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'Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis' is available in various formats

  •  Paperback - from the Lulu book-store with Global mailing 
  •  E-book - from the Lulu book-store or   direct from   Endo-Resolved (see below)
  •  Nook - from Lulu & the Nook website - epub file
  •  iPad/iPod  - from Lulu - epub file

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* Note - The Paperback & Kindle version can now be purchased from AMAZON  - for USA HERE and for the UK HERE

'I purchased a copy of the book some time ago and have found it invaluable. I kept meaning to write and say thank you. Cutting wheat, dairy, and sugar out of my diet (about 80% of the time is all I can manage) has made a huge difference to my well-being already.

You might also like to add that as well as the new diet alleviating my stomach cramps and pain, I lost weight, stopped bloating, and my lower back symptoms disappeared (provided I stick to no meat/dairy/wheat/sugar of course)!' 
Rochelle, Australia 

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E-Book version - available worldwide

You can also purchaseRecipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosise-book version direct from Endo Resolved

This version costs: $12.95 

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Once the book is saved on your computer, you can print individual recipes as you need them. The book is a simple PDF file and requires NO special e-book reader. 

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The recipe book tailor made for women with Endometriosis

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