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You can quickly and easily download the following PDF advice documents which provide advice about specific endometriosis treatments, different natural treatments, nutrition and diet. 

There will be more advice documents added over time, so please keep in touch with the website  

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 Research articles about the link between diet and endometriosis - this is a list of links to scientific research articles how diet, nutrition and supplements relate to endometriosis and symptoms

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Endometriosis diet research

The Endometriosis Diet & Nutrition Advice This e-book has been put together to give you more knowledge about the role of diet and nutrition in relation to endometriosis. It is compiled as a detailed glossary - to help you with your research, and learn more about nutrition and how it assists with your health. 


The Endometriosis Diet & Nutrition e-book

Supplements, vitamins and herbs for endometriosis - a comprehensive list of many supplements that can help with endometriosis including pain, inflammation and support the immune system

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Supplements for endometriosis

Diet and Endometriosis Risk - a scientific review of the link between endometriosis and diet from Reproductive Biomedicine Online

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Diet & endometriosis risk

Herbal Treatments for Endometriosis – If you are interested in using herbal treatments for endometriosis this brief article will give you a good introduction to the subject. 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Endometriosis and Herbal Treatments

Naturopathic Treatment of Endometriosis - a brief discussion written  by The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians - describing how endometriosis would be treated from a naturopathic perspective

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Naturopathic treatment of endometriosis

Acupuncture for endometriosis pain - Research article looking into the mechanisms of how acupuncture helps with the pain of endometriosis

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Acupuncture for endometriosis pain

Hormone Replacement Therapy - HRT is usually prescribed following a hysterectomy. This drug can cause serious long term health problems. This article outlines some of the health threats of using HRT. 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Advice about the Truth of HRT

Environmental Toxins and Health Problems - Many women are experiencing serious health problems, including endometriosis which may be caused by environmental toxins. This article describes the many ways in which your health may being affected by various toxins 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Information about Environmental Toxins

How Homeopathy Works - If you are interested in the idea of using homeopathy to help treat your endometriosis  this article describes how this form of treatment actually works to assist with healing from disease 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Advice that describes the basis of how homeopathy works

Naturopathic Treatment - This article is written by a Naturopath who suffered from endometriosis and describes her approach to treating the disease using this natural treatment 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - An article on how naturopathic treatment has helped to treat endometriosis

Endometriosis Ablation surgery - A fact-sheet from with a basic introduction to ablation surgery

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - what is endometrial ablation

Recovery from endometrial ablation surgery - advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecology

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - advice about recovery after having endometrial ablation surgery

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