Going more natural has helped my endometriosis

After years of suffering pain this endometriosis sufferer has started to find relief by going more natural, changing her diet and reducing the use of chemicals on her body and in her home


Within the last year I finally figured out that what I've been experiencing all my life was endo. I'm 37. My mom had it so bad that she had a total hysterectomy in her 20's. I think one of the reasons I didn't suspect endo was that my mom was so used to bad periods that she told me mine were normal.


Anyway, things were getting so bad that I was having to take like 3 days off of work each period and almost passing out on my worst day. Then once my period is over, I experience this pain that I can only describe as if my uterus was coming detached.


Things I've tried...

Went from tampons to reusable pads. - This helped decrease the intensity of my cramps. I recently had to use tampons while swimming and the difference was really noticeable in my cramp pains


Made sure I was getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Started taking fish oil then just tried to make diet changes that included them. This has been the biggest change so far. I went from overdosing on ibuprofen every period to taking no ibuprofen.


Started eating paleo-diet (I'm not super strict because I love real yogurt and certain cheeses). That took my period down to 2 days of blood and light cramps. I still get 5 days of spotting beforehand but if there is no pain, I don't care 


Next I went to a naturopath because I am still experiencing the weird post period pain. He has me on Maca root and suggested some other herbs. He also had me go off of coffee and alcohol for a while. He said endo is an estrogen dominance problem and both of those substances are estrogenic.


I'm just now going to natural deodorants and body products and am seriously considering banning plastics and chemicals from our house to see if that has an effect. My understanding is that all these unnatural substances are estrogenic.


Making these changes has really helped my symptoms and I am glad that things are now improving.  I am glad I found the website at endo-resolved which is where I found the advice about the things that can make endometriosis worse.  Making the few diet changes has make a bit difference and I may try to make a few more changes in my diet.

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