Shopping list for the endometriosis diet

This is list is for those who want to follow an endo-friendly diet which is gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar and soy free.

You can adapt this list if you do not want to go gluten free, or have no problems with lactose. However it is recommended to omit gluten and dairy as many are seeing benefits with reduced symptoms of endometriosis pain.  This is because dairy and gluten can cause inflammation which will worsen your symptoms of pain.

This suggested endometriosis food list comprises the essentials to have as basic supplies in your cupboard.  You will then obviously be adding additional foods with your weekly shop of fresh produce like fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and other perishables.

You can download the Shopping list ..... see bottom of the page

Shopping list for the endometriosis diet

You probably have some of these in your food cupboards already. The following is a list of the main cooking ingredients to have in stock for the endo diet.  You will no doubt add to these as you go along, as you find recipes that require specific ingredients.

Note - The endometriosis diet is not a vegetarian diet - meat is allowed but you really need to stick with white meat like turkey and chicken as red meat will increase the negative prostaglandins that cause pain and inflammation and make your symptoms worse.  If you can afford it, try to eat organic meat as it will be free of the unwanted hormones and chemicals that are often used in modern intensive farming. 

Endometriosis diet grocery list

Basic ingredients for your food cupboard 

Dry foods

  • Sweeteners - stevia, maple syrup, rice syrup, date sugar, honey (if you can get guaranteed organic honey) 
  • Selection of herb teas – chamomile, fennel and peppermint are all great for the digestive system
  • Green Tea – caffeine free - lots of health benefits and can actually protect the body from dioxins
  • Gluten free muesli or breakfast cereals
  • Gluten free oats - can be used for porridge and used in various puddings.  Oats appear to have a soothing effect on the inflammation of endometriosis
  • Cacao powder - see the endo-friendly chocolate recipe HERE - and used in many sweet dishes
  • Rice noodles - used for Thai dishes and stir fry's
  • Wheat/Gluten free pasta selection
  • Rice - brown and basmati
  • Various Gluten free flours - depending on what you want to cook - see more on different flours/grains HERE
  • All-round Gluten free flour which gives you easy flexibility
  • Gluten free rice cakes or crackers - ideal for snacks with things like hummus, nut pate
  • Corn flour - to thicken sauces
  • Almond flour - which is basically ground almonds and has lots of uses for both sweet and savoury dishes
  • Baking powder - To make your own baking powder, mix together 2 parts cream of tartar, 1 part baking soda, and 2 parts arrowroot powder. Store in an airtight container, and substitute any recipe calling for baking.  Commercial baking powder usually has unwanted ingredients to stop it caking.
  • Almonds and other nuts of your choice - useful for grazing when you have the nibbles
  • Dried organic fruit selection - raisins, sultanas, dates etc.
  • Dried pulses and lentils of your choice - there are loads of them and they have great flexibility for use 
  • Tins of: coconut milk, tinned plumb tomatoes - they sell organic varieties in health-stores - a good staple to add to casseroles, tinned chickpeas/garbanzo’s, kidney beans - again available in health stores, ideally with no added salt or sugar.  
  • Seeds – sesame, sunflower, pumpkin – great for snacking on
  • Chia seeds - packed full of nutrition and many flexible uses - add to soups or your breakfast cereal.  Ideal to consume in the evening as they are high in the amino acid of tryptophan which is one of the calming amino acids to help you sleep.
  • Lots of different herbs and spices

Liquid Foods

  • Olive oil - a good quality, extra virgin, cold pressed
  • Avocado oil - high in omega 3 and can be used for cooking at higher temperatures than olive oil
  • Nut oils, sesame oil, walnut oil
  • Nut butter (try the ones available in the health store)
  • Lemon juice - a good standby to have for many recipes
  • Coconut milk - available in tins and a thinner version in cartons
  • Coconut oil - full of health benefits and can easily be added to lots of dishes
  • Rice wine vinegar - good for dressings
  • Apple cider vinegar - has plenty of health benefits
  • Tamari - the alternative to soy sauce
  • Tahini - similar to peanut butter but made from ground sesame seeds and is used in lots of recipes in the book HERE
  • Nut or rice milks - as an alternative to dairy milk

Health food stores

Have a good look round your local health food store. Many of these stores are now selling items like - gluten/wheat free breakfast cereals, Almond milks, Rice milk, Coconut milk, breakfast/mid-morning snacks. Some stores also sell ready meals, alternative spreads for toast like mushroom paste. Just ensure to check ingredients for soy proteins, wheat powder/flour and gluten.

Other ingredients

The other items you need will be purchased as and when you need them, like fresh produce, fruit, and vegetables. Frozen veg is fine as these maintain a reasonable level of nutritional value, but aim to purchase from the freezer in your health store as these should be organic and not covered in sprays and pesticides etc.

Other items you might need

Get a supply of those little freezer trays/containers with lids for freezing separate portions to use later when you have done any bulk cooking.   It is a good idea to produce some meals in bulk so you can freeze portions which you can use when you are having a bad day with your endometriosis

A food processor is a good idea  - it takes the hard work out of the preparation for some recipes. If you can afford it, a juice extractor is great - then you can have freshly made juice that does not waste any of the fruit, and obtains as many nutrients and enzymes as possible.

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