Nutrients to support hair health when dealing with the stress of endometriosis

Hair treatments when dealing endometriosis

Having messed up hormones or going through severe stress can play havoc with your hair and unfortunately this can include those who suffer with endometriosis 

Many women seems to loose hair or it becomes very thin, flat and lifeless when going through stress or dealing with ill health.

To support your hair health through nutrition there are certain vitamins and minerals you can take to support hair growth which includes:

  • Biotin - commonly used as a hair growth supplement
  • Zinc - zinc plays an important role in hair tissue growth and repair
  • Vitamin A - needed for growth
  • Vitamin D - thought to play a role in hair production
  • Iron - this is definitely needed for hair growth and having endometriosis can cause heavy periods which could lead to low iron levels
  • Horsetail - a great source of organic silicon. This mineral helps give elasticity, firmness and resistance to hair. 
  • Collagen - helps with hair and skin
  • Brahmi oil - an Ayurveda remedy to promote hair growth - applied externally 

Hair growth spray

Here is a recipe for a spray to help promote hair growth and increase strength

Make a mixture rosemary and cedar-wood oils mixed with a few drops of witch hazel and water. Put mixture in  a spray bottle and spray on daily.

You can also buy preparatory supplements that support the body with a combination of nutrients to help stimulate hair growth.

There are also numerous shampoos and after wash rinses that are made specifically to help deal with hair loss and encourage new hair growth.  There seems to be mixed results with these shampoos, going by the feedback that is given for these products.  

Unfortunately, these shampoos are often loaded with chemicals, which is the last thing you need to be adding to your body when dealing with endometriosis. This is because some of these chemicals can behave like xeno-estrogens in your body and make your symptoms of endometriosis even worse.  You need to use safe gentle shampoos that are not loaded with nasty chemicals.

Rosemary Hair Regrowth Oil

Here is a very simple recipe for a natural alternative to use on your scalp that will provide nourishment and encourage hair growth without any chemicals.  It may seem a little messy, but hey - no worse than the mess when colouring  your hair - which hopefully you are not doing with chemical based dyes.

Each of the oils used in this mixture are renowned for having benefits for helping with hair growth.

Rosemary in particular is used in many shampoo products and is well known for stimulating the hair follicles.

Castor oil has a great following including many videos on-line of people extolling the great virtues of this oil to stimulate hair growth.  There are even products produced specifically to use the oil on eyelashes to help them grow thicker and longer.

Blend together:

  • 10 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 2 ounces organic, cold-pressed black seed (Nigella sativa) oil
  • 2 ounces organic cold-pressed castor oil - Jamaican black castor oil is said to be the best for treating the scalp and promoting hair growth

How To Make:

Combine all ingredients in a Small bottle and shake to blend the oils. Massage into the scalp and all over the head. Leave in overnight for best results and then shampoo out the following day.

Apply 2 to 3 times per week and you should start to see some results with healthier fuller hair.

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My name is Carolyn Levett, the Founder of endo-resolved - I am an Integrative Health Coach having studied nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy  as well as being a published author. I used to suffer from severe endometriosis and was able to regained my health and heal from the disease with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.

My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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