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Using diet to dissolve endometriosis and cysts

by Anonymous

I have had endometriosis since 14, I'm now 48 and have two kids. One laparoscopy surgery 6 years ago which really helped. Several ovarian cysts. Since then I have worked with nutritionists and researched to find healthy alternatives to surgery and the very dangerous drugs.

I would suggest not taking any synthetic hormones as they cause serious long-term damage. The key is to get healthy and diet is critical to that. Having the symptoms removed will give relief, but the underlying cause of your health problems is still there, continuing to cause problems.

I have recently begun taking Nattokinase and Serrapetase, both are enzymes that are supposed to dissolve the fibrin that makes up the tissue of fibroid, endometriosis, cysts and scar tissue.

Some people have had great success with this. Endovan is one maker, but research others and consider taking both enzymes. Also Chasteberry is supposed to help balance hormones.

Consider iodine supplementation, I take Iodoral tablets, as low iodine can cause cysts and significantly increases breast cancer risk, maybe other cancers too. Iodine is what the Japanese govt gave after the sunami and nuclear problems. Most Americans are deficient.

Detoxing your body and supporting good liver, kidney and gallblader health can only help your overall health. Check out coffee enamas and gallbladder flushes.

Eating the right diet for your particular needs is also critical. Most food/diet info. is "one-size-fits-all", but we know our bodies are unique and respond differently to different things.

Do your research! Be willing to make lifestyle and diet changes, and you may find true relief and much better health.

There are serious long-term implications to hysterectomies, especially ovary removal at early ages, so get the facts.

Right now my pain is not so bad that I can't wait. I may have laparoscopy surgery again soon if the enzymes don't work for me as I am afraid of what is in there that can't be seen, but I don't plan to have a hysterectomy because of the negative long-term side effects, and the fact that it may only be a very temporary help.

Even if you have surgery, you must work to get healthy and prevent recurrence and other related problems.

You must do the research, your doctor has very limited knowledge and only offers pharm. & surgery, and neither cure you. They will admit that they don't know the cause and they have no cure. It isn't easy, but you must take responsibility for your own health, because no-one else will.

Still struggling and learning, but know there is no quick fix.

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