Endometriosis stories page seven

Stories from women and their experiences of living with endometriosis and how they deal with the disease every day

Lupron & provera shots for treatment  

Sometimes women try different hormone drugs which can have serious side effects to treat endometriosis and they still suffer pain and severe symptoms  MORE

Endometriosis left undiagnosed  

Sam was on antibiotics for a mis-diagnosis of PID, and all along she had endometriosis. But taking all the anti-biotics meant she had to terminate a pregnancy MORE

Five years to get diagnosed  

Five years to get an endometriosis diagnosis followed by Lupron treatment and hormone treatment has led to long-term symptoms for Alisha  MORE

Ruptured ovarian cysts 

After being diagnosed with endometriosis causing three ruptured cysts, Amy was put on continuous birth control treatment to manage her endometriosis. MORE

Doctor said pregnancy would cure endo 

This is a common story where women with endometriosis are being told by their doctor that pregnancy will cure their endometriosis  MORE

Successful IVF with endometriosis 

Some women have only been able to have children with endometriosis with the help of IVF treatment and this is Brandi’s experience.  MORE

Lupron shots to treat endo 

After being diagnosed with endometriosis, Brenna was put on Lupron shots which caused many side effects and did not help with her pain and symptoms of endometriosis MORE

Endo returned after surgery 

Candice had laparoscopy surgery for endometriosis and both times symptoms soon returned and Lupron treatment did not help, but she was able to get pregnant MORE

 Ovarian cysts, adhesions and pelvic mass  

This story from Leslie who has had endometriosis since she was fifteen and now has many pelvic symptoms including a pelvic mass as well as dealing with anaemia MORE

Doctor advised hysterectomy  

This story from an endometriosis sufferer who was advised to have a hysterectomy by her doctor but doing her research she realised that this will not treat her endometriosis MORE

Diagnosed late in life with endo  

Lori was not diagnosed with endometriosis until late in life and surgery discovered she had complex adhesions but she is holding off having a hysterectomy MORE

Depo-provera was on temporary help  

Carrie was put on depo to treat her endometriosis but it had side effects and later a laparoscopy found she had adhesions and the surgery did not help her pain MORE

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