How to Find an Endometriosis Specialist

Finding an endometriosis specialist is a crucial part to getting the best medical treatment for this endometriosis.

Many doctors and gynaecologists do not have a good understanding of endometriosis, and therefore have little experience in diagnosing or treating the disease.

In an ideal world you need to get treatment from a doctor  who is an endometriosis specialist and has a lot of experience in treating women and girls at all stages of the disease.

It is unfortunate there are few doctors around the world who have specialised in endometriosis, but their numbers seem to be growing. This situation may be a direct result of the ever growing numbers of women around the world who now suffer the disease, plus the growing number of women who are now getting diagnosed.

I think it goes without saying that it is the wealth of knowledge available on the internet that is allowing women to find out ‘what is causing all the pain’. They are beginning to question why they are suffering so much with their periods, and finding out that it is not normal.

Ideally you would want to find a doctor who has an all encompassing knowledge of endometriosis, including: surgical skills, current understanding of various treatments, access to the most modern surgical equipment and techniques, openness to complementary approaches, and compassion for what you are going through.

Ideal treatment plan

If we lived in an enlightened world it would be wonderful to see a situation where there was ‘joined up’ treatment being offered between doctors, gynaecologist, nutritionists, and complementary practitioners. This could entail communication between the different carers/specialists, so that a holistic treatment plan could be drawn up and tailor made for the individual woman.

Of course this will never happen. There are so many different ideologies, competitiveness of whose ‘treatment’ had been successful, economics, and many other complexities of human nature to contend with.

In the meantime women with endometriosis have to contend with a lot of ‘DIY’ regarding finding information, and then deciding how to go about getting treatment.

Increase in endometriosis specialist

Fortunately, several doctors around the world have made endometriosis their primary focus. There is also a growing number of complementary practitioners who are gaining experience and success at treating endometriosis.

Many of the endometriosis specialists are usually located in larger metropolitan areas or teaching hospitals, although a few can be found in smaller communities.

If you want to find an endometriosis specialist near to where you live, a good place to start your enquiries is with your local endometriosis support group, or contact the national support group for your country.

They will probably have had feedback from other women, and should have had contact with the specialists in their country. Ask your family doctor if they know of any endometriosis specialists, or ask for a referral.

Optional location to get treatment

If you have the means, you may want to consider travelling to see an expert, especially if you live in an area that doesn't have access to an endometriosis specialist. If you live in the US, certain types of insurance may not cover an appointment with an ‘out of area’ doctor, so you may have to pay out of pocket.

This can be a considerable financial, logistical, and emotional decision, but might be worth it in the long run. Treatment by an endometriosis specialist may help you avoid years of misdiagnosis or inadequate treatments.

Locating a good endometriosis doctor may take time and effort. But believe me it will be worth it. I have heard from many women who have had bad experiences trying to get treatment of their endometriosis:

  • Dozens of women who have gone through a complete hysterectomy to try and get rid of the disease and the pain, only to find that it comes back. Surely by now these surgeons must have heard all the stories of endometriosis that returns even after a hysterectomy. But … (being a cynic) the income earned for surgical procedures is one that many surgeons seem unable to resist! "Yes, have a hysterectomy and you will have no more trouble"
  • Women who undergo one laparoscopy after another in quick succession, which means more trauma to the body, and is probably the cause of unnecessary adhesions which were caused by the surgery and not by the endometriosis
  • Women who have been opened up for surgery only to be told that the surgeon could not treat all the endometriosis – this is probably a lack of experience/confidence on the part of the surgeon

This list could go on and on, but the point here is that getting help from someone with experience and knowledge combined with compassion will be a huge benefit to treating your endometriosis. In the long term it could save you a lot of stress, heartache, and hopefully save you from undergoing unnecessary treatment.

Recommended Endometriosis Specialists

The following doctors are some of the best known endometriosis specialists in the United States - listed in no particular order:

USA Specialists:

  • Dr. Andrew Cook from Los Gatos, California

  • Dr. Robert Albee and Dr. Thomas Lyons from Georgia

  • Dr. Ken Sinervo - Partner of Dr. Albee

  • Dr. Mark Perloe from Georgia

  • Dr. Jeff Arrington from Utah

  • Dr. Camran Nezhat from California

  • Drs. Ceanna and Farr Nezhat from Georgia

  • Dr. David Redwine from Oregon

  • NY Pelvic Pain & Minimially Invasive Gynecologic Surgery
    Kenneth Levey, MD, MHP

    90 Maiden Ln.
    3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10038

    Tel: 646-290-9560
    Fax: 212-532-4362

    Dr. Levey founded the Bellevue Hospital chronic pelvic pain clinic for women with chronic pelvic pain.

  • New York Endometriosis and Infertility Center
    Dr. Kanayama

  • New York Endometriosis Specialist
    Tamer Seckin, MD
    Park East Gynecology & Surgery, PC
    872 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 1006

  • El Paso, Texas
    Dr. Richard Farnam – El Paso, Texas
    An Endometriosis Specialist and utilizes laparoscopic laser surgery for the excision of endometriosis. He uses advanced surgical dissection techniques to remove all of the pelvic tissue which contains the endometriosis implants. The result for most women is a significant improvement or resolution of pain symptoms, and enhanced fertility.
    Texas Gynecology & Laser Surgery Center
    1700 N Oregon St #520
    El Paso, TX 79902
    Call: (915) 533- 5600

  • Houston, Texas
    Rakesh Mangal, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
    Fertility Specialists of Houston
    Obstetrical and Gynaecological Associates, PA
    7900 Fannin St., 4th Floor
    Houston, Texas, 77054
    Tel: 713-512-7880

    Dr. Rakesh Mangal is one of the few doctors in America who has completed fellowship training in advanced reproductive laparoscopic surgery as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI), allowing him to be a medical and surgical specialist for endometriosis, pelvic pain and infertility.

    Dr. Mangal practices at Woman’s Hospital of Texas where he performs extensive endometriosis surgeries on national and international patients. He belongs to the Fertility Specialists of Houston (FSH), a subsidiary of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Associates (OGA) of Houston

  • Denver Colorado
    Dr. Scot Graham
    Has experience of surgery techniques that enables women to maintain their reproductive organs 

  • Denver, Colorado
    Dr. Rubin Alvero
    Who does endometriosis surgery and aims to maintain the reproductive organs

  • Phoenix,AZ
    Dr. Joseph Brooks, AZ Vulva Clinic
    300 W Clarendon Ave Ste # 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85013

  • Phoenix, Arizona
    The Center for Advanced Pelvic Pain: specializes in pelvic pain andendometriosis. The physicians perform all types of pelvic surgeries, including DaVinci. Providing cutting edge treatments for endometriosis.

    The doctors are:
    Dr. Michael Hibner and Dr. Nita DeSai
    Division of Advanced Pelvic Surgery
    Center for Women's Health
    St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
    500 W. Thomas Road, Suite 680
    Phoenix, AZ 85013
    Phone: 602-406-6017

  • Chattanooga, TNDr. Robert Furr - of Women's Surgery Center
    He trained with Dr. C. Y. Liu, now retired, who teaches internationally, focusing on minimally invasive gynaecological surgeries, including endometriosis.

  • Dr Patrick Jr. Yeung
    Trained by Drs. Albee and Sinervo at the Center for Endometriosis Care, and has a similar approach and technique to them.Webpage ( more information aboutDr Yeung including: patient testimonies, a video describing his techniques

  • Gig Harbor, WA
    Cindy Mosbrucker MD
    Cindy Mosbrucker is an endometriosis excision specialist who trained with David Redwine and is located in Gig Harbor, WA.
    She takes most types of insurance, and specializes in deeply infiltratingendometriosis, as well as bowel involvement.
    Contact details: 11511 Canterwood Blvd NW #145, Gig Harbor, WA 98332253-530-2955.

Endometriosis Pain Management - NYC

  • Kesselman Institute for Pain
    Dr. Donna Kesselman
    Serves on the Advisory Board of the Endometriosis Foundation of America

    162 E 78th St.
    3rd FL
    New York,
    NY 10075

    UK Specialists and NHS Endometriosis Centres:

    - University College London Hospital – London, UK
    NHS Foundation Trust

    The UCLH Endometriosis Centre consists of a multidisciplinary team providing care that aims to assess and treat women with all grades of endometriosis ranging from mild disease to the most severe form involving the bladder and bowel.

    Endometriosis Centre
    Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing
    Clinic 3
    Lower Ground floor
    235 Euston Road
    London, NW1 2BU
    Patient enquiries
    Telephone: 020 3447 9411

    - The Bristol Endometriosis Clinic Bristol, UK

    The Bristol Endometriosis Clinic brings together consultants in gynaecology, general and colorectal surgery, and urology.

    They work together at The Bristol Spire Hospital for private patients and at Southmead Hospital for NHS patients
    Phone: 0117 980 4070

    - Colchester Endometriosis Centre - Colchester, UK

    The Colchester endometriosis centre is the first such centre in the east of England and uses the latest state of the art laparoscopic theatre equipment, including carbon-dioxide laser, harmonic scalpel and the operating laparoscope.
    Phone: 01206 742455

    - Dorset Endometriosis Centre – Poole Hospital, UK

    The Dorset Endometriosis Centre clinic is run weekly on a Wednesday afternoon in Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Referral to the clinic can be made by general practitioners using the ‘choose and book’ system or by referral letter from other specialists.

    - Northampton General Hospital - Northampton, UK

    This hospital does not as yet have a dedicated page for their Endometriosis Centre but the current details are:
    Name of Consultant: Mr Wesley L McCulloughLLB, FRCSEd, FRCOG

    Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

    Contact Details:
    Phone: 01604 545167 (Secretary: Janice Marsh)

British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy

List of Endometriosis Centres currently accredited by the BSGE, and the lead clinicians involved

This website lists Accredited Endometriosis Centres based in UK NHS Hospitals in alphabetical order, with consultants names and phone details. Use the website address above to obtain the hospital and contact details.

There is no way to judge the value of these centres in being able to provide the best treatment. However it is hoped that these ‘accredited centres’ should be able to deliver specialist care and knowledge of endometriosis, based on experience of the disease and the patients they have worked with.

The centres listed are:

 -  Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
 - Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust
 - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
 - Colchester Hospital
 - Cornwall Endometriosis Centre – Royal Cornwall Hospital
 - Elland Hospital – Yorkshire
 - Royal Sussex County Hospital – Brighton
 - Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust – Pembury Hospital
 - North Bristol NHS Trust – Southmead Hospital (as listed above)
 - Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust – Southampton
 - St Mary's Hospital, Portsmouth – Portsmouth
 - St Michael’s Hospital - University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation     
 - UCLH Endometriosis Centre – London
 - Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Wirral

 - London Endometriosis Specialist (recommended by reader) -  

    Mr Colin Davis

Endometriosis Specialists Australia

This list of specialist has  been supplied by feedback from other sufferers

 - Dr Graham Tronc - Wesley Hospital, Brisbane Queensland 

 - Dr Jim Tsaltas - Melbourne, AustraliaDr. Susan Evans - AdelaideAustralia

 - Dr Jason Abbott Alana - Randwick, Sydney, Australia

 - Endometriosis Care Cenre Australia - ECCA is a multidisciplinary team of professionals providing specialist care for women with endometriosis  -

 - Canberra Endometriosis Centre - Australia

The Canberra endometriosis centre is a multidisciplinary network of health professionals that work in partnership with women and teenagers with endometriosis and their families.  -

 - Centre for Advanced Reproductive Endosurgery - Operating in various hospitals in New South Wales -


Endometriosis Specialists Canada

These specialists also recommended by endometriosis sufferers who have undergone treatment with these doctors

 - Dr. Liane Belland - Calgary, Alberta

 - Dr. Terry Unger - St Albert, AlbertaDr. Grace Liu - Toronto, Ontario

 - Dr. Christina Williams - Vancouver, British Columbia

 - Dr. Kay Lie - Toronto

 - Dr. Leyland Hamilton - McMaster hospital

Switzerland specialist

Specializing in minimally invasive (laparoscopy and single accesssurgery) endometriosis treatment and laser therapy for endometriosis.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Digestive Surgeon:
Dr Pascal Bucher, MD
Scarless Surgery Center
Clinique de la Colline
Geneva, Switzerland

Dr Jean-Marie Wenger, MD
Clinique de la Colline
Geneva, Switzerland

Natural Therapy Specialist:

Clear Passage Physical Therapy
Larry Wurn
Director of Clinical Research

Also website at:
Clinic for Manual Physical Therapy 
You can read some of the data on their treatment of endometriosis pain at: 

How to get the best from your doctor HERE

Live website links for these specialists and some contact details are not included as information can change/go out of date. I suggest you use a search engine or phone directory to find the up to date contact details of these people.

I wish you well on your search to find the best doctor for your treatment. 

If you have found another very good endometriosis specialist that is not on the list above, do let me know and I will add their details. Many thanks

with healing thoughts

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