Managing endometriosis naturally

Managing endometriosis naturally

An endometriosis success story from Dana by using natural treatments where she changed her diet and made further changes after recommendations from her Naturopath

‘I found out I had Endometriosis about 2 years ago. At the time I did not realise how serious it was - I only knew that the cysts meant I had to cancel my flight to Israel where I was planning to work and travel for 5 months. Find a new job to replace the one I had just quit and find a place to live as I had already started moving out of my old place.


To make a long story short, I got surgery to remove a cyst from inside each ovary - one 6.5 cm and one 8.9 cm. They cut the ovaries open, took out the cysts and sewed them back up. After the surgery I had a lot more pain during my period than before and my period became irregular (I had always been extremely regular before that). It was then that I started looking into more natural solutions, and found this website.


As a result, I quit eating wheat and dairy (I had been told 10 years earlier by an allergist that I had an intolerance of some kind but had found it too difficult to cut them out of my diet so had just cut down slightly on my consumption of them). I also started experimenting with various vitamins and herbs. Right away I noticed that I no longer needed to take any pain killers for my period. I still had pain and discomfort but I could deal with it if I spent one day a month at home or was in a job that involved a lot of movement (as movement for me alleviates some of the pain).


This reduction in menstrual pain was a miracle! I still mourn that I treated my body so badly with so many pain killers when there was a better solution. Prior to this, for 10 years or so I had worked my way up to often taking twice the maximum recommended dosage of Extra Strength Advil every two hours for 2-3 days. I knew this was creating problems in my stomach and that I had to find another solution.


Around this time, I decided to go ahead with my prior plans and went to Israel 5 months. Two months into my trip to Israel I was told by a doctor there that I had another cyst, as big as one of the ones that had just been removed - 6-7 cm. I was devastated. I sat on a field in a park and cried for an hour. I then called a friend who helped me gain perspective and went on with my life.


By this time, I was getting more exercise, still staying away from wheat and dairy and was experiencing a lot less pain each month. Occasionally I would start eating wheat and dairy again and the pain would come back but seeing the difference was enough to motivate me to go off it again. I returned to Canada and found out from more tests that I had not one but two cysts in my left ovary and that I had a fibroid cyst on the wall of my uterus. More tears. More loss. More disappointment.


I had a number of people plead with me to go on the pill to suppress the Endometriosis but I feel instinctively that this is not the solution for me. I began reading more and finding more natural solutions. I printed and followed almost all of the advice from the cookbook from this website, started taking herbs, vitamin b12 (sublingual), estrosense and various other things recommended for endometriosis.


I also got some tests done in a naturopathic clinic that showed I have sensitivity to a number of foods: eggs, cinnamon, shell fish, avocados, and a few other things that I really like. I now stay away from those foods and rotate a lot of the other foods. I have found that, while I am not OK with wheat, I am fine with spelt and rice flour so I have been able to find a lot of substitutes. So far, the results have been very good. I now have almost zero pain when I get my period.


The last two times, I didn't even know I had it until I saw the visual evidence. I am grateful, grateful, and grateful. The last time I got an ultra sound done it looked like the cysts had shrunk by about 1 cm. I am not sure if that is something to be hopeful about at this point as it is such a small amount.


I am going to get another test done in a couple weeks and see what is going on now. I am also planning to start acupuncture therapy from a highly recommended acupuncturist in my area as I now have medical coverage that will cut the costs of this a little.


I am hopeful that with persistence, with the experience and stories of others, there is a solution to Endometriosis and I wanted to share my success so far with others.

What has been the most successful treatment for you?

Share with others the best treatment you have personally found for your endometriosis. Was it by finding an excellent surgeon, or maybe using natural treatments? How many different treatments have you tried before finally finding something that works?

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