Women's endometriosis stories page six

A collection of endometriosis stories told by the women who suffer the disease and the symptoms they suffer every day and the problems they have to deal with daily

Endometriosis and hypothyroidism

This is a common story from Ryan of having endometriosis, trying multiple treatments that did not work and also being diagnosed with hypothyroidism  MORE

Missed endometriosis diagnosis 

This is a common story of not being correctly diagnosed with endometriosis even after seeing seven doctors and being diagnosed with PID, colitis and irritable bowel MORE

Endometriosis returns after surgery 

Many women hope to get relief from endometriosis after surgery, but this is a typical story of having seven surgeries and endometriosis keeps returning  MORE

Endometriosis and eating disorders 

Chloe was diagnosed with endometriosis by laparoscopy but the surgeon did not remove all the implants and she also has been dealing with eating disorders MORE

Stage two endo managed with the coil 

Jodie had very heavy bleeding from an early age with her periods and was diagnosed with stage two endometriosis which she has managed by having the coil  MORE

 Severe endometriosis and frozen pelvis  

A powerful story told by Katie and voicing her anger about endometriosis – repeated surgeries, uncaring doctors and told painful periods are normal MORE

Severe bowel endometriosis  

This distressing story from Trish describes how bad endometriosis can be having severe endometriosis and having part of her colon removed and having to have a colostomy bag MORE

Endo undiagnosed thirty years 

The diagnosis for Lenore was delayed by over 3 decades resulting in disabling damage to her internal organs, but she eventually found the best surgical help from an endometriosis specialist  MORE

Surgeon missed endo diagnosis  

It took Sherry a long time be diagnosed with endometriosis as her first surgeon missed the diagnosis and it was her gynaecologist who finally diagnosed and removed the disease MORE

Four hour surgery for endometriosis  

When Donnika was finally diagnosed with endometriosis she had a four hour surgery to remove the disease and was then put on Lupron and she if lucky to have minimal side effects MORE

Four surgeries for endo and still in pain 

Chelsea has had four surgeries for endometriosis and is still in pain and does not want to go on drug treatment due to her active life


Birth control treatment and side effects 

Alicia tried various birth control treatments to help with her endometriosis and had many symptoms including weakness and fatigue and is using diet to try and help MORE

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