Diet has improved endometriosis dramatically

by Julia
(New Zealand)

The best thing that ever happened to me was being diagnosed with endometriosis last year! Since 16 I had had difficult painful periods (which I thought was normal because of my mum's terrible problems) and the pain was sort of controlled by the Pill.

After having 2 children in my early 30s, for about 8 years I had no period pain. Approaching 40 I started getting migraines, bad skin, irritable bowel syndrome, constant thrush, dreadful mood swings and weight gain.

Taking supplements helped, but then when the period pain began a year ago, it was unbearable. I was diagnosed with endometriosis about July 09, and a hysterectomy sounded really good.

I did my homework, thanks to endo-resolved, and started the diet, cold turkey. I also increased my exercise regime. After 8 weeks I had lost 8 kilos, my skin cleared up, I had boundless energy and much less period pain. I decided on a laparoscopy & mirena.

The specialist said I was making a mistake and would be back for the hysterectomy. After 6 months I have lost 15 kg, all of my symptoms are gone, I have no pain, and today for the first time in 30 years, my optometrist tells me my eyesight has improved - dramatically - which he can't explain.

I have shared the diet with many friends and acquaintances, and some of them are starting to try it. Thanks for your help, it's literally changed my life.


Name: Anonymous

Title: Diet for endometriosis

Same problem as you every month suffering from pain. Would like to know about the diet. If possible please email me on

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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Dec 23, 2015
What diet did you follow?
by: Anonymous

It would have been nice to hear about your diet. What foods were added, what foods were eliminated, etc. Some people say to avoid dairy, others say they had success with introducing raw (NOT pasteurized) milk.

Jan 27, 2013
what is the diet for you?
by: Anonymous

What diet did you follow? What foods did you eliminate? Do you think it is just any sort of weight loss, and exercise that helps. I had really bad endometreosis, and my doctor removed my uterus and cervix. Previously, I had always managed the endometreosis (deeply inherited), with excessive exercise and careful raw vegetable, raw fruit, and fish, and raw seed diet. When I was 48, the endometreosis had gotton so bad, that the dr. took out the uterus and cervix, and giving me the choice about tthe ovaries. I regretably chose to keep them. Then due to several other health crises. I could no longer prepare meals. So, someone delivered a bag of fast food takeout everyday, and I was bedridden. I gained over 100 pounds in 12 months. My endometrosis came back. I still wish I had my ovaries removed like all the other women do in our family.

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