"I have struggled with endometriosis for over 10 years. It's been very painful and frustrating.

After many different medical procedures and treatments throughout these years, I decided in 2015 I was going to try something different. When I mentioned it to Dr. Bonnie one day, she suggested I try the natural progesterone cream. I was a little nervous but decided I couldn't be any worse off than I already was, so I began using the cream in June. I stopped taking birth control pills for my endometriosis and gave 110% to the Natural Progesterone Cream.

According to the literature Dr. Bonnie had given me, it was clear it would take up to 6 months before really noticing a whole lot of difference. Well, in about 5 months I started feeling relief from the pain, and my monthly cycles became more regular. After about 7 months, I was feeling better than I ever had with any of the medical treatments.

One of the side effects of endometriosis for me was the inability to conceive children without the help of medical professionals. I am blessed with two wonderful kids, but had to have extensive surgeries and such to conceive them.

Around October 2015, my husband and I decided that we would like to have one more child. I really wanted this but was very reluctant to go through everything I had to do previously to get pregnant. Not only is it painful and invasive, but very expensive.

After being on the Progesterone Cream for 8 months, taking whole food supplements and lots of prayer, I am now happily 4 months pregnant and am so grateful to have conceived completely naturally without any medical intervention. I do plan on going back on the cream after the baby is born to help control my endometriosis.

Have these stories left you more uplifted, more confident, and with more hope that you too can regain your health and possibly gain relief from endometriosis.

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