Endometriosis natural pain relief – feedback help from others

Its always helpful to get feedback ‘straight from the horse mouth’ of what has helped others to manage endometriosis and the remedies that have helped to reduce symptoms, especially the awful pain associated with endometriosis.

There are options to help with the pain of this disease apart from taking strong pain medications which can have a negative effect on the liver.  Using pain meds can also upset the digestive tract and mess up the balance of your gut flora.

Some of the measures that have helped tend rely on long term changes like diet changes or being consistent with using anti-inflammatory supplements or herbs.   Many are also having good success using natural therapies for their pain and acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are popular choices. 

Here are comments from others of different self help measures they have taken that have helped to reduce their pain with endometriosis.

I personally have used Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on and off over the years and have found it EXTREMELY helpful. My periods aren't too painful anymore (they were in my early twenties).

Drink 8 glasses of water a day, get 8 hours of sleep, go to see a naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist. Do not get surgery, this is not a cure. The endo can come back and usually does. Try to change your diet by eating only organic food since your body is producing too many hormones and hormones and contained in the foods we eat, this makes your body go crazy and produces endo, cysts, fibroids, etc.

Go to a nutritionist if you are not sure what to eat. Try to stop eating a lot of sugar, fast foods, beef, pork. Try to eat a lot of fish (at least twice a week - the omega3 fatty acids in fish are really good for you), and eat lots of fruits and veggies, at least 3 servings a day and take a multivitamin. Good luck!

Before the surgery and since I have totally cut out caffeine, greatly reduced alcohol, taken vitamins religiously, lots of water & sleep and not used tampons (as advised by a naturopath).

By also improving your diet, it is amazing how much that can help. I also found exercise to be helpful for the stress associated with it all and found that a few other things in my general health that needed fixing as well like candida, which is very common with endo sufferers.

I was diagnosed stage 3 endo in march, since then I have changed my diet to wheat free, diary free, red meat free, caffeine free. External estrogen’s found in wheat, red meat actually makes your symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and pain worse. I have supplemented the diary with oat and rice milk, which can be found in supermarkets.

I have supplemented caffeine with fruit and herb teas and now find green tea refreshing, and camomile is calming. O. K, it seems a big life change, but it works and my last two periods have been normal, and no pain.

I have found two really good alternative treatments that help tremendously with my pain and also with treating my endo. I do have acupuncture every week and I also drink green tea. I drink 3 cups a day and have noticed that my digestive problems and my cramps have remarkably decreased.I take corydalis also which is a herb I take during my period. The herb helps with menstrual periods, and the green tea helps to balance and purify the rest of my body.

I eat all organic meat now as non-organic is usually pumped full of hormones and anti-biotics, not helpful for anyone, particularly endo sufferers. I try to limit the amount of red meat and just stick to fish/chicken and have upped the intake of veg. No coffee, no tea (herbal is ok though), try and stay off alcohol, stay off junk food and fizzy drinks. Just eat the best diet that you can and cut out the processed. Another useful and more general thing I read somewhere is switch your table salt for sea salt crystals as these are much better for your system. 

Going gluten-free has been the biggest lifestyle switch for me. It's hard, but it seems to be helping a lot, so I'm going to keep it up until I'm pregnant. :-) I also reduced caffeine to one cup of coffee or tea per day at the most.  Cherry juice has been helpful for me, but it has to be pretty concentrated. Chamomile tea and cinnamon tea are calming and help with the pain a little bit

In my case I have found a combination of approaches have helped reduce endo pain. Drastically reducing my intake of wheat and replacing it with organic wholegrain rice and other cereals. As much organically produced fruit, veg and meats as possible and natural progesterone cream.

Natural pain relief to help endometriosis

I've just had my first relatively normal period in about 18 months after changing my diet to wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and red meat free and using some of the dietary supps that Carolyn recommends for only 2 WEEKS!!! I also used this AMAZING herbal supplement called Cramp Bark which apparently is an old Native American remedy for menstrual cramps - it has worked wonders for me. I take 4 capsules every 4 hours along with 200mg of magnesium

The following have helped me:

Acupuncture-- experiencing less clotting, more healthy, bright red flow, less pain

Chinese medicine--I seem to be recovering more quickly from the harm that the progestins did to my system.

Diet changes-- less wheat and dairy, more organic foods, trying to follow an anti-inflammatory diet for the most part has made for less bloating, fewer bowel problems.

Raspberry leaf tea-- this is an age-old "uterine tonic" which is supposed to tone and strengthen the uterus in preparation for childbirth.

When I had had endometriosis, it took a while to learn what would make my pain and inflammation worse, and I learnt that certain foods were my triggers.  I was already mostly vegetarian but when I removed dairy from my diet it really improved my bloating.  Drinking coffee was a big trigger but any fizzy drinks was even more of a problem and caused merry hell for hours. 

The way certain foods were prepared also had an influence on my endo-belly.  For example, eating bell peppers that were cooked was OK but if I tried to eat them raw in a salad then I would really pay for it later. 

A note about cooking food and pain/digestive issues

I have heard from other endo sufferers who say certain raw foods can cause lots of digestive upset, bloating and pain.  Foods like raw cabbage, raw onions, celery or even uncooked tomatoes are all reported to cause problems.  This is commonly due to the fact that cooking breaks down cellulose in foods and makes them easier to digest.


In closing ......

As well as the great tips and ideas mentioned above, there are additional remedies and treatments you can try to help with the pain of endometriosis which you can read about here

Using a castor oil pack is another helpful tool to help with pain and inflammation and can also help calm the central nervous system and help with sleep.  Meditation, yoga, CBD oil and aromatherapy are other safe natural remedies you can try – find out more here


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