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.To get straight to the point - I used to sufferer from endometriosis and I had a very severe case as diagnosed by a laparoscopy.  My name is Carolyn Levett and I am the founder of Endo-Resolved, an author and Nutritional Therapist.

When I suffered with endometriosis I was offered drug treatment to try and calm the disease, but after reading of the side effects from this drug I decided to follow my own path to healing. In time I was able to heal from this dreadful disease by using natural therapies, diet, homeopathy and lots of self care.

After recovering from endometriosis - proven via a second laparoscopy that showed I had no active endometriosis - I went back to living my life and had a lot of catching up to do.  However, a few years later while trawling the internet I started to read many harrowing stories of women and girls who were suffering really bad with endometriosis and were not getting any significant or permanent  improvements with surgery or drug treatment.

It was these stories that led me to get my own story out to other women and to provide this support and advice resource at the website, that not only provides mainstream treatment advice, but also gives advice about natural treatments, complementary therapies and self help measures that can be used to help manage this disease and reduce symptoms.

My training

With a keen interest in natural therapies to support healing I  invested in my own health education and undertook a Basic Diploma course in Nutritional Therapy from the Nutritional Therapy Association.  As  diet is the bed-rock to good health, this training provided me with a deeper understanding of the complexities how nutrition can support the body. 

I have also undertaken a Foundation Diploma in Naturopathy course.  This has given me a better grounding of the different natural therapies and how they can support the body, and how to integrate different treatments for the best outcome when dealing with ill-health.  Doing this course has added and enriched the knowledge I had already obtained regarding natural therapies.  

To compliment my theoretical and practical skills I also undertook training in Wellness Coaching.  This training has given me the tools and understanding to be able to provide advice and support to those seeking help with their health.

The knowledge and skills I have learnt about natural therapies and nutrition has helped me provide informed advice as well as being able to support  those who suffer from ill-health such as endometriosis.  No doubt I will probably continue with my training as I find the topics around natural therapies to be very rewarding. 

My understanding of endometriosis is obviously based on my own experience of dealing with this disease, and understanding all the ramifications of how it totally affects your life.  Endometriosis really is an all-encompassing disease and affects every aspect of a woman's life, which is  something I fully understand.  Which is why I feel personally qualified to be able to offer guidance and support to those seeking advice and reassurance when dealing with endometriosis.

Working background

What else have I done ......... my past working career has included working with communities helping encourage community economic development in deprived inner city areas and later in isolated rural areas. 

After that I worked in the voluntary sector providing support and development for special needs groups, the elderly and specific health support groups. This work involved providing training for volunteers and voluntary management groups to ensure smooth running of community groups and projects.  Additionally I was involved in advocacy work and encouraging a healthy and cohesive voluntary sector. 

Before my working career I studied in the arts obtaining a degree in Art & Design which included community arts in the curriculum.  This experience encouraged me to work on creative projects in the community.  .Many of these creative projects were about helping communities to fulfil special projects that would benefit their local community.  Sometimes this involved visual arts and other projects involved performance arts, helping groups to put on special events. 

Feedback from site visitors

"Finding your website with advice on a diet for endometriosis has been one of the best things that happened in the last year. The first month I tried the eating guidelines, I had absolutely NO PAIN! That has never happened in my life.

Every time I see my OB/GYN doctor or my infertility specialist I try to convince them how changing my diet has changed my life - unfortunately they look at me like I am crazy. I cannot wait until the day that doctors start to recognise food actually affects your body

"What a wonderful site! My Endometriosis has really started to rule my life, having a lot of pain, heavy bleeding that has put me in hospital for a blood transfusion once, and only just getting a grudging diagnosis from a hopeless health authority! This site is a great help, especially the diet section - i would never have thought some of those foods were harmful! This is a true lifeline - thanks :) "

"Thank you for providing such an informative and positive website. Two months after my laparoscopy I felt depressed, anxious, and fatigued. This website gave me hope to heal. I am now in yoga and experiencing nice results.
In addition, I also changed my diet. With this disease I was desperate to feel good again. I also pay more attention to when I need to rest. My next step is to try the progesterone cream. I want to heal as natural and healthy as possible. God Bless," Barbara in Charlotte, NC

I trust and hope that you will gain the confidence in your own ability to start healing (at least reduce your symptoms) from endometriosis after reading the pages here.

The ethos here regarding endometriosis is based on the concern that conventional modern medicine can do more harm than good. Surgery may be needed in serious cases to repair the damage that the disease has caused.

However the right nutrition and lifestyle changes are not only less damaging to the body but far more effective. Surgery has been found to be a temporary fix at best which can then lead to even worse symptoms caused by more scar tissue. Drugs with all their many side effects are also very damaging.  

Treating the body with kindness through diet, reducing toxins and supporting the immune system will reap better results for long term health.

Give your body a fighting chance to tackle this disease

You can read my own story of healing HERE

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