Progesterone Cream for Endometriosis

How to use Progesterone cream to treat endometriosis ...

Many women are using Natural Progesterone Cream to help treat Endometriosis. This treatment regime is also gaining popularity among the medical profession to help reduce symptoms and aid treatment. 

The key ways in which Natural Progesterone Cream will help Endometriosis includes:

  • Taking a high enough dose to induce a psuedo-pregnancy - this will stop the further development of Endometriosis. Using Natural Progesterone Cream is a safer method to induce pseudo-pregnancy than using the synthetic Progestins which do the same thing
  • Reduce further proliferation of Endometriosis implants and allow any implants that are present to shrink
  • Counteract estrogen dominance

How Progesterone Cream works

Progesterone stops further development of endometrial cells. It is advised to use the cream from day 6 of the cycle to day 26 each month, using one ounce of cream per week for three weeks, then stopping just before your expected period. 

After 4 to 6 months of using the cream, women are reporting that their menstrual pains gradually subside as monthly bleeding from the Endometriosis implants becomes less and healing of the inflammatory sites starts to occur. 

Natural progesterone is not the same as progestin in prescription birth control pills, or the progestin used in the treatment of Endometriosis. These prescription hormones are chemically modified from the natural hormones to be different in order to be patented. 

Since these chemically modified hormones are not naturally found in nature or in the body, they have many potentially  side effects. In contrast, natural progesterone is bio-identical to the hormone in your body, and is compatible with the human body with a minimal amount of side effects. 

Please note: You must make sure to avoid xeno-estrogens. If you do NOT avoid xeno-estrogens and take natural progesterone, the endometriosis may worsen. This is because the natural progesterone re-sensitizes the oestrogen receptors back to normal. Long term chronic xeno-estrogen exposure causes the estrogen receptors to be desensitised 

Do Not Use Progestins With Progesterone

Synthetic Progestins such as Megestrol and Provera compete with the receptor/binding sites normally reserved for Progesterone. Progesterone taken together with these synthetic hormones will not work. You are advised to withdraw from using synthetic Progestins gradually before starting to use Natural Progesterone for treatment of Endometriosis. 

How to use Progesterone Cream for the treatment of Endometriosis

  • Use a progesterone cream with at least 500 mg of natural progesterone per ounce
  • For 4-6 months - use between 1 ½ to 3 ounces of cream per month. Use on days 6 though 26, where day 1 is the first day of your period. This is about one half (1/2) or one (1) teaspoon per day. This works out to 60-70 mg/day of Natural Progesterone
  • Rub the cream on any part of the body that has good circulation before bed time - breasts, neck, chest, legs, arms, thighs, soles of the feet, or back
  • If you have a lot of body fat, the progesterone must be soaked up by the body fat first before getting to your body. You may need a higher dose to deal with endometriosis.

Find the correct Progesterone Cream

Many women have thought Wild Yam extract cream and progesterone cream are the same thing. The fact is they are not. Many companies are marketing a cream made from wild yam extract and telling customers that their body is going to convert wild yam extract into progesterone. This is not true. 

There are various Progesterone creams on the market which are being used successfully by women with Endometriosis, to help with symptoms, and to help with estrogen dominance. The only successful results however are from those creams which contain a synthetic  progesterone compound.

This means that the progesterone being synthesised is identical to the human hormone progesterone at a molecular level. It will never be completely identical as we cannot replicate nature, but it will be as close as possible. So this ‘natural progesterone’ is synthetic and is made in a laboratory. 

Some companies who make Wild Yam cream have even stated ‘This plant makes a substance identical to the progesterone produced by the human body’, which is not true. So all this misleading and deceptive information is confusing women, and they are paying a lot of money for a product that does not live up to its claims.

Granted, there are some beneficial health effects from using a yam based cream, but nothing in the way of the benefits to be gained from the synthetic progesterone creams. 

Scientific studies have shown time and time again that for any natural progesterone cream to really be effective and increase the progesterone levels in your blood stream, there are two important factors. Firstly, a truly effective cream must contain synthetic natural progesterone, not wild yam extract. Secondly, a truly effective cream must contain a minimum of 400mg of natural progesterone per ounce.

To make the synthetic 'natural' progesterone, requires a laboratory procedure to extract the active ingredients in  Wild Yam extract, which is synthesized with the aid of an enzyme, thus turning it into a hormone. Unlike synthetic oestrogen and progestin, synthetic natural progesterone is not a drug and it does not have any side effects associated with it. 

You need to purchase a good quality, high dose synthetic natural progesterone to achieve any benefits. This is especially important for the treatment of Endometriosis.

Also be aware of any added ingredients in the product. Some makes of cream have been found to include various Parabens, which is a group of compounds used in most toiletries, to stop the deterioration of a product. Parabens are another form of xeno-estrogen, which rather defeats the object of using the cream. There are Natural Progesterone Creams available that do not include parabens. 

Shop around, do your research, and purchase the best quality Natural Progesterone Cream, to use for the treatment of Endometriosis. These creams can be expensive and you cannot afford to be wasting your money and raising your hopes, only to find you are not getting the desired results. 

Please note: This is not medical advice - always consult your doctor before you consider trying any treatments.  Hormones are very powerful substances and it only takes microscopic amounts to have a very noticeable effect on your body.

Find out more about the role of progesterone and endometriosis HERE

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