Endometriosis videos

A collection of videos about different topics regarding endometriosis.  

A great video from the BBC - How endometriosis changed my life

 'It's not just a bad period'... a group of young women describe how the disease affects their life - a good watch....'the more you isolate yourself, the worse it gets...'

Endometriosis surgery walk through - advice from top gynaecologist Dr Alvan Priddy


Endometrial Ablation with Gynecologist Dr. Maryann Prewitt

How endometriosis affects relationships – Dr Hayley Poole Clinical Psychologist


Good book reviews about hormonal health, PCOS, fertility, endometriosis, diet, menstrual health

Actress Tia Mowray discusses how diet can help alleviate symptoms


Doing exercise with endometriosis can be difficult - try chair yoga - specially devised for those with pain

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