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Endometriosis natural treatments, diet and support

Those who suffer this disease know that endometriosis can affect many areas of a woman's lifeIt causes pain, fatigue, very heavy periods, weakness, depression, digestive distress and many other symptoms. I should know ... been there, but I come out the other side ,,,, read about it here

However...... there is some hope ....

New treatments are being developed all the time and many women  are having success using natural therapies to help with their symptoms and manage the disease.

You can read some great success stories here

The principles here about managing endometriosis...

The principle here regarding endometriosis care is based on the concern that conventional modern medicine can do more harm than good. Surgery may be needed in more serious cases to repair the damage that the disease has caused.

However the right nutrition and lifestyle changes are not only less damaging to the body but far more effective. Surgery has been found to be a temporary fix at best which can then lead to even worse symptoms caused by more scar tissue. Drugs with all their many side effects are also very damaging.  

Treating the body with kindness through diet, reducing toxins and supporting the immune system will reap better results for long term health.

Give your body a fighting chance to tackle this disease

If you suspect you have endometriosis you need to get diagnosed as soon as possible, because the longer this disease is left unchecked, the more damage it will do. If your symptoms are not being taken seriously by your health care provider, then you need to seek a second opinion.

For some women it has taken years to get diagnosed. This usually happens because painful periods are seen as 'normal'. Your pain is real, and your periods should not be a time to be dreaded.

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