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What does endometriosis look like

What does endo look like?

Endometriosis can look different depending on the stage of the disease. It can first develop into patches which can be of different colors.  Read More

Endometriosis drug treatments

Drug treatments for endometriosis

Different drug treatments are offered to try and calm the disease. This can include the BCP or hormone treatments. Read More

Bowel endometriosis

Bowel endometriosis possible causes

It is very common for women to develop intestinal or bowel endometriosis which can cause many disturbing symptoms. Read More

Endometriosis adhesions

Endometriosis Adhesions

New improved techniques in surgery can now mean that  fewer adhesions are caused by the actual surgery - this article outlines how this is achieved  Read More

Endometriosis cysts

Endometriosis Cysts & how they are treated

Cysts are very common with endometriosis - but what are they and how are they formed and how are they treated?  Read More

Endometriosis stages

Endometriosis Stages

Endometriosis is categorised in four stages based on the severity, location, amount, depth and size of growths - which does not always relate to the amount of pain Read More

Endometriosis and multiple surgeries

Endometriosis & Multiple Surgeries

Many are having multiple surgeries to try and control the disease - read feedback from others of how many surgeries they have had. Read More

Endometriosis and prostaglandins

Endometriosis & prostaglandins

This article gives you clear description what prostaglandins are, and why they are important to help you deal with the pain of endometriosis Read More

Endometriosis and autoimmune diseases

Endometriosis & Autoimmune diseases 

Many women  with endometriosis suffer other diseases - is endometriosis an auto-immune disease  Read More

Keeping an endometriosis diary

Keep an endometriosis diary

Tracking your endometriosis symptoms will help you monitor changes and issues that are affecting your symptoms  Read More

Endometriosis and adolescence

Endometriosis and adolescence

Endometriosis can show up in early adolescence - this guest article provides advice how it can be managed and supplements that can help Read More

Endometriosis and dioxins

Endometriosis and dioxins

Mounting evidence suggests that the links between Endometriosis and Dioxins are playing a key role with the increase of this disease Read More

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My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.