Endometriosis Natural Treatment Success Stories

Endometriosis natural treatment success stories

Below is a collection of positive feedback stories from women who have achieved success and recovered from endometriosis. Some women have obtained complete recovery from the disease while others have been able to gain relief from pain.

Most of these  success stories relate to women who have achieved their healing with the support of diet and natural therapies.

Read on, and I hope your confidence grows with each story.........

Healing endometriosis naturally

Success using healing

An inspiring story describing how one endometriosis sufferer was able to heal from endometriosis by going to see a healer, who was able to tell she would not heal till she stopped using toxic drugs Read more

Diet has been best treatment for endometriosis

Great success from diet

From Janine in her own words – ‘I started the diet about 5 months ago and I have never felt better. The pain I suffered for most of the time has almost gone.  I feel much healthier and suffer less bloating.’  Great testimonial.   Read more

Diet improved symptoms dramatically

From Julia who started the diet and also increased her exercise regime. After 8 weeks she had lost 8 kilos, her skin cleared up, I she had much more energy and much less period pain. Read more

Cutting out gluten & dairy

From Marlene who says that by cutting out gluten and dairy that she is 20 pounds lighter and  no longer in pain every month, her mood swings and headaches have stopped and now has more energy than ever.  Read more

Good nutrition has helped

Sarah has been following the diet and been very conscious about good nutrition for the past nine months now and have felt better than she has in years - so good to hear that women are feeling better.  Read more

Using diet to dissolve cysts

This story describes how using supplements has helped to reduce her cysts and scar tissue and has been using diet to reduce her symptoms, and she advises to do your own research to manage this disease  Read more

Success with diet and exercise

Catrina was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told there was no treatment so she used diet and exercise to help manage her endometriosis, and within two months she was achieving great results.  Read more

Pregnancy success

A story from Christine who wanted to share her success with others to give them hope. Her story is about healing by following the endometriosis diet and using various natural treatments to deal with here severe case of endometriosis. Read more  Read more

Diet & naturopathic support

An endometriosis success story from Dana who used natural treatments and made changes to her diet. She then made further changes after recommendations from her Naturopath.  Read more

Success with acupuncture

This story from Brenda describes the excellent results she has achieved from acupuncture to treat her painful periods, which she felt was due to endometriosis.  She no longer has any pain.  Read more


Diet success with severe endometriosis

Lindz has sent her story and now has no more pain after changing her diet.  As she says - It’s been nearly four months now and for the last months months I have had NO pain. Read more

Acupuncture and positive thinking

This particular story is just so inspiring. Carolina tells how she cured herself with some help from acupuncture, but mostly by using the healing power of her mind - please read and be blown away  Read more


Detailed account of a healing story

Ingrid followed a regime of natural treatments, yoga and diet and was able to be free of endometriosis. She has written a detailed account of her healing journey. Read more

Two endometriosis diet success stories

These stories from two endometriosis sufferers who both stopped using Lupron shots due not seeing improvements had great success by changing their diets. Read more

Collection of natural treatment success stories

A collection of success stories from women who have had success using natural treatments and therapies to heal from endometriosis Read more

Two short stories of success with diet

Here are two similar success stories of women going the natural route to heal from endometriosis by changing their diet and using gentle natural remedies despite having severe endometriosis.  Read more

Great tips for managing endometriosis

Here are some great tips from Charlie of using naturally remedies and supplements she uses to help manage her endometriosis with success. Read more

Successful pregnancy using natural remedies

This success story is told by a practitioner  of how she treated Emily for her endometriosis and the outcome was a successful pregnancy after trying for five years. Read more

Going more natural has helped

After years of suffering pain this endometriosis sufferer has started to find relief by going more natural, changing her diet and reducing the use of chemicals on her body and in her home. Read more

Diet and supplements have helped 

A detailed story of delayed diagnosis, months of pain and distress, but finally through self-exploration, this endo warrior found her own causes of her endo pain and how she overcome her pain and distress. Read more

Free of endometriosis

A guest article from Stacy who was finally able to free herself of endometriosis after changing her diet and suffering side effects from drug treatment. Read more


Have these stories left you more uplifted, more confident, and with more hope that you too can regain your health and possibly gain relief from endometriosis.

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