What was my worst endometriosis symptom?

For most women their worst symptom with endometriosis is severe and debilitating pain.  This pain can mean taking many pain-killing meds with ever increasing doses to try and get relief from the pain.

Severe fatigue with endometriosis

I managed to escape the severe pain that is so common with endometriosis.  I did have some pain during my period but it was the normal manageable level of pain and the standard dose of pain meds would combat any pain I had.  I feel that being on a diet that was basically anti-inflammatory and mostly vegetarian, and having also cut out dairy was the reason my pain levels were manageable.


But my most debilitating symptom was really severe fatigue.  This fatigue was indescribable – it was as if my life force has been sucked out of me.  This fatigue was combined with very bad weakness and I found it very hard to do basic tasks.


I remember looking out of my living-room window one afternoon and deciding I would try to walk to an open green space that was in view on the other side of the valley, beyond the nearby houses.  The first part of the walk was down hill and I coped OK but when I approached the green space the terrain was all uphill.


To say I struggled was an understatement.  I was struggling with every step. I felt weak, shaky and quite frankly very unwell.  I had to sit on the grass to recover and in my stubbornness, I was not going to be beaten.  I had to work my way up the hill slowly and gradually with more resting stops. 


I got to the top of the grass hill, sat down, my dog sat next to me, and I just wept and wept, crying tears all over my dogs’ head.  I was so distressed at feeling so weak, sick and incapacitated.  I had to sit there for at least half an hour to recover before I could walk back home again.


This fatigue went on for many months and it was not until I was at least six months into my homeopathic treatment that I started to get some relief from this fatigue.  I had to take things easy and make sure I had plenty of rest, good nutrition and keep stress to a minimum.


I asked my homeopath if she knew why I felt so weak and fatigued and she explained that it was my body telling me to rest and help ensure I could heal.  All my energy was going into healing and repairing my body, and this can take time, effort and vital resources.

Once my energy levels began to pick up, it was possible for me to take some exercise and was able to go back to enjoying my walks without getting drained.  Later, when my energies had improved even more, I went back to gentle horse-riding which had many benefits both physically and mentally. 


To say I was relieved that this fatigue had lifted was an understatement.  My stamina continued to improve and I got my life back on track and was able to return to the usual tasks in life.  You can read more about my story here


What is the point of my story here?  The point is that no two women will suffer the same symptoms of endometriosis.  No two women will follow the same treatment plan as we are all individual.  I chose the natural path to combat my endometriosis and it worked for me.  Going the natural route may not work for everyone, but using certain self-help measures, adding natural therapies and good nutrition can help support your body to manage your endometriosis more easily.

with healing thoughts



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