Is it possible to heal from Endometriosis?

To help reduce your symptoms and start repairing the damage  caused by endometriosis there are various self help measures and life-style changes you can make that will help support your immune system and your body 

Heal endometriosis naturally with many self help methodsHeal endometriosis naturally

This is rather a long read but it will give you plenty to ponder over......

Many are resistant to the idea that there is any chance of obtaining any long-term successful relief from endometriosis.  Many women have had repeat surgeries or found that the drug treatment made them feel worse, but they continue on this path as this is the only option they are offered.  

Women can gain temporary relief from surgery, but surgery always carries risks and often the disease can come back.  It may not return for some time, but it does happen.  Even those who have had a total hysterectomy are finding that the disease comes back.  

It could be time to change direction and look for alternative ways of doing things with your health.   It may be time to work with nature rather than against it.  One of the key facts I kept in my mind while I was going through the throes of mending my body from endo, was learning the fascinating fact that the body repairs and replaces every cell in your body, even your bones, over the period of 7 years 

That made me think.......long and hard.  If this is the case, then why does the body replace old cells with new diseased cells?   So I started to ‘talk to my body’, to talk to all my cells, that they had better listen up and replace the old diseased cells with better healthy cells. 


Mind over matter does work to help heal the body.  There are some fascinating facts about the sub-conscious and how it can affect the health of the physical body.  Various experiments have been done on this topic. For example one experiment involved putting a group of ex-service men together in a specific environment for a set period of time to assess the effects on their health.  They were put in an environment where the furniture style was the same as in their youth, they wore clothes from when they were younger and even listened to music from their youth. 

At the end of the experiment (which lasted a few weeks) the immune system of these guys had improved, their blood tests improved, their eye-sight improved, they had more energy – in total they just felt younger.  You can read more about this in the book from Deepak Chopra - Quantum Healing


It was this research, and other similar stories that got me thinking about how I could ‘talk’ to my own body, which is what I did by putting quality time aside each day for mindful meditation. This may sound trite, but how can it be explained that some people gain remission from various serious diseases when they work at a sub-conscious level to heal their body.  I developed an in-grained belief that I would get better, and kept working on that belief. 

So what did make my endometriosis dry up (as confirmed by a laparoscopy)? Did I have a lucky remission?  Was it the homeopathy I was using for treatment?  Was it the diet I was following?  Was it a combination of all these things?  Quite frankly at the time I did not care.  I was just glad to be free of the pain, fatigue, bloating, insomnia, weakness and all the other distressing symptoms of endometriosis.  

I need to note that I am not opposed to surgery, and it has huge benefits in the hands of the right surgeon when you need to repair the structure of your abdominal and reproductive organs.  But I personally feel you need to back this up by supporting your body and immune-system to aid healing  

It is too much to expect that you can have surgery and go back to how you were living before.  Endometriosis affects the whole body, your immune system has been under huge stress, your central nervous system may have been fried by the stress, your adrenal glands could have taken a hit, and then there is the question that those with endometriosis often tend to suffer other illnesses. 

Which is why you need to do all you can to support your entire  body – be focused, get selfish for the sake of your health and listen to your body.

So what I am saying - it is possible to start repairing your body and reduce the inflammation and disabling symptoms of endometriosis - to start with you have an in-built mechanism to support you - your immune system.  If you need encouragement read some of the endo success stories hereThe main focus is to reduce the effect this disease has on your life by reducing your symptoms (obviously), building up your immune system, reduce your toxic load from unwanted chemicals, and reducing your stress levels.

To start with - why do you have endometriosis?

What a painful and hard question!  This disease is so cruel as no-one really seems to know why certain women develop this disease.  Is it more common now than it was in the past? Is this a reflection of the increase in toxins in our environment?  And let's face it, our environment is more toxic than it has ever been and we are seeing a huge increase in auto-immune diseases, especially among women.

Like I said before, nobody really knows the cause of endometriosis. Research into this disease is ongoing all the time, but most of this research is based around new surgical and drug treatments and looking for new diagnostic methods. But there seems to be little research into WHY this disease develops in the first place.  It could  be the result of external toxins in the environment, it could be from stress, it could be hereditary, or a combination of many issues.

Whatever the external trigger of endometriosis, internally you have the power, the mental resources and nature’s in-built healing machine - the immune system - all on your side. Looking after your immune system requires good nutrition, keeping stress to a minimum, reducing your exposure to toxins, getting enough sleep and addressing any hormonal imbalances.

Important note: It is a normal healthy immune-system that usually mops up the stray menstrual cells in your abdomen. If this does not happen then endometriosis can set in! 

* It has been scientifically proved that you can 'fool' your sub-conscious - by actively thinking positively in your conscious mind, your sub-conscious mind will believe it. This has a positive knock on effect with your immune system.  Also - laughter is excellent for the immune system (as well as a good work out for your facial muscles!)

Key factors to treat endometriosis naturally

Meditation and the immune system

Meditation may help boost the body’s immune system and produce lasting positive changes in the brain.

Studies have shown that meditation helps reduce anxiety and stress. Many studies have been  conducted by researchers that  suggest meditation may also have positive biological effects on the body’s ability to fight infection and disease. ( 1 )

Stress and your hormones

Stress and anxiety have a direct impact on levels of hormones such as cortisol which are known to effect immune function.  It is also well known that stress will affect the immune system, your digestive system and stress may undermine any chances of healing.

Meditation and breathing exercises can help to control cortisol levels and reduce your stress levels.  Certain aromatherapy oils have calming effects and some oils like lavender can reduce your cortisol.

When your immune system is working to full capacity, you can fight back and really start the healing process.

But don't be in a rush ..... don't be impatient ..... you may have been ill for years and improvements will not happen over night

Changes in your life

As said earlier, working towards healing from endometriosis will require some changes in your life. Some of these changes will be subtle, like changing to a positive mental attitude regarding your health. Aim to have faith that you can get better, which will boost your confidence and enforce your trust and commitment that you will regain your health.

These changes may include:

  • Diet changes - eat as healthily as possible and add in supplements to help with your symptoms of endometriosis
  • Ask for more help, people are not psychic and want to help - if you cannot get help from your family - get in touch with endo support groups
  • Seek out support in whatever form that takes i.e. endometriosis support groups, positive reading about getting well from illness etc.
  • I will repeat - GET SUPPORT - this disease really takes its toll not only on your body, but on your emotions.  You need support to help you cope with the anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Get yourself informed and educated about endometriosis - the more you know the better equipped you are to deal with it, as you will understand more of what is happening
  • Listen to your body, it has much to tell you. If you have a hunch, an intuitive feeling, then follow it. These hunches are more accurate than we ever give them credit for.
  • Do not weaken to the will or demands of others - your doctor may disapprove of any measures you take to be more in charge of your own health but its your body; your family may oppose the actions you are taking regarding self help for your health, or they may demand your attention/time/energy with little regard to how ill you are feeling. Do not give in to these pressures, because that is exactly what they are - PRESSURES.
  • Finally, have faith in yourself. Do not tell yourself that you are not capable of healing and that only other people can do this. Nearly everyone on this planet has the capability to heal, nature built it into our systems, it is hard-wired into our circuitry - if you are given enough support and motivation, this will encourage you to maintain faith in your own healing from Endometriosis.

One more time ....... Get support - really important

The other key ingredient to regaining your health is to obtain as much support as possible as mentioned above. This support ideally could include some form of alternative/natural therapy or going to see a counsellor.

The benefits of getting this support are multi-faceted, some of which can be very subtle. It is not the type of natural therapy you choose which is so important, it is the one which feels right for you that is important. I highly recommend that you see a counsellor in person because they can pick up little clues as to what your personal needs are. 

You may be able to do a lot to help yourself, like boosting your immune system through nutrition, detox or supplements, but the value of getting help and support from outside - from another person - has been proved to have enormous added value. 

When seeing a natural health practitioner, every single persons treatment will be different, because we are all different. Therefore your treatment will be tailored to you, and this means it will be the best treatment for you.

You can also get excellent support through endometriosis message boards and social media.  Many of these groups can offer valuable advice as well as support.

To sum up on factors that help you to heal:

  • Change your perceptions - listen to your inner voice, and do listen to your body - if you have a hunch - act on it - it could be a vital clue
  • Do all you can to support and boost the immune system - this allows the body to start healing itself -  your immune system is your strongest ally 
  • Make lots of positive changes in your life no matter how small - every little bit helps
  • Get to see an alternative/natural therapist or counsellor - the one which feels right for you - 'cos if no-one else is really listening then your health therapist will give you full attention 
  • Stay committed to this journey - yes you will have bad days, but you will spring back on course
  • Get in charge of this illness, do not let it get in charge of you
  • Get support, get support, get support


( 1 ) Meditation improves immune system

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About the Author

My name is Carolyn Levett, the Founder of endo-resolved - I am an Integrative Health Coach having studied nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy  as well as being a published author. I used to suffer from severe endometriosis and was able to regained my health and heal from the disease with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.

My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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