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Volunteers needed to help endometriosis research

Acurian Health are looking for volunteers to help with an endometriosis research study which is looking into endometriosis and pain.

On their recruitment page they say - Those who qualify may receive:

Payment up to $1775, which varies by study
Study-related care at no cost from local doctors
Study medication at no cost

It appears the study may be about trying new treatments or pain medications to help with the pain of endometriosis. If you are open to trying new a treatment then taking part in the study may be an option.

The information from their research recruitment page states:

If you’ve been diagnosed with Endometriosis, you know the pain and discomfort it can cause, especially during your period. You may also experience pain during intercourse, with bowel movements or with urination. Some women also have excessive bleeding during or between periods, as well as fatigue, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or nausea. These troublesome symptoms may interfere with your work, leisure activities and family life. If you haven’t found relief from current treatments, consider joining local women’s health studies on Endometriosis. Area doctors are testing study medications not available from your regular doctor, and you may be eligible to participate.

If the idea of trying a 'new drug' concerns you then it would be advised NOT to take part. They are not clear what the research is about but it IS probably about trying a new drug. Use common sense regarding trying new drugs and always talk to your GP about any treatment you are planning to use.

If you are interested you will find the details at:
Click to find out more

Dairy-free cheese for the endometriosis diet

You can have cheese on the endometriosis diet - try this dairy free, gluten free cheese recipe for you favourite pasta dish

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Natural treatment to nourish your hair when dealing with endometriosis

Dealing with illness or stress can seriously affect your hair - try using this natural oil treatment to support your hair health

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Noni juice for endometriosis

The juice of the noni fruit may be of benefit for those with endometriosis as it has anti-inflammatory and nutritional benefits

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Xenoestrogens estrogen and endometriosis

A look at why you need to reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens to help reduce the symptoms of endometriosis

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Endometriosis liver health

Taking care of your liver will help you cope better with endometriosis so you can get rid of toxins and excess estrogens

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