Endometriosis - for those looking for support & hope

With an emphasis on holistic gentle remedies to help you manage endometriosis more naturally

Those who suffer this disease know that endometriosis can affect many areas of a woman's lifeIt causes pain, fatigue, very heavy periods, weakness, depression, digestive distress and many other symptoms. 

There is some hope ....

New treatments are being developed all the time and many women are having success using natural therapies and life-style changes to help with their symptoms and manage the disease.  The aim of the advice being offered here aims to help you live better even with endometriosis.

For inspiration you can read some  success stories here and  my own recovery story here

Let's treat the disease - not just the symptoms!

A great video from the BBC - How endometriosis changed my life

'It's not just a bad period'... a group of young women describe how the disease affects their life - a good watch....

If you suspect you have endometriosis you need to get diagnosed as soon as possible, because the longer this disease is left unchecked, the more damage it will do. If your symptoms are not being taken seriously by your health care provider, then you need to seek a second opinion.

For some women it has taken years to get diagnosed. This usually happens because painful periods are seen as 'normal'. Your pain is real, and your periods should not be a time to be dreaded.

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