Brilliant results by using acupuncture for endometriosis

Success with acupuncture for endometriosis

This story from Brenda describes the excellent results she has achieved from acupuncture to treat her painful periods, which she felt was due to endometriosis


Hi, I'm 25, college student from California. In April of 2018, I was in the ER with a ruptured cyst on one of my ovaries. I had never had any previous issues, pains, etc.

Previous to this event I had lost over 40lbs and was still continuing to lose weight, until my cyst ruptured. After 9 hours in the ER and 3 more the next day for Ultra sounds- I was done!


After a week of healing I felt somewhat back to normal but changed and different at the same time. When my next period came that's when I began to feel my beginning stages of Endometriosis.


Through much research on the web and discussing my pain with doctors- I was sure I had Endometriosis. I was in so much pain! My moods were constantly up and down, everything I ate made my stomach hurt, my sex-drive was non-existent, I had extreme sharp pains that left me on the couch and stuck in my house!


On top of everything else I was gaining weight! As a student and a very active person- my Endometriosis was keeping me on house arrest for about 17 days out of a month. My friends started to notice me withdrawing, my family saw a change in me and more importantly my boyfriend was very concerned. Each month got worse and the more specialists involved- with all the same solution- Surgery.


Each month got worse and more weight I gained. I felt helpless, scared, angry, confused, sad and just alone all at once. After suffering for 5 months- I talked to one of my friends who was doing acupuncture.


He suggested that I call Dr. Turk and he might be able to help with the pain I was experiencing. So, I called Dr. Turk and after the 1st session with him, I felt almost healed.


I was sleeping better, my skin, hair and nails were healthy again, I felt an over-all balance in myself again. It's only been 6 weeks and 5 sessions with my acupuncturist- but I no longer suffer the same way from the pain of my Endometriosis. I’m still getting treatment and now only deal with slight Endometriosis. Pains that last a day or two.


My periods are back to normal, I have a sex drive again, and more importantly I feel like me again. I am still healing and trying to get my weight back down again. I hope my story helps someone. I hope women know that there is a way to heal from this- there is help out there and you are not alone. Sincerely, Brenda


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