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Good nutrition and endometriosis diet has helped me

by Sarah

The best treatment for me personally has been with following the endometriosis diet.

I have been following the diet and been very conscious about good nutrition for the past 9 months now and have felt better than I have in years.

I have had endometriosis since I was in my late teens. I missed school for days at a time and sometimes I would pass out with the pain.

I had a laparoscopy which diagnosed me as having stage 3 endometriosis when I was 22 years old. I was put on BCP, which I tried for 3 months but had to give up as I was feeling so sick and nauseous every day. I tried various types of BCP but had the same problems.

My pain was getting worse and I decided to look into how I could treat this naturally as I did not want to be put on drugs for the pseudo-menopause.

I found advice about the endometriosis diet and decided to try it. I do not eat red meat, wheat, sugar, alcohol, dairy foods - except live yoghurt, and only prepare meals that consist of good quality foods.

I do not eat any convenience foods and definitely no additives or preservatives.

My endometriosis symptoms are much improved and I feel less tired, less bloated and am regaining my energy levels. I feel as though my immune system is in better order and I do not have all the minor colds, flu, and other health issues I used to deal with.

This has definitely been the best treatment option for me and I would recommend you try it.


Name: Lulu

Title: I'm with you......

I have also found that diet is a big help treating Endometriosis. My discovery was by chance after going on a detox retreat and learning about a raw food diet.

I was shocked to find that after just 3 weeks of this diet my symptoms were reduced, although I still have severe pain on my right side (my endo is on my right ovary)it only lasted for 24hrs where it would usually be 2-3 days. The flow which has always been very heavy to the point where I flood was greatly reduced and I only had 1 heavy day where it would usually be 3-4 days.

My periods usually last about 10 days but this month i was on for only 5 days!! If this is the effect after a few weeks of this diet I can’t wait to see what it will be after a few months.

I have been poked and prodded for years, been given a rainbow of drugs that had no effect on my symptoms. I have spent years in pain and in tears due to embarrassing moments where I have flooded or passed out in public and through all of it not 1 Dr or so called specialist has ever said let’s have a look at your diet, let’s see if by making changes we can help relieve the symptoms.

How much I would of been spared if just one of them was intelligent enough to look beyond the medical route and think outside the box. Science is wonderful but nature is a more powerful force.
I guess really that none of them care that much.

I say to any woman who has endometriosis to give a change of diet a go, not only will you look and feel so much better you may just make that time of the month better too.

I wish you all pain free good health......

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