Healing endometriosis naturally

Healing endometriosis naturally

An inspiring story describing how one endometriosis sufferer was able to heal from endometriosis by going to see a healer, who was able to tell she would not heal till she stopped using toxic drugs

I want to recount this story of healing from endometriosis that I read in Betty Shine’s book 'Mind to Mind’.  I should rather say that the story found me…………. so that I could tell it to you.  It is funny how these things happen. 

I was looking through my old books, looking for anecdotal stories of healing, to give you more faith in the healing process.  I had not looked at some of these books for a few years.  I happened to pick up Betty Shine’s book, and the pages fell open immediately to the story I am about to recount for you.  The italics are the words of the patient.



‘If I see that medical drugs or hormones are actually causing serious problems without benefiting the patient, I suggest that perhaps the tablets could be reduced or given up for the time being, while healing is being given.  Jenny is a case in point; she is also an example of how a positive personality can help to complement the healing process.


A lovely great-hearted lady in her thirties with her own printing and design studio in London, Jenny used to suffer badly from frequent migraines, accompanied by bouts of vomiting.  The fact that she was unwell when she first came to see me didn’t subdue her personality; she’s on the large side, and I remember her taking one look at my rather narrow healing-couch and joking about whether she’d fall of!


Jenny had woken one Saturday with ‘a thundering migraine, as usual ‘, but had to go to her office to finish some work for a film premiere that evening.  Too ill to drive, she ordered a cab; the driver happened to be Leslie (a friend of Betty’s).  She warned him she would have to stop several times to be sick.  He was very concerned about her and couldn’t believe that she was actually going into work; when he delivered her to her office, he gave her my business card and said: ‘Ring this lady.  She will sort you out.’


Even though she was feeling half dead Jenny got straight on to me; she found that even hearing me on the phone made her feel a little better.  In fact as soon as Leslie gave her my name and she started thinking about me her mind energy would automatically come into contact with the healing energies around me.  We made an appointment for the following week; in the meantime, I told her to sit quiet for a while, and relax and breathe properly.  Her migraine didn’t go immediately, but she did stop vomiting.  She came to see me a week later; I’ll let her tell you what happened.

Jenny's story

Betty immediately made me feel at ease.  She ushered me into her healing-room and asked me to take off my shoes and lie on the couch.  She told me to relax and explained that she would place her hands all over my body - starting from the feet - and try to find the cause of these migraines.


Her hands felt very hot and hovered over my tummy.  Betty said, ‘What are all these scars?’   I explained that at the age of sixteen, I had a thirteen-pound growth removed from my womb and that I had had four further operations since then in the same area.  IN fact, I had just spent a week in a hospital in Wimbledon as a private patient and had been told that after all these operations my body was not functioning properly.  I had endometriosis, and had apparently been suffering from it for a long time.  It became worse from time to time and caused a lot of side-effects.


I could see that the lining of the womb was in a mess, and very inflamed.  When I gave Jenny my diagnosis, she said: ‘Thanks! I’ve just paid a hospital five hundred pounds for that information!  And it took them a week to find it out.’.  Jenny goes on:


I had been taking hormone tablets for about two years and after this last spell in hospital my dosage had been increased.  Betty immediately told me that my tummy problems were the root of all my troubles, especially my migraine.  I had to laugh, because I had come about my head and in ten minutes Betty had taken me back twenty years to the root of the problem.


At the time I really couldn’t work it out, but I kept thinking how the bloody hell did she know about my scars when I was fully clothed?  Well Betty told me that she would need six weeks to treat me and I should see her for one hour each Saturday, but she said that she couldn’t help unless I stopped taking the tablets.

Side effects from her hormone treatment

I knew without any shadow of doubt that, on top of her other problems, the hormone pills were producing an enormous amount of fluid retention.  The superfluous fluid was actually pressing on her brain, causing the migraines, as well as making her feel bloated and tire.  I didn’t think it would damage her health if she stopped taking the pills for a month while we watched her progress; she could always start them again if the healing was not effective.  Jenny agreed straight away to stop, but on her way home she started having doubts.


I had been taking these tablets for over two years now and was being treated by a very well-known gynaecologist I had a hundred per cent faith in.  I decided then and there that I would go back the following Saturday to Betty, but I would continue with my tablets and not let her know.  Best of two worlds I thought!


Next Saturday I saw Betty again.  Off with the shoes and on the couch.  ‘Did you throw the tablets away?’  Betty asked.  ‘Oh yes,’ I lied through my teeth. Betty put her hands on my tummy.  ‘Sorry, but I know you haven’t.  Your body is still reacting to the tablets and I can tell you are still taking them.’  I felt such a fool being found out, as well as embarrassed at telling lies.  Betty laughed at me as I must have looked so silly.  ‘OK.  I promise to stop from today.’ 


Betty assured me that she could cure me and that I didn’t need the tablets.  Even though I believed in her I continued to take them for another week.  I thought, ‘she’ll never know this time.’  I think I was frightened to stop taking them - perhaps I subconsciously thought I would start growing a tail.


The following Saturday I was found out yet again.  From that day I decided to stop taking the tablets.  I put them down the loo.  Two weeks passed and already a miracle happened.  I hadn’t had even one little migraine.  That alone was a blessing.


On my third visit to Betty she knew that I really had stopped this time.  She said I was steadily improving and that she could work better now.  I remember that Saturday well.  After my hour’s healing I felt drained and was so tired.  I went home and couldn’t stop yawning.  I went to bed early that night.  I woke next morning fresh as a daisy.  I had a nice shower and as I was drying myself - my husband said, ‘Christ! Look at that bruise.  You look as though you have been kicked by a horse!’


Across my stomach and over my right hip was a huge bruise, as big as a dinner plate.  Suddenly I felt a bit scared.  I knew that I felt OK, but I phoned Betty and explained what had happened.


As usual Betty laughed and said that the healing was working well.  She explained that the bruising was a phenomenon that often appeared.  I took this in not really understanding it at all, but knowing that something almost magical had taken place.

 Evidence of healing

Jenny’s stomach was apparently all colours of the rainbow!  Quite why this bruising occurs I don’t know, but it has happened so often that I know that it is always followed by a cure.  For Jenny:


That was the turning point.  I saw Betty on another three following Saturdays and each week she told me how much better I had become.  She didn’t need to tell me; I was feeling marvellous.  My migraine had vanished and my skin was looking great.  I felt so much happier and healthier.


I asked her to come back for a booster every six to eight weeks, to ensure that she stayed well.  Soon after this last visit, she had her six-monthly check-up with her gynaecologist.  ‘I went just for the hell of it,’ writes Jenny, ‘because I had totally forgotten him.  I knew I was well - better than I had been for years.

Proof of her healing

I went to his private clinic and he checked me externally and internally.  He asked me a lot of questions and told me to get dressed and wait until he called me in.  I could tell by his face that he was pleased.  He said, ‘Well, I am happy to tell you that you are completely clear.  I won’t stop the tablets, but I will cut the dose down and you can see me again in six months.’


I asked him if it was the tablets that had cleared my problem at long last.  ‘Well yes - but it is very unusual for this complaint to disappear altogether.  You must be a lucky lady.’


I told him I had taken hardly any tablets since I last came out of hospital.  I told him exactly what had happened since I saw Betty.  I was shocked to learn that this was nothing new to him.  He made no real comment except to say that the most important thing was that I was well and that I was clear of the problem which had plagued me for twenty years.  He never finished writing the prescription.


Five years have passed now and still no sign of the migraine.  I have had no tummy pains and I feel extremely well and happy.'


One or two interesting points come to my mind about this story.  Firstly, the fact that Jenny’s healing could not be done until she stopped taking the hormone treatment, which was seriously affecting her health.  The bodies’ natural healing processes could not be activated by Betty until she did stop the hormones.


Jenny’s healing was complete - it was a total cure and she had this validated by her doctor.  The endometriosis never came back, and in Jenny’s words, ‘she felt better than she had done in years.'

What a great story, and one I held onto when i was going through my own healing from endometriosis.


What has been the most successful treatment for you?

Share with others the best treatment you have personally found for your endometriosis. Was it by finding an excellent surgeon, or maybe using natural treatments? How many different treatments have you tried before finally finding something that works?

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