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An endometriosis success story

Free of endometriosis guest story

This guest article is from Stacy Kelly, who was finally able to free herself of endometriosis after changing her diet.  She has written her own book about her experience called ‘My Endometriosis Journey - From Hell to Healing’ which is available on Amazon.


Stacy’s story ……..

I suffered from endometriosis from the age of 15 until the age of 36. I found out I had the condition after having a large mass on my ovary. I sincerely thought I had ovarian cancer and the fright of that was not something I can explain. It turned out that the endometriosis had formed a cyst on my ovary.


This was discovered at the age of 28 and I only knew about it after I had major surgery.  I was diagnosed after surgery and as you see it took many years, during those painful years I lived on painkillers to get by and cope with life as a young woman.


I learned to live in fear of this condition and dreaded every month that would come. After diagnosis, I still didn't understand how to care for this condition, it was after my 8 weeks check-up that I was given a contraceptive to try. I was so happy to be given something that may be of some help to me.


It was a great help actually, I managed to have a life, be normal, and have a social life. The pills however after a while gave me severe side-effects such as suicidal thoughts and deep depression. I should say that this was after changing many brands because each brand had its own side-effect such as migraines, change of my emotional stability.


 They had stopped working for me and so I came off them in 2016 after 7 years of taking them. The endo had started creating havoc in my body after I came off the pills, it spread into my anus, it affected my digestive system. I had developed gluten and wheat intolerance and suffered for about 5 years before realising I needed to change my diet.


Once I changed my diet, I realised how much I needed to do that. The pain in my anus went away, my cluster headaches left me and my endo pains eased off. I couldn't explain it but I was happy. I can say right now that changing my diet helped to heal my body, I stopped eating sugary foods, gluten & wheat, stopped having dairy (although I only had small amounts sometimes) but after cutting these things out my life became better.


I mainly adopt a vegetarian diet and live on grains, nuts, seeds etc, I occasionally have chicken or other meats and fish. My endo tummy went away, and I was no longer embarrassed about how bloated I looked.


Endometriosis can be a debilitating condition, please get checked for your painful period and then seek a natural way to treat this condition. Life after endometriosis is great, I do not have to fear if I am away from home and I have an unexpected period because I do not have those severe pains anymore.


It is so great to hear success stories from others suffering endometriosis, and to know there are other way to manage this disabling disease.  In some cases women are able to obtain complete recovery as in  Stacy's case, which helps give confidence to other women that diet and self-care can really help.

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About the Author

My name is Carolyn Levett, the Founder of endo-resolved - I am an Integrative Health Coach having studied nutrition, naturopathy, aromatherapy  as well as being a published author. I used to suffer from severe endometriosis and was able to regained my health and heal from the disease with the support of nutrition and natural therapies.

My motivation is to help other women with endometriosis to heal their bodies so they may overcome this awful disease without having to rely on toxic drugs and surgeries which can cause further damage  -  with healing thoughts, Carolyn.

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