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Endometriosis articles

Endometriosis cause

Cause of endometriosis

Doctors and researchers do not really know what are the causes of endometriosis and there are various theories.  Read more

Counselling for endometriosis

Counselling for  endometriosis

Sometimes the mental strain of trying to cope with endometriosis can be too much and counselling can help to relieve some of the pressure, Read more

Treatment costs

Repeated surgeries can cause financial difficulties for many, especially as this disease causes problems holding down a job. There my be other sources of finance available,  Read more

History of endometriosis

History of endometriosis

Over 175 million women around the world who suffer endometriosis today. Just how prevalent was this disease in history? Read more

Endometriosis related to other disease

Other diseases

Many women who have endometriosis also suffer from other diseases and illnesses - probably due to a weakened immune system. Read more

Cause of endometriosis

More possible causes of endo

This disease is an enigma as no-one really know what causes it. There are many theories that have been put forward. Read more

Endometriosis Myths

There are many myths surrounding this disease.  Its time to dispel myth from facts Read more

Endometriosis anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression

Suffering from anxiety and depression with this disease common. Here are some helpful tips and supplements that can help Read more

Endometriosis pictures

Images of endometriosis that have been taken during surgery - showing adhesions, endometrial cysts and implants. Read more

Gift ideas for women with endometriosis

Gift Ideas

Its always nice to receive gifts for xmas or birthdays especially if those gifts help make life easier when suffering with endometriosis Read More

Endo and changes in the body

This disease can cause many changes in the body including scar tissue, cysts, adhesions, fatigue and weakness. Read more

Endometriosis and fatigue

Fatigue and endometriosis

Many suffer really bad fatigue with this disease. Here are a few supplement suggestions that can give you a boost Read more

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My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.