Pictures of Endometriosis

Below is a selection of pictures of endometriosis that have been taken during an operation. These pictures will give you some idea of what endometriosis actually looks like. 

endometriosis adhesions

These are filmy adhesions commonly seen after a pelvic infection like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. They are easily treated and less likely to recur than the dense adhesions of endometriosis. 

Endometriosis adhesions

These adhesions are situated between the surface of the right diaphragm and the liver.

Minimal endometriosis adhesions

These are very minimal adhesions between the left ovary and pelvic side wall. These adhesions will be commonly associated with mild to moderate endometriosis. 

Dense endometriosis adhesions
filmy adhesions

These dense adhesions are commonly associated with advanced endometriosis. They can be treated with laparoscopy techniques, but are more likely to reform after surgery. 

ovarian endometriosis

This picture shows endometriosis on the left ovary. 

Endometriosis chocolate cyst

This picture shows a chocolate cyst, which can be quite common in more advanced endometriosis. 

Endometriosis powder burn lesion

This picture shows what is called a 'powder-burn lesion'. 

Locations of endometriosis

locations endometriosis

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