An Endometriosis Healing Story

The following is a wonderful success story of healing of endometriosis. Ingrid contacted me sometime ago to tell me that she had succeeded in beating endometriosis. She said she would give me her story in more detail which could be added to the website to give other women hope and inspiration.

Here is Ingrid’s Endometriosis Healing story....


I had endometriosis for a couple of years and in 2001 I had to go to France for an operation. The surgeon, who was very skilful, took away the endo-cysts and one ovary and said there is no other cure than surgical removal. He added half jokingly, while smoking one cigarette after the other, that that was a fortunate thing, since if there was a cure, he would be out of work... Incredible, isn't it? Allopathic (traditional) doctors don't learn in their medical schools that there is always a cause behind each disease and that the body is always doing its best to heal, and that the body is programmed in a "win win" mode. 

Then my sister, who also had suffered from the same disease, told me to think about what the illness represents symbolically. It took me several years to grasp that question, let alone, finding the answer. But it indeed helped me to have a more spiritual and holistic attitude and to search for answers inside myself. 

Anyway, 2 years after the surgery, I got the endo back again, and my female gyno told me that hysterectomy was the only solution. She added to state that the uterus is only a muscle anyway, and that I didn’t need it anymore, and that I should go home and start doing the grief-work of my uterus and come back after the summer vacation to take everything out. 

I was 44 years old, I was horrified, but very glad that I did not take her words for granted. I went to 5 different doctors and they all agreed on the same solution: surgery. But I refused. I went online and started my personal research by consulting the website: and it was there that I found Carolyn's site . I immediately purchased and downloaded her book (Reclaim Your Life- Your Guide to Healing of Endometriosis) in PDF format and read it from cover to cover. What a relief to read her healing story! 

Then I went to 2 holistic naturopaths. One in Marrakesh and one in Casablanca, - each were completing one another. From the first one I got a deep-acting homeopathic treatment and she also put me on a STRICT diet. She said that she has helped many people with many different health-problems but only the ones who followed the diet for at least 3 months were cured. I said “Sure, I'm enough motivated." 

I had been eating what you would call a more or less healthy diet, with a lot of vegetables, but I had had a tendency to eat between meals and to indulge in chocolate, sweets and ice-cream. From now on, however, no more sugary snacks. 

This was the diet which could be called a cleansing diet :
No sugar, no diary products, no white rice, no coffee or black tea, no meat, fish only from time to time, and no GLUTEN. (no bread), no eggs, no warm pressed oils, no hydrogenated fats (found in nearly all biscuits, candy, Mars bars etc and peanut butter.) 

Replace white rice with brown rice, replace white sugar items, if desperate, with soaked almonds, or make a fruit cake with gluten free flour and dates, figs, sweetened with a tiny sprinkle of the natural plant Stevia ( I imported it from the USA). 

Replace the protein from the excluded meat with proteins from vegetables like Avocado, lentils, pulses in general, a well as SPROUTED GRAINS: Sprouted mung beans, lentils, Alfa Alfa, etc. Replace the industrially warm pressed oils with cold pressed virgin oil. Replace BREAD with gluten free bread or rice biscuits. You can get all advice you need from your Naturopath and from your local Health Store. (There is also advice on the diet for endometriosis here at Endo Resolved) 

No more unhealthy snacks! It took a while for me to adapt to this diet, and the most difficult time was when I was invited and during Christmas and other holidays visiting family, who always want to prepare huge rich meals and sugary ice-cream for desert. Every time I had to remind myself of what all the doctors had told me, reread parts of Carolyn’s book in order to re-motivate myself. 


The DIET included -

BREAKFAST: in winter: corn flour porridge or millet porridge spiced with cinnamon and cardamom and raisins) delicious) with or without soaked prunes, figs and apricots. In summer fruit, and freshly made carrot/ cucumber/beetroot juice. Very cleansing and invigorating. A lot of alkaline mineral water, and at 11 o’clock a snack if necessary.. Soaked almonds and nuts, dried fruit, figs, dates or an apple, pear.
LUNCH: 70 - 80 % raw food not to forget the sprouts and some boiled potatoes, brown rice or beans or vegetables. Dressing without vinegar since its acid, replace vinegar with lemon juice.
DINNER: Steamed or cooked vegetables for dinner Talk to your Naturopath about how to get all the necessary proteins. In America there are many specialists on that subject, many many more than where I live, here in Morocco, where everybody, without exception, eats meat twice a day. 

I also got different essential oils to put on the liver, or swallow a few drops. One was for cleansing the liver, one was to help digestion...I had slow metabolism and VERY slow digestion. I had to learn how to EAT SLOWLY, which still today is a big problem. I have a tendency to just throw in the food in my mouth and swallow.... 

At some point I put CASTOR oil on my pelvis area as described in Carolyn’s book. It was a bit complicated and messy, but since I knew I was a very old and well-documented prescription, I persevered. I also got the prescription to take Omega 3 oil, either from fish of from linseed. I also took Evening Primrose oil. 

A Russian friend here in Casablanca gave me a Russian cure that I could prepare myself. My friend had used it to clear out a “fibrome” and I found that it could not be harmful so I might as well try it. You break up walnuts and gather the lining which separates the two departments. You put them in a jar and pour vodka or , as in my case, cognac on it. Then you store it for 2 weeks, before you start taking 15 drops three times a day for three months. I have no idea of what the active ingredient can be in this TINTCURE but maybe it contributed? 

The second Naturopath gave me cleansing herbs to boil and to drink as herb-tea. It tasted horrible, but my motivation was strong enough to endure. The second Naturopath also checked my Ph level and noticed that my body fluids were acid. The diet slowly corrected this imbalance. Lately, I have read a book by Dr Robert Young, called The PH-MIRACLE which describes and explains the utter importance of having the body fluids at the right PHlevel - alkaline. You can visit his website and learn more. 

I gather that all the bean sprouts that I grew in my kitchen helped me a lot to get enough live enzymes and alkalizing food. I also bumped into the natural anti inflammatory – SERRAPEPTASE (This is one of the enzymes found in Vitalzym which has been mentioned here on the website at Endo Resolved) which is the laboratory cultivation of an enzyme from the silkworm, known to "consume" dead tissue, since the silkworm needs to digest the very coarse leaves from the Mulberry tree. The official name of this drug went under DAZEN and I think that’s for French speaking countries. 

I chose to have 2 Naturopaths, especially as the first one lived in Marrakech, which is three hours from here. I needed to go and see someone once a week, and later twice a month to be able to persevere and stay motivated. 

I also looked into the emotional issues behind contacting this disease. I saw a NLP coach who was very intuitive and together we cleared out many deep issues about inherited femininity and Motherhood from my Mother and my Grandmother. 

You might think that you need a very huge budget to do all these things to have several Naturopaths and NLP coaches. But no, it doesn’t need to get that expensive and if you really, really desire something deeply and that you take one step in that direction, the universe will help you with the second step. I got this counselling over at least 2 years and it was indeed worth every penny!!! 

The very best investment for me was counselling in holistic Naturopathy and Cognitive or NLP therapy. Rebirthing therapy is also something that I practice at least twice a yea, since here in Casablanca we have an association that organizes seminars for Rebirthing with rebirthers from abroad. This is a kind of breath therapy that can be very helpful, and indeed powerful. It was founded by the American Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.
End of part two. 

The books that helped me were:
Apart from Carolyn’s book, that got me started from the beginning and without which I would never have even TRIED to give my body a second chance with naturopathy...(Thank you Carolyn, I’m deeply grateful that you wrote the book and put it out online so we all get access to it.) apart from that first book, I was also helped by the following ones: 

All books by DEEPAK CHOPRA. (I have also recommended the books by Deepak in Reclaim Your Life – I read them myself and was blown away by his research, his knowledge and the clear way he writes) Wow, he articulates so many complex things about the body mind connection in such beautiful and simple ways, he is my absolute favourite author. If I lived in America I would definitely try to go to one of his lectures. 

Louise Hay: also an American bestseller. All her books are very helpful. Check out Hay House online. She cured herself from cancer, a much more severe illness than Endometriosis. She has different cassettes treating different SELF HELP subjects that I listen to in the car. It helps me to be more positive and she is an excellent role model. 

Barbara Wren:, a British teacher and researcher in Natural Nutrition, head of the College of Natural Nutrition in London and in Essex. She healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis, and then gave birth to a fifth child. I managed to get a copy of one of her lectures and I listen to this over and over to understand more about the subtle ways of the body. If you send me your post addresses, I will be more than happy to send you a copy of this cassette about healing the body. 

Now we come to YOGA. Before I started to take responsibility for my own healing and evolution I TALKED a lot about Yoga and how cool it was without even practicing it...Lazy character I suppose...

Then a good friend pulled me into it. Ashtanga Yoga. Now I understand and feel from the inside what miracles it works especially when you have lack of energy in the pelvis area and lack of consciousness down there!

I also found on the American website: a chapter on which poses are best to ease different ailments etc. I put in endometriosis in their little search engine and found a whole chapter on Yoga and Endo Excellent! After 2 years HARD STRUGGLE to get into the practice, I have now finally worked myself up to a level where I long for doing my practice. It works like an injection. It opens up the hips and builds up strength. I can NOT do it straight after getting up in the morning, but feel more ready and LESS STIFF after about 15 min after I have had the chance to wake up a bit and loosen up. It energises the whole pelvis area and helped clean it out of mucus and blood. I now practice a few specific postures everyday that worked for me.

These are:
Sun Salutation
Downward facing Dog
The triangle
The warrior
Half Moon Pose
The camel
The Hero pose
The dance of Shiva
All possible HIP-OPENERS
- such as The Pigeon, King Arthurs Pose, Shakti Bandha
That which kindles the fire:
Shoulder Pose or The Bridge *very good for pelvis*
Sometimes also The Boat and The Locust 

Then after 2 years I got a terrible pain in my left breast and feared the worst, went to see the gyno just for that, and had actually stopped fearing that the gyno would cut out my womb. I felt more secure in my body, even though the breast pain was scary. So I entered the docs practice with the printout of Carolyn’s book in my hands! Not a very diplomatic way of addressing the doc I realised afterwards. The doc felt entirely threatened, and no wonder! How come somebody DARES question their authority? ! 

The doc said, after having looked at the x-ray of the breast that all was OK, and anyway if you happen to contract breast cancer, it doesn’t hurt. So my pain was hormonal. Then she did an ecography ultrasound scan of my uterus. She shook her head and mumbled something about mucus...then the examination was over and we didn’t even talk about the endometriosis catastrophe since 2 years and the planned for hysterectomy. She was unpleasant and stressed, and dismissed me quickly out of her office. Not until I got home I read the conclusion of the ultrasound which stated in a very undecipherable handwriting - no cysts, no sign of endometriosis. 

I was SO HAPPY and could hardly believe her words. I was also angry at her lack of civic responsibility of surpassing her docs ego and telling me that I no longer had endometriosis and didn’t need hysterectomy anymore ! She didn’t even tell me ! 

To conclude and re-enforce her observation, I went to another totally new gyno who didn’t know anything about my history. I asked him several times, is everything clear? No cysts? And he said everything looked absolutely clear and OK. The uterus had some mucus but not anything alarming. Then, when I had got this second opinion and statement I told him that 5 gynos had planned Hysterectomy for me. I told him how I had gone into natural healing and started yoga. To my surprise, this was a positive and open gyno, who even took the business card of my yoga teacher. 

I have noticed that when I fail to eat healthily and gulp a lot of bread and sugar, I get pain in the pelvis again. It’s a reminder that my body is a bit fragile to certain elements. So I go on a diet again. No bread, no sugar. A lot of bean sprouts. And then after a couple of weeks of that diet I feel no pain again.

End of part 3

Wow, now I have to rest a bit, I am home with flu, it gave me enough time to write this, but now I must rest again. Talk to you later ladies. AND don’t despair, there are several solutions out there for your symptoms and ailments and diseases! Trust and pray and ask for guidance and it will come to you. It was a pleasure sharing this. Hope you can take benefit from my story.

Love Ingrid in Casablanca, Morocco.