Endometriosis diet success stories

Endometriosis diet success stories

These stories from two endometriosis sufferers who both stopped using Lupron shots due not seeing improvements had great success by changing their diets

Cara's story highlights that there is always another way to heal the body and she stopped having the Lupron shots and had great success by changing her diet.


'Suffering from Endometriosis is not only a physical roller coaster but an emotional one too. Pain killers didn't solve the problem enough to function. Then I had surgery, my hopes were high that this would work. Next period came and it was awful.


Then one month later I had a second round of Lupron Depot. I was reaching my eleventh shot. I told my doctor no thank you. I told him I found the article on this site on how to change my diet.


It will be four months on this diet and for me it worked. I have had three pain free periods. The sacrifices I have had to make were worth it, with many side benefits I never thought of. All I could think of was; I don't want to be in pain. I have lost over 20lbs. Size 6 now. The slight ache in my hip is gone, I have more energy. I never had skin problems but I never thought my skin could look even better, I was told many times, I glow.


I sleep better, my stomach is flat and not bloated which I am sure has to do with all the fruit, veggies, beans and all the other fibre I put into my diet. The diet is on this website. I have to admit I miss cheese but you'd be amazed what kinds of great healthy food is out there. The only meat I eat is fish but fresh water fish. No dairy but I do eat Greek yoghurt on occasion.


Nothing processed, organic when possible, no soy, no butter, no eggs, nothing citrus, no sugar and gluten free. Almost vegan in many ways. Well, my definition of Vegan. I was already a vegetarian for over 15 years so the sacrifices didn't seem so bad. Giving up my favourite homemade nachos were sorely missed but I found a way around it.


I discovered many foods that I would have never tried before that taste great. The best part is when I'm done eating, I enjoyed it, I feed my body well, it shows on the outside, I feel it in the inside and the pain is gone! This diet is a great option at any time during your journey through the options for Endometriosis. I wish I had tried it sooner.


I waited till I heard my doctor say you have two choices left get pregnant or have a hysterectomy. I knew there was a better way I just needed to find it and I found it here.'




Here is another story from Lisa who stopped the Lupron and changed her diet which has really helped her reduce her endometriosis

'I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at age 19. I can remember having painful periods starting the day of my very first period. When I was 18, I went to the Dr. about 5x's and had many tests only to be told that everything was fine. I continued to deal with the pain not only during my periods but, every day.


At age 19 I went to a OBGYN for my annual. At that time my DR. could feel a large mass and sent me for a vaginal ultrasound. The cyst was visible in the ultrasound.


After my first laparoscopy they discovered that I had a grapefruit and golf ball size cyst on each ovary. I also had endometriosis all over my reproductive organs and my bowel. I started Lupron after the surgery.


The pain continued. I went on a 2nd round of lupron and it didn't help at all. My endometriosis continued to grow and spread remaining at stage 4. My Dr. told me it was the worst case he had ever seen. I lived on pain killers and birth control and lupron for years. I had a total of 5 surgeries. I was always so tired and sick.


I finally started to do my own research. I did tons of reading about eliminating meat from my diet to help with the endometriosis. I gave it a try. Within 6 months my quality of life improved by 90%. I had my life back!!!


My last surgery I was told that I was now a stage 1. I feel that without the change of my diet I will still be suffering from Endometriosis every day. I have now been a vegetarian for 11 years and haven't suffered like I did in my teens and early twenties.'


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