Natural Toiletries - will help reduce symptoms of endometriosis

Natural Aids for Beautiful Skin

To reduce xeno-estrogens, reduce your toxic load and help reduce your symptoms of endometriosis  try some of these natural home-made skin care preparations.  They are safer, cheaper and better for your overall health.

Safe toiletries to help symptoms of endometriosis

Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs help clean the surface of the skin by removing the dead skins and the dirt mechanically. It is recommended that you use a facial scrub that contains a mild abrasive.

The coarseness of these abrasives varies. For example, it may contain a very fine, mild base of oatmeal or ground-up almonds. Some products may contain coarser materials such as silica or fine sand or the shells of almonds, apricots, or walnuts. 

Sugar, Cinnamon and Soap-wort Scrub

Scrub a small potato, leaving the skin on. Then grate the potato coarsely, adding enough brown muscavado sugar to form a paste. Add 1 tablespoon coarsely chopped soapwort leaf. Mix and spread over the face. Rub the skin with the flats of the fingers for a few minutes. Wash off with luke warm water. 


Millions of women are spending vast sums of money every year on expensive skin care products, especially moisturisers, in the hope of looking after their skin. Some of these expensive products have been tested in laboratories and found to have no extra benefits over cheaper brands. The ingredients they use will nearly always use a vast array of chemicals. 

Water is the secret ingredient for dewy-fresh skin. Well-moisturised skin is soft and supple, reflects a healthy glow and ages less quickly. It prevents the skin from drying and chapping, thus slowing the ageing process. 

Water moves through the body to the surface in a process called "trans-epidermal water loss" leaving skin pleasingly plump and firm. If your system is deficient in water, the skin's upper layers become dry and brittle. Drinking at least six glasses of water daily and eating fluid-rich fruits and vegetables help normality dry or oily conditions, and is essential for preventing your body from robbing its necessary moisture at the expense of your skin.


In addition to internal liquid refreshment, skin requires external water replenishing. Moisturisers or humectants attract moisture to the skin's surface and hold it there. 

A wide variety of moisturisers are available that range from very inexpensive to very expensive. Examples are: vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (derived from plants), honey, and aloe vera. 

Aloe vera is very good for skin care. Since ancient times, it has been used effectively to treat everything from dry skin, burns, and insect bites to skin irritations, acne, cuts, and abrasions. 

Mineral oil, which is used in many skin care products, can dry the skin, block pores, and prevent it from breathing and eliminating waste. 

Coconut Oil for the skin

Coconut Oil is excellent for skin care and moisturising the skin. It prevents destructive free-radical formation and provides protection against them. It can help to keep the skin from developing liver spots, and other blemishes caused by ageing and over exposure to sunlight.

It also helps to prevent sagging and wrinkling by keeping connective tissues strong and supple. In some cases it might even restore damaged or diseased skin. The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, limiting the damage excessive sun exposure can cause.


Essential oils

Most moisturisers soothe and sit on the surface of the skin, but essential oils, with their fine molecular structure, work their way through from the surface to the inner dermis. This has the benefit of allowing the healing properties of essential oils to penetrate into the skin as well as the blood stream. 

My own oil of choice to use as carrier oil for essential oils is Almond oil, as it does not feel too heavy and is also not expensive. Avocado oil is another good choice to use as a carrier oil.

A rule of thumb for adding essential oils to carrier oil is - 30ml of base oil with 6 drops of essential oil. You can use more than one type of essential oil per mix, but divide the number of drops so that the combined number still totals 6 drops to 30ml of base oil - you will not gain anything by making the mixture stronger and adding more essential oils. 

There many health and beauty benefits by using essential oils on the skin. Lavender is a must for its multitude of beneficial properties for both health and beauty. 

Different Oils for Skin Care

Fragile capillaries: Lemon, Chamomile, Cypress, Lavender

Dermatitis: Sage, Chamomile, Hyssop, Geranium

Eczema Juniper, Lavender, Geranium

Eczema weeping: Juniper, Chamomile, Bergamot

Mature skin: Rose, Lavender, Clary-sage, Frankincense

Inflamed: Clary-sage, Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium

Dry: Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium, Neroli, Sandalwood

Oily: Bergamot, Lemon, Geranium, Cypress, Cedar wood

Rejuvenating: Lavender, Melissa, Frankincense, Jasmine

Wrinkles: Lemon

You can use a mixture of oils to suit your skin type or address any skin problems. If you use an essential oil blend on your skin every night you will soon see improvements in your skin. 

Skin Toners

Toners are particularly useful for getting the blood up to the surface of the skin, which will help to nourish it, and for closing the pores. 

Any herbal vinegar (an infusion made with vinegar instead of water) makes a good toner. Choose the herb which is suitable for your skin type (see below). Always dilute a herbal vinegar in proportions of 1:6 with mineral water and always use cider vinegar for your herbal vinegar as this is the best to use on your skin. 

Herbal milks (infusions made with milk instead of water) make soothing, nourishing toners for dry skins but obviously go off quickly and need to be made in small quantities. They will also need to be kept in the refrigerator. 

Flower waters can also be used for toning and in this instance can be used neat. They are best purchased ready made. Lavender water, rose water, orange-flower water and witch hazel are readily available from good chemists. 

Jasmine and Rose Bubble Bath

3 drops rose essential oil

3 drops jasmine essential oil

1 oz liquid glycerine 

1 oz coconut oil (4oz)

bar castile soap (grated or flaked)

1 quart (4 cups) distilled water

Mix all ingredients together. Store in a container. Pour in running warm water. 

This is just a small selection of natural or home made toiletries you can make.

You can now purchase alternatives for deodorant with a product called a ‘Deodorant Stone’, which is readily available on the internet.

A deodorant stone is simply a lump of crystal stone which you wet with water, then rub on your skin - the residual covering applied to the skin will neutralise the bacteria on the skin which causes body odours. 

There are also various herbal hair dyes which have reasonably good results at covering grey hair, and you can also purchase cosmetics that do not use chemicals. 

Proof that safe toiletries help endometriosis

There has been feedback at here at Endo-Resolved from women who have made the change to natural chemical-free toiletries.  They are reporting a marked improvement in their symptoms. For some women this improvement is noticed quite quickly.

The feed-back of these improvements includes reduction of general pain, reduction of menstrual pain, reduction of tiredness and a reduction in the levels of feeling general run-down. 

Improving your overall health with endometriosis is complex. There are many issues to take on board, but hopefully you see how much you can do to help yourself.

The issue of changing your toiletries is not difficult once you know where to purchase alternatives. There are many website where you will find natural organic toiletries, and some of them are even gluten-free. You need to look for products that are free of parabens, petro-chemicals, sulphates and preservatives.

Making the change is simply a matter of changing old purchasing habits and  ensuring you are doing as much as possible to support your health.

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My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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