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Women's endometriosis stories submitted by the women who suffer the distressing symptoms of this disease every day.  Reading stories from other women helps you feel as though you are not alone in this struggle

No diagnosis but many tests 

Mattae started having pains from a young age, had many tests but not confirmed with endometriosis despite the pain she feels  MORE


Adenomyosis and endometriosis 

Diagnosed with adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis left Michelle struggling to manage her health and unsympathetic treatment from doctors MORE

Three laparoscopies and depo provera shots 

To try and control her endometriosis Taryn has had three laparoscopies, depo provera shots, tried numerous birth control pills and has now found she has a thyroid problem  MORE


Large ovarian cyst and endometriosis

Nariah started her periods from a very young age with severe pain and heavy periods and surgery finally found a huge cyst on her ovary and endometriosis MORE

Fibroids polyps and endometriosis 

Birdie has endometriosis along with fibroids and polyps and her abdominal swelling is so severe even her doctor was shocked when shown photos of her endo belly  MORE

Scarred from ablation surgery 

This is a distressing story of damage to fallopian tubes caused by endometriosis ablation surgery and lies being entered into medical reports.  MORE


Tried multiple drugs for endo  

This is a typical endometriosis story of trying different drugs and treatments for endometriosis after not being taken seriously by doctors or mis-diagnosed  MORE

 Endo has stolen my health  

In her own words from Sally, ‘Endometriosis has stealthily stolen my health, energy, fertility, and capacity to work full-time across the span of the last 15 years’  MORE

Scar tissue from endometriosis  

This is a common story of being fobbed off with different hormone drug treatment for endometriosis left suffering with pain and scar tissue without surgery to remove the disease  MORE

Severe endometriosis and trying IVF 

Carly was diagnosed with severe endo and tried drug treatment which caused bad side effects, followed by zoladex injections and is now try IVF MORE

Extensive endo and delay in diagnosis 

Extensive endometriosis was finally found after Georgina was left waiting in hospital for two days before given treatment and a laparoscopy found endometriosis all around her abdomen MORE

Severe period pains with endometriosis 

This story from Jonelle is common one of severe period pains from an early age, endometriosis diagnosis, drug treatments, side effects and still in pain MORE

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