Endometriosis and Yoga

Endometriosis and yoga

The Benefits of Yoga for Endometriosis

Yoga is typically known to help with a number of conditions and usually is suggested for people who are seeking as a way to de-stress and relax the mind. Yoga focuses on breathing and slow movements or poses. These poses focus on building core muscle strength and also to gain balance and re-alignment within the body. 

Women with Endometriosis are often easily stressed and struggle with extreme emotions. The level of pain experienced is often closely related to the associated stress levels they are currently experiencing.

Stress causes muscle tension and emotions to flair which in turn makes the pain so much worse than it needs to be. Exercise is often challenging for many women with Endometriosis as it is often associated with additional pain. 

Exercise and allowing oneself to de-stress are vital to the healing of Endometriosis and Yoga offers one the perfect balance of both to really help us. 

  • Yoga allows one to slow down and focus 
    When ones mind is travelling at a million miles an hour is it hard to really relax and even to enjoy life. Everything is a rush and a stress factor, fearing one won’t have enough time or will remember everything is a common stress element for many of us. Yoga helps to slow down the mind and to regain the focus on the specific task at hand, without the unnecessary stress of thinking of the future or the past. Taking in what is happening in this moment, during a specific time is the best way to deal with specific situations. Stress is often associated with thinking too much in advance and not focusing on doing something right now! 

  • Yoga has an associated positive feeling 
    The poses in Yoga are focused and specific to aid in gaining balance and a sense of calm. Many of the poses will have an associated positive feeling, such as a feeling of self, power and balance and control. These are great emotions to carry with you throughout the day. My favourite poses are: the cobra and the warrior pose. Standing as a Warrior makes me feel incredibly powerful and in control of myself and my life! 

  • Build inner core strength 
    Yoga has a great way of building muscles within the body, without needing to push oneself too much. The poses use your own body weight and one can take the pose to whichever level you can, without needing to follow repetitive, often boring methods to gain a result. 

  • Learn to breathe properly 
    You would be amazed at how poorly you breathe! Breathing is crucial to getting all the necessary nutrients to get to where they need to go. When we get stressed or are rushing, check your breathing. It is likely to be shallow and short. Yoga teaches us how to breathe properly and to take time to do breathing exercises when we get stressed!

The thing I like most about Yoga is that these elements all combine to give us many elements to help with Endometriosis. It is easy to slow down and focus, especially when the movements require balance or counting breathing or specific muscle groups. You are also “at one” with your body and this creates a feeling of contentment with yourself. 

When I first did Yoga I thought it was a little slow for my liking but I was always “rushing in my head” and have only recently learnt that it was being “slow” was the very reason I needed to do it! 

Yoga is one of the few exercises you can do at home, in a class, at the beach or in the park. Once you learn the poses they are easy to combine to create your own special morning and afternoon routine. The great thing is, it is easy to do and really enjoyable to do on your own. 


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My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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