Women's endometriosis stories

Women's stories of living with endometriosis and the many issues they have to deal with on a daily basis.  Reading other stories can help you feel you are not so alone

Many hospital trips

Women find themselves going to hospital many times due to severe pain with their periods before they are diagnosed with endometriosis and this is Amanda’s experience of dealing with such an experience MORE

Surgery and hormone treatments  

Surgery and a hormone patch has reduced the symptoms for Helen but she feels that it has grown again on the bowel and may need more surgery soon MORE

Eight surgeries for endometriosis  

Eight surgeries and losing all hope – this is Karla’s story and one that many women will find very familiar.  Told that surgery would fix her pain and it never has. MORE

Blocked fallopian tubes

Numerous trips to doctors and ER and being told its just heavy menstruation led Kasey to get an ultrasound scan which found a blocked fallopian tube.  This led to surgery where extensive severe endometriosis was found  MORE

Medical ignorance with endometriosis  

Kate was in hospital suffering severe pain and seven doctors said there was nothing wrong.  After changing doctors, she was finally taken seriously and had surgery where severe endometriosis was found  MORE

Sweating and vomiting with period pains  

Lauren has severe pain with her periods and cannot afford surgery to get a proper endometriosis diagnosis and does not know whether to go on the birth control pill to get some relief  MORE

Fifteen surgeries for endometriosis 

Having repeated surgeries for endometriosis is very common and this story from Leah-Ann describes her ordeal and she is still in pain despite a hysterectomy. MORE

Pain most of month 

Chantelle has not been diagnosed with endometriosis yet and is waiting to have a laparoscopy  as she suffers from pain throughout the month that becomes much worse with her periods  MORE

Multiple tests  

After  multiple doctors and having many tests Dina still did not have answers to her painful symptoms.  Finally  had a laparoscopy where endometriosis was found and offered Lupron. MORE

Endo returns after surgery 

Jemma had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst caused by endometriosis but her pain returned only three weeks after surgery. She was put on Provera but felt suicidal on the drug and stopped taking it MORE

Endometriosis all over uterus and bowel 

Jessica had period pain so bad she used to be close to throwing up and passing out due to endometriosis which was  scattered around her abdomen and this is her story.  MORE

Cysts, fibroids and endometriosis 

After having a scan Katherine was diagnosed as having cysts, fibroids and endometriosis, having suffer painful periods for years and had surgery to remove the endometriosis MORE

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