Free of endometriosis and so greatful

by Carolina
(Caracas, Venezuela)

I promised myself my story here would be a "success story" and here I am! I don't have any special powers, I'm just a woman like all of you, but I understand now, after going through so much pain, sadness and anger how important it is to keep searching for a solution and not give up!

Whatever is wrong in our bodies can be solved. The key solutions to this demoralizing condition are FAITH and HOPE. Don't let anyone, specially a doctor tell you that you don't have a solution because you do, no matter how bad your Endometriosis is.

I am a 33 year-old married schoolteacher from Caracas, Venezuela. Here, Endometriosis is extremely rare, frequently misdiagnosed and misunderstood in general. In my twenties I took birth control, so I never worried about infertility and my trips to the gyno were fine, but sometimes I had pain in my abdomen after sex and my periods were always painful.

After I turned 31, I stopped the pill to try to concieve and noticed my periods were getting a lot more painful and my bloating was astonishing, I couldn't fit in my own pants, I looked 2 months pregnant. I would go to the dr. but everything looked "fine" to them.

This year, I was happily planning for my wedding in June, but in March I started noticing that for about 4 days after my period I would have sharp persistent pain on my left side. By May, the strong pain was 24 hours, so I visited my doctor and she told me I had a 7cm edometrioma on my left ovary and a smaller 3cm one on my right ovary. She explained that I would need surgery to remove the cysts, and that there were no clear guarantees that I would have children of my own.

Well, you all know in your hearts what it feels like to be told you have an incurable and incredibly painful disease AND that you may never bear a child. There aren't any words to describe the fear and hopelessness I felt after that. I came home and down on my knees begging God for a solution and asking him why? I was the only person I knew with this condition and I felt so alone and so misunderstood.

Afterwards, I went to 5 different doctors searching for a solution, and planning for a wedding at the same time. The last doctor I saw told me he could save my ovaries because the cysts were on top of them and didn't devastate the tissue as the 1st doctor thought, this gave me some hope, so we scheduled a laparoscopy in August.

By June, I was pretty desperate for surgery because now the endometriosis pain was unbearable. It would start on the cyst and radiate all the way to my lower back, it would wake me up at night literally as if somebody would stab me with a knife. To avoid those night crisis I would set up the alarm every 4 hours and take a pain medication beforehand, because if I waited for the pain to start it would take over an hour for the medication to settle me down.

I was taking 12 extra-stength Advils a day, I would cry desperately, I felt handicapped, I couldn't stand up straight, couldn't sleep and I couldn't have sex with my fiancée, this was specially frustrating. Even though he was always very supporting and understanding, I felt this disease was sabotaging my relationship, what a heartbreaking feeling..

So I go on and get married the last week of June, I was so busy, excited, and happy that week for some mysterious reason there was no pain?! But right after the wedding it came back with a vengeance and on the evening of July 15th my big left cyst ruptured. Again, no words to describe the agony. I pretty much almost died according to the surgeon. I had an emergency laparoscopy done, my abdominal cavity was full of blood (sort of like a peritonitis). They cleaned me out and extracted the cysts, leaving my ovaries alone.

After that difficult process, the pain disappeared completly and I was very satisfied thinking I was over the worst part. I would constantly visit my gyno, and he tells me I can start a round of clomid. As soon as I started clomid, the pain gradually started to return. In 5 days my pain was back. I go back to the doctor after taking clomid for 5 days and he tells me I was developing very quickly a new endometrioma and it's growing back fast. This was 2 months after my surgery.

This second blow was specially hard on me, I didn't tell anyone, not even my husband, mother, sister or best friend.. this all too familiar diagnosis, my worst nightmare repeating itself.. I left the dr's office crying again, and spent many days very depressed, very angry, and very resentful.

The word endometriosis never left my brain. But this time something changed inside me, I decided I was going to change my life, and swore to myself I would find a solution. I was determined I was NOT getting another emergency surgery. And I was NOT going to keep popping pills the rest of my life, and specially I was NOT going to give up on my hopes of having my children.

So, I started to research endometriosis online and came up with tons of information, and came up with this web site where I found tons of very insightful information.

"I found the success stories specially inspirational. I said to myself if they can do it, so can I"

So I took some herbs on and off, I wasn't very consistent with any of them so I can't really say if they worked for me or not. Then I started acupuncture... And wow I can't thank my acupuncturist enough. Also I never stopped praying. Having faith is very important no matter what your religion is, or if you are religious or not.

Another important factor is positive thought. I kept wondering why during my hectic wedding week I felt no pain, it didn't make any sense. Could my mind be working against me? Was I THAT distracted or excited about my wedding that my brain simply shut my pain out? And is it really possible to diminish such an acute impossible pain that way?

My diagnosis was very real, my pain was IMPOSSIBLY real, my surgery too, so why would the pain just spontaneously disappear like that for so many days straight? With this in mind, I started researching the health benefits of positive thinking, and it became one of the things that helped me the most, the power of positive thought.

I started to visualize my body regenerating, I imagined myself completely healed, and thought "Thank god I am perfectly healthy" day and night, but really believe it and dwelled in the happy emotions those positive thoughts brought. I erased the word endometriosis from my brian, I stopped talking about it, I stopped thinking about it...

Never again to this day I said I was sick, or that I have a condition or any of that. My thoughts gradually got more and more positive by the day, and with my expert acupuncture treatment guess what? I don't remember OR better yet, I forbid myself to remember what that pain was like. Guess what the gyno said after 10 sessions of acupuncture? Your endometriomas are gone!

They just vanished. My story is true and I have all the paperwork to prove it. The power to heal youself is INSIDE YOU, believe in yourself, have faith in yourself, never ever allow yourself to lose hope DO NOT give up, I know it's very hard to do specially when your hunched over in pain, specially when nobody understands, specially when you just can't even leave your house.

But you CAN come out of this and if you find a way you will come out of this. Do things that give you faith and hope no matter if they are herbs, diet changes, yoga, acupuncture whatever makes your brain think you are healing and your brain WILL heal you.

Gratitude is another key emotion, feel thankful for all that you have, and soon enough you'll have more... Also, this condition is an emotionally driven one, eliminate stress as much as possible the more you dwell and obsess on negative thoughts about this disease, guess what? The worse you are going to feel and it will manifest in your body.. I want to thank this website and all those who took their time to write their testimonials because I learned so much, you guys simply saved my life and today I am ENDOFREE... THANK YOU

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Mar 31, 2020
by: 35 years old woman (three and half yeas ago named "32 years old woman"

Hi everyone,

I have written my story here in Aug 2016 with the name "32 years old woman". I am very thankful to God that He has healed me from endometriosis.

Last time I had pain was May 2019 but since then every menstruation have been painless!!! Also there are no sign of endometriosis in ultrasound anymore. So I want everybody who suffer pain of endometriosis to know that there is hope and there is complete healing.

I havent done anything particular to get healed. The only thing is that me and my husband want to get pregnant and I have this in my mind last few years. There is next thing that we are praying - that my husband also get healed (he has low sperm morfology) and our miracle will come soon.

We have also done one IVF cycle, first FET failed but we have two more embryos. After corona crisis end we fill transfer them :). We are praying to GOD that He will give us miracle. He already have given by healing me. Thank You GOD so much!

Never lose hope! God bless You everyone

Mar 27, 2019
Thank you !!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so deeply , this is such a great help !!!! Bless you and thanks for sharing your faith, hope, and inspiration !!!!!!!!!

Aug 08, 2018
Recently diagnosed with endo
by: Anonymous-za

Thanks for your story. I am 26 and got married 5 months ago. I have been having painful periods that felt like death and doctors been telling me everything seems fine. I got diagnosed with endo last month and i felt really devastated. My husband has been very supportive and we are now embarking on an endo diet but also looking for other methods except surgery. I have faith in God and I trust that i will see His miraculous hand on my life.

Jul 24, 2018
Acupuncture bruises
by: Anonymous

I recently got acupuncture specifically for Endo, the first time I was nauseate within 10 minutes of getting it done and the second time later that night I had large eggplant colored bruises where 2 needles had gone and they lasted for a week after. Did that happen to you?
If anyone has any comments please let me know.

Jul 15, 2018
by: Anonymous

I had my first lap done in Jan. Surgery was scheduled for 4 hours but turned into 8 because there was so much endo. I ended up with an ileostomy bag for 3 months. Got the reversal surgery done in April.

It has been a long road with this disease. I never had any pain or issues with my periods until 5 years ago. I noticed my cramps were getting more painful but I brushed it off as it just gets worse as you older.

Until a few years go by and the pain was just too much. It felt like my ass was going to explode. I was extremely fatigued. I would dry heave occasionally. I thought I must be dying. They wanted to put me on birth control and lupron.

I’ve never been on birth control before but I gave that a shot since it was the better option compared to lupron. It intensified the pain and now I had pain everyday instead of just during my period. I stopped it after a few months.

Post op, my Drs said they got most of it but had to leave some behind. That sucked! I still felt the endo pain few months post op so I decided to try acupuncture. I’ve been going for my weekly sessions with herbs and I’m not sure if it’s just all in my mind but I’ve noticed .. no pain.

I have had 2 cycles now with no endo pain. My family thinks it’s because of the surgery, but I believe it’s the acupuncture. Either way, I’m just glad something worked. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

Mar 10, 2018
by: Kelly

I have had severe debilitating pain with my periods for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure I know what labor feels like even though I've never had the opportunity. (I have taken heavy opioids with no relief) I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis in 2015 after having laparoscopic surgery.

The surgery was to clean up the endometriosis and open my tubes as they were both blocked and my husband and I were trying to conceive. I came out of surgery with they couldn't get all of the endometriosis because it was on organs and it was too dangerous and it was embedded into my muscles.

They also couldn't open my tubes and my uterus was full of scar tissue (Ashermans syndrome, done by a botched D and C years earlier for heavy bleeding). Long story short I have tried everything it seems but acupuncture. I have thought about it alot and this gives me incentive to do so. I am actually ready to schedule hysterectomy even tho I know it may not work but now

I have fibroids again and already know I can't conceive without using a surrogate. Endometriosis controls my life. I miss work monthly, my mood is terrible especially thru the trials of this and that to "help". One last shot before surgery.

Dec 26, 2017
Thank you.
by: Cathrin

I just found this site today, so I haven´t had time to read everything. But what sticks with me is, know your body, listen and allow the treatment to help your body heal. Thank you for your story. I was loosing faith these days, being my second illness in a young age. But you made me hope again.

I feel not so much alone now as I did yesterday. And I constanltly felt what to do. I just began with hormone medicine this last week. And after that, is like everything around me have shown me natural ways of healing, coming to me during meditations or when relaxing and have time to listen inwards.. like life is helping me. and this site came. so thankful. I believe this can help me. i will do everything I can, thank yo again. Cathrin, Norway.

Nov 29, 2017
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story, I'm very glad that I found this website. I have an exam in the morning and I can not stop researching endometriosis. I have a question for you, did your bloating return after your surgery? If so, did the acupuncture cure it?

I've been chronically bloated for 3 months, and this is my first time dealing with this issue. I just started a natural progesterone cream and will begin acupuncture, but I'm really constricted on time as I am supposed to begin my career as a top model in a month and a half, but I'm way to bloated and its making it impossible for me to work out and get in shape for my career.

I had a very positive mindset for months, but right now I need to find a solution asap so I am feeling a bit negative.

Aug 09, 2016
by: 32 years old woman

I am so grateful for your letter and story. I feel the same as you: I do not accept that there is no hope, no one can decide it beside myself if I have hope and health. I am 32 years old woman and got the diagnosis 5 years ago (had one surgery and also hormone cure after getting the diagnosis).

I have got hope from God because it is said in Bible that "Believe in Jesus and you can get everything you need from Him" - so I pray for health and I feel it is working. And I also notice that if I feel happy and cheerful the pain is vanished. Also there has been moment when I feel pain and I can say it to someone reliable and let the pain out with tears, it vanishes completely and makes my stomach feel warm and soft with a moment it the pain wont come back hours and hours, some times even days.

So I believe my causes of endometriosis are emotional - feeling myself inside "bad", "hopeless" and "helpless". But now I really believe that there is a hope in Jesus and God. Also very thankful you shared the idea of releasing the pain with acupuncture. Feeling so grateful for You. God bless you all who read this.

Jun 05, 2016
by: Deng

Hi, thank you for sharing your story. It surely gave a ton of hope and smile in me. I have been diagnosed with a thickened endometrium last March, 2016. My ovaries are normal in size and so is my cul de sac.

However i have these very tiny fibrosis and my period is irregular. I have been suffering from a very throbbing and sharp pelvic pain before and during my periods. The pain on the left side also persist. But my OB told me it could not been the reason.

The pain runs at my back lowering down to my legs. And there it was! Fatigue was All over my body and it diminishes all my usual and "normal" activities. However, whenever there is no pain whenever my hubby and I make love.

Now i have been seeing my rheumatologist. Trying to make sure what is really inside me that causes these lethargic body and pelvic pains. I also have been to a PT to relieve my neck and back stiffness but the pain continues to rule me.

HOWEVER YOU ARE VERY MUCH TRUE that whenever i feel entertained and happy, i suddenly realized "hey wait a sec, where is the pain now?" Truly i can attest to your statement that happy hormones eradicate the pain. Currently i am still suffering from pelvic pain while having my in between bleeding periods.

I will definitely follow your suggestion and praying to our OUR LORD- THE GREATEST HEALER to get me out of this. Pls pray for me also and for all women suffering from this disease.

Jan 08, 2016
Thanks for your story....I'm reading it 5th time!!
by: Anonymous

Your story inspires me a lot..thanks for sharing it. Whenever I feel low & need some inspiration I open this website and start to read your story. It gives me hope. If you can..I can also!

I'm 29yrs old married Indian. I was first diagnosed with endo when I was 23. I had 2 surgeries. I had conceived 2 yrs ago against all odds. My Dr was also surprised that I had conceived naturally as I couldn't even after 4 rounds of IUI.

My daughter is our miracle child. But now endo is back with never before like symptoms & pain. The worst part is to make people understand about your agony & pain. Sometimes I feel so helpless.
But then I remember your story and make myself believe that I can also get rid of endo completely and for ever.

I am also going to try diet change & acupuncture. I'm gonna believe that I can heal & miracles can happen again in life :)

Dec 01, 2015
Thank you note
by: Riya

Hi friends
I am also suffering from endometriosis which started after i've done my hysterectomy.
I also went through another surgery to remove this endo, but after 9 months of operation I was again diagnosed with endometriosis. Now Dr. advised me to remove the ovaries but as I am just 36 yrs old I would get HRT (hormones )for about 8 yrs.

i was okay. but when i heard that taking hormones for so long can cause breast cancer I again got disappointed. And now after reading these articles I am very much relaxed now. Thanks for sharing. I will also share my feelings and journey of this problem......

Sep 23, 2015
Endo pain- Almost gone!
by: Toni

Thanks for sharing your story, it is very inspiring. I have had endometriosis ever since I could remember and was finally diagnosed in 2010 with stage 4 endo. I am 32, now engaged and NEVER being pregnant only with agonizing and almost death pain of period each month. I have been with my finance for 4 years now and not even one missed period.

I believe when you say we have the power inside of you to heal yourself, just have faith and believe in yourself as doctors have no clue of what is really going on, only when it reaches the extreme.

I have been researching all and all about endometriosis and I have read books that helped( Endometriosis- A key to healing and Fertility through Nutrition) and I have changed my diet a lot to all most vegan and some vitamins and minerals.

This is my second cycle of trying all that I have researched and it seems to be working( less pain :) After reading your story, I am signing up for an acupuncture session and hope it will eradicate my pain fully,

My fiancé has been fully supportive and we want children so much that the cost of fertility is just beyond our means right now. I pray and cry to God each day to take this pain away from me. The pain is indescribable! To all you going through endo pain, never give up!

Keep doing your research and hopefully you will find something that works for you, but especially, change your diet. I found that wheat, gluten, red meat, diary and soy was my killer. Keep thinking positive and let food heal you. xoxo Toni

Jul 28, 2015
Life with Endo...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story and everyone who has commented; thank you too. It gives me hope and makes me not feel alone. I'm 31 from Washington D.C.

In my effort to overcome endometriosis without going through another surgery, I have changed my diet to gluten-free, dairy-free, I'm doing acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs. I have tried hormone therapy to shrink the recurring cysts on my right ovary but they continue to grow.

Doctors want to remove my ovary altogether but I'm reluctant to another surgery. The worst for me is when I ovulate. Its so painful, my joints hurt so bad, I bloat terribly, and am extremely exhausted. Your story gives me hope though. Prayer and positive thinking...

Mar 13, 2015
Female Reproductive Problems
by: Favoured

Hi all.
Thank you for sharing your very touching experiences.

l was 1st diagnosed wth Cysts in 2010, in 2012 Endometriosis was 1st diagnosed and the same yr (2012) my right ovary and tube were removed due to severe damages from Cysts and adhesions from many surgeries.

Since 2010 l've been struggling wth both cysts and Endometriosis. I just had surgery this past Tuesday fo Cysts and Endometriosis stage 4 and was told my one tube that l am left with is permanently damaged, but l choose to believe God's message that says nothing is impossible.

I still have hope against all odds. Its hard yes but my creator knows me better.

l have had 12 surgeries so far but l am still believing my healing is on its way. I have lived with a colostomy bag for almost a year after a colon blockage in 2013.
l have hope, l have faith.

Apr 25, 2014
Thank you
by: Tina

I'm Tina from Manila, Philippines. I started experiencing painful mens October last year. 2 months after that, I consulted an OB Gyne. I consulted 2 different OBs. The last one gave me pills which I've been on for almost 3 months.

Upon ultrasound, another endometriosis grew on my left ovary (only my right ovary had it previously). The doctor said my next step is to try injectables which is so expensive. Just this month April 2014 I've researched on-line about endometriosis and found out about the natural treatment.

I started going to the gym again (three times a week). My meals usually consists of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, beans and lots of water. I try to stay away from stress as much as possible. And I always PRAY to GOD that I surrender myself to HIM and do his will for me.

I know I'm just beginning this fight but I am positive as you all are also helping me be positive to fight this. Thank you endo-women who shared their stories. God bless us all! :)

Dec 28, 2013
Thanks I'm Almost Crying
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your inspirational story. I too have started to think should I even tell myself that I have endometriosis. I was only diagnosed by laparoscopy a couple of months ago. The pain is mostly gone for now, but I CAN HEAL... I AM HEALED!

It's true that what you focus on the brain and the universe will help to manifest, so we should truly believe in the body's ability to heal... and we need to heal emotionally, too.

Thank you for showing that it can be undone and that we are not alone in our situations.

Mar 21, 2013
Thank you for your positive endometriosis story
by: Tejal

Thank you for sharing your story about endometriosis and how you were able to heal. I can relate to all of the problems faced by you and I must say that although I have tried positive thinking, I have not put much faith in it nor have I done it regularly. Your story restores my faith in positive thinking and I will definitely start doing so.

Feb 09, 2013
Thank you for your endometriosis advice
by: Tanja

I am back from surgery two days ago and searching for advices what to eat, about alternative treatments and so on. Your testimonial is very inspiring and thank you for it. I also had a lot of unbearable pain and hope that I'll be better now.

Dec 21, 2012
Your story was uplifitng...
by: Jessica

Carolina, I want to thank you for taking the time to tell us your story. You made perfect sense when saying to have a positive attitude and somehow that helps the brain and the disease. I, too, started acupuncture for about one month and got so busy that I have not gone.

I know, I must make the time especially for my health. But I want to say that your story gave me hope, especially since my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I am very spiritual and do believe in prayer, too. I am happy for you and wish you the best!

Dec 21, 2012
Free of Endo
by: Anonymous

I can tell you also in very short story the same situation happened to me but a little strange. I was very stressed this particular day! I didn't had time to remember that I have endometriosis!

My mind was too busy thinking how to solve some problems, so left the endometriosis subject alone ! ... I realized also that I had no pain of endometriosis!!! It is not only in our brain, we do have endometriosis, but the brain doesn't send signals to the nerves to feel the pain when your mind is busy with other things or happy as in your wedding time !

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