Dealing with tiredness

Endometriosis can cause severe exhaustion and tiredness and this issue is very common for most sufferers at some time. It is one of the symptoms of the disease that is so often over-looked by doctors.

Tiredness with long term illness as a symptom has many causes which can come and go at different times, or for some endometriosis sufferers it can be constant and totally debilitating.

Sometimes this is a response of the body to ensure healing can take place.

For many the only way to escape or cope with the tiredness and exhaustion is to sleep.

Here are a few simple coping strategies to help you overcome the symptom of constant fatigue

Tiredness is a key signal from your body that it is trying to deal with an imbalance in health.  When we have a virus like the flu we can feel very drained. 

It is nature’s way of making us stop, so that we rest up and let the body deal with whatever is wrong with our health.  We need that energy for healing, for cell repair, wound healing, killing viruses, and to repair the body.

Water intake

Many of us in the West are dehydrated and we do not drink enough water.  This can easily lead to fatigue. There are many healing benefits to water and if we do not get enough we start to feel sluggish and lethargic.  DRINKING MORE WATER will be a good start to regaining some energy.

Just trying to cope with long-term illness

Many of you will be suffering from the tiredness that comes from the sheer slog, of trying to cope over a long period of time with a debilitating illness.  This is natural.  You need to do things that distract you, focus you and put your concentration outside of yourself. 

This could include taking up new hobbies that are not taxing but are more relaxing.  Past-times like needle-crafts, artwork, writing - are all good for distraction. You could express your feelings about endometriosis through writing.


Undertaking a detox can help to reduce the feelings of tirednessThe more you detox your body and get rid of the toxins that are taxing your system, the quicker you will feel the benefits; gradually you will start to regain some energy. 

Some of the drug therapy for endometriosis can have side-effects that cause tiredness.  If you are able to reduce your drug intake the less strain you will be putting on your body.

Endometriosis and tiredness


Boredom can make us tired.   When life puts us in a certain situation, and things becomes  dull or boring, that is when the tiredness drapes over us.  Even if you are not feeling up to it, go out and do something completely different - break the cycle. 

Try taking up a simple hobby that does not tax your energy reserves.  Taking up a creative hobby can be relaxing, rewarding and the distraction will you to stop focusing on your health.


Depression can also make you feel tired, and for this you need to do lots of positive things.  Depression is common amongst endometriosis sufferers.   It is not down to one thing. It is the whole package that goes with the territory of having a serious illness and all the worry it entails. 

Your life feels totally out of control.  So you need to do things that put you back on course.  It will help to read positive stories from others who have been able to regain their health or been able to reduce their symptoms.  

Seek out support - get more active with the online support groups.  There is a lot of help and support out there.


It is well known that exercise helps with tiredness and depression because of the release of endorphins by the brain - those hormones responsible for the 'feel good' factor.

Undertaking exercise can be really hard for many endo girls due to pain or the pain and exhaustion combination. But even gentle exercise like yoga and walking can be very beneficial and being in the sunlight will also help.


Many have reported that one of the unexpected benefits of following a healthy nutritious diet that is geared to help with the symptoms of endometriosis, are also finding that they have  improvement in their energy levels.

There are many levels of health benefits that can be gained through diet - reduce symptoms, tackle Candida, help with IBS, reduce weight, detox from past drug intake and toxic chemical over-load, reduce oestrogen dominance, cleans the liver (the hardest working detox organ in the body), and even improved eyesight and complexion.

Also make sure  all your  vitamins and minerals are in balance and include various supplements to help.

There is lots of advice about nutrition on the 'Diet' page - which is a good starting point.

Yes - it is very difficult to cope with the added insult of feeling exhausted because you are trying to cope with a long term illness.

But try some of the above strategies so that you can at least regain some control in your life. 

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