How I viewed my healing of endometriosis

It can take a lot of emotional and physical effort to start managing and coping with any disease or serious illness.

You may have read the basic details of how I personally recovered from endometriosis which you can read here.  But how did I cope emotionally on my healing path and what psychological tools did I use to keep me going?

My conviction and driving force when I was suffering from endometriosis was towards total healing.  I did not want to compromise and simply have relief from my symptoms.  I wanted rid of this disease, and to repair this malfunction.


I think it helped me to view endometriosis as a breakdown in the body rather than a disease.  A disease sounds like something you caught, something external that has invaded your body. 

Instead I chose to view it as a malfunction, something that is repairable. The malfunction was a break-down in a biological system - the immune system.  This in turn led to the imbalance of the reproductive system which is reliant on delicate chemical actions and reactions through hormones.


Key points to my healing process:

  • Firstly I saw my illness as an imbalance and I did not focus on it as a disease

  • I stayed focused on the long-term objective of support provided by my homeopathic treatment

  • I maintained a positive attitude and mind-set that I could be totally healed 

  • I looked outside myself for support - through my friends, healers, books, nutrition, natural remedies

  • I did not use any modern drug therapy, which could have upset my system even more

  • I continued to get involved in physical activities to help maintain health, both physical and spiritual

  • I had an attitude which combined bloody mindedness and optimism

  • If my resolve faltered at times and I became upset and depressed, I was not too hard on myself.  I allowed myself those times to express my emotions.  Holding them back would cause more damage deep down.

  • I listened to my intuition - I paid attention to my intuition when it told me not to use modern drug therapy.  I listened to the needs of my body on a daily basis.  I listened when my intuition told me to have the second laparoscopy, even though I had absolutely no symptoms.  

My intuition has served me well on other occasions where it has saved my life or helped me to find missing objects - but these stories are not relevant here.


I did not have unlimited financial resources, in fact quite the opposite.   I had to compromise on the amount of supplements I could afford.  My visits to my homeopath were the minimum necessary to maintain the healing momentum.  I  also had lots of stress caused by life in general.


But I think I am quite a ‘tough nut’.  I had to stand on my own two feet psychologically, as a young child.  I had to be emotionally self-reliant.  I think these traits in me helped me to knuckle-down to the task in hand.  And yes, I did have times of deep despair. 

Some of these times were caused by the emotional roller-coaster of having such an awful disease.  Other times were actually caused by the homeopathy.   Some of the remedies can bring up all sorts of deeply buried emotions.  But I do think it was very necessary and beneficial to my healing to bring these old wounds to the surface.


I think the bottom line to my healing was my belief that I would get well.  I then used tools and support mechanisms to help me do this.  If I can instil enough belief in you, then you too will have the confidence and faith to forge ahead and start to heal yourself of this nightmare, or at least use some of the same tools to help reduce how much impact this disease has on your life.

with healing thoughts