Key factors to help Fight Endometriosis

To help you manage endometriosis there are various self help measures you can use. Some of these are simple life-style changes you can implement on a daily basis like reducing your use of chemical laden toiletries and using safer alternatives, or using diet changes to help reduce your symptoms.

You need to give your body a fighting chance to be able to use its natural healing mechanisms. Working to reduce the impact that endometriosis has on your life takes commitment as well as patience. 

As well as getting surgery to remove the damage caused by the disease, you need to support your immune system which will have been under great stress. You need to nourish your body to be able to support your immune system, and you need to reduce your exposure to toxins and stress.

Here are just some of the ways you can gain more control and fight back:


  • Boost your Immune System - do everything in your power to boost your immune system by what you put IN your body.  Your immune system is actually eaves dropping on you; it is listening to your emotions.  Laughter is good for the immune system, even when you fake a laugh, it still works.  Also breathe deeper.
  • Get your hormones in balance - detox from all the bad hormones - use castor oil packs, detox diet, use a diet for Endometriosis, change your cosmetics, drink lots of water, use natural progesterone cream
  • Put good stuff into your system - organic food, diet changes, supplements, more water, more laughter
  • Take more care of your own health - do not always leave it up to others that is giving them the power, and taking it from you.  Leaving it up to others will enforce your feelings of powerlessness.
  • Seek out support in whatever form that takes - if you can afford it, work with an Alternative Health Practitioner of your choice who will assist you on your healing path. Read positive and informative books, join endometriosis support groups, internet support/forums, keep asking friends and family for support.
  • Maintain a positive attitude - a positive attitude goes a long way towards supporting the healing process.
  • Fight back, get angry, get even
  • Listen to your body, it has much to tell you

Natural ways to manage endometriosis

There are many ‘ways’ to help heal and support your body.  The ultimate healing energy comes from your internal ‘knowing’ that you are the healer; that you are doing something to make changes. And this is all done with the support of a vibrant immune system working to full force.

Whatever that ‘something’ is, whether it be herbalism, diet, supplements, yoga - the action you are taking and its effects on your sub-conscience will ‘seep’ through to your entire system and bring benefits and rewards.


It will really help to get additional support from an alternative or natural health practitioner, and one that feels right for you.  You will gain emotional support as well as practical health support.  You will get the impetus and assistance to stay focused on supporting your body. 


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About the Author

My name is Carolyn Levett, the Founder of endo-resolved - I am an Integrative Health Coach having studied nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy  as well as being a published author. I used to suffer from severe endometriosis and was able to regained my health and heal from the disease with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.

My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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