Useful Resources for endometriosis

Here is a collection of useful resources/links where you will be pointed in the right direction to more helpful endometriosis websites, additional reading material, informative endometriosis downloads, and global support group details.

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Endometriosis useful links

Useful links - Here you will find links to other helpful  endometriosis websites plus some endo blog pages written by other endo sufferers More....

Endometriosis support groups

Support groups - details of endometriosis support groups around the world. More...

Endometriosis advice documents - a collection of free downloads on various topics including the diet endo shopping list, diet advice and natural treatments. More...

Endometriosis specialists

Getting the best surgical treatment means finding a good endometriosis specialist.  You will find a list of endo specialists with a pdf download of more specialists at the bottom of the page. More...

You will find a supportive Facebook Page for Endo-Resolved providing regular postings of advice about natural treatments and endo updates here

Reading material - book from Endo-Resolved. - Recipes and Diet advice for Endometriosis - a compilation of endo friendly recipes to cover ALL your diet needs.

Free e-books will be added about specific topics to help you manage endometriosis. More...

Book reviews - this is a great video with feedback of various books about endometriosis, hormonal health, PSOC, fertility, menstrual health and diet.  It helps to get unbiased reviews from those who have actually read and used the books  

Would you like to write for us? ...... Would you like to write an article about your endometriosis experience?  Feel like you have some helpful advice about endometriosis you could pass on to others?   Find out more HERE

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