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Diet has been best treatment

by Janine

I have tried many different treatments to help with my endometriosis, but none of them have been of any long lasting help.

I was diagnosed with a laparoscopy 4 years ago and the doctor removed some of the implants and a few of the adhesions while operating. (I had symptoms of pain for at least 2 years before this).

I was then given hormone drug treatment to put me into a menopause. This helped for a while but the side effects were dreadful. In fact they seems worse than my original endometriosis symptoms.

I suffered severe weight gain, my skin became very greasy, I had severe trouble with sleeping, and felt really ill most of the time.

I came off the drug treatment as not only did I not want to continue, but I did not want the long lasting side effects like bone loss.

At one time I tried the BCP but again the side effects were awful. I would wake up every morning feeling really nauseous and it would last nearly all day. I tried that for 6 days and gave up.

I did not know what to do to try and deal with this disease. So i decided to give the diet a go as I had read about it on various endometriosis boards and many of the women were saying how helpful it was.

I started the diet about 5 months ago and I have never felt better. The pain I suffered for most of the time has almost gone. My pain levels with my period is about 3, on a scale of 10. I feel much healthier and suffer less bloating.

I wish I had tried the diet earlier, but I was under the illusion that medical treatment was the answer. I am now thinking of going to see a naturopath in my area and see if I can improve things even more. I really want to save - or improve - my fertility as I am still hoping and praying to have a family one day.

Girls, do give the diet a try. It is natural, safe and for me has been much better than using the dreadful drugs for treatment with all the awful side effects.

hugs to you all :)


Name: Anonymous

Title: Please share the details of the diet

I was just told by my doc that I have the worse case she ever saw. That a possible surgery to help would be removing all my organs that are affected and removing the endometriosis.

I am 31, I had a partial hysterectomy at 27. Not has worked and I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. Natural, medical/surgery-medications, massage/ essential oils, and frankly ended back up in the ER. I am hurting so bad, 10 surgeries later and no help in sight.

God bless you and thank you

Name: Janine

Title: Endometriosis Diet

For those who have asked, the diet I follow is the same as the one mentioned here at Endo Resolved. I do not eat red meat, wheat products or bread, no caffeine, no dairy, and have cut right down on my sugar intake.

I take EPO as well as a digestive enzyme which both help.

Like I said before, this diet change really has made a difference in my endometriosis symptoms and my energy levels are improved as well, so do try the diet.

with hugs to you all :}

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