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The comprehensive endo-friendly diet and nutrition book with over 250 recipes

'Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis' is available in various formats

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'I purchased a copy of the book some time ago and have found it invaluable. I kept meaning to write and say thank you. Cutting wheat, dairy, and sugar out of my diet (about 80% of the time is all I can manage) has made a huge difference to my well-being already.

You might also like to add that as well as the new diet alleviating my stomach cramps and pain, I lost weight, stopped bloating, and my lower back symptoms disappeared (provided I am sure that I stick to no meat/dairy/wheat/sugar of course)!' 
Rochelle, Australia 

I wasn't too sure about this book and whether it was the right one for me. Well, to be honest, now I am thrilled I bought it. Here is such a wealth of information; certainly focused around endometriosis, but with such a wide scale of other areas where it can be applied, pain relief, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns disease, Candida and many, many more.

The book gives such clear advice and information on the do's and donts of a good diet. I find this great because the marketing of the food industry will try to confuse us, pertaining to have healthy products when they arent. Here, in this book, you have the real facts!

There is also a plan on how to get started, shopping lists, recipes with all sorts of flexible variations and much, much more. Honestly? A great buy. I'm delighted I did! - Amazon review

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Once the book is saved on your computer, you can print individual recipes as you need them. The book is a simple PDF file and requires NO special e-book reader. 

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The recipe book tailor made for women with Endometriosis

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