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I was a long time suffering with endometriosis. My husband and I tried for eight years to get pregnant and I was told not to worry...finally I found a doctor that listened and he did a Laparoscopy and found that my uterus was stuck to my intestines and that was why I had such terrible symptoms and diarrhoea. He cleaned it up and put me on Lupron for six months and thank God, I got pregnant two months after stopping the Lupron.

My endometriosis was kept at bay for about six years and then it started again. My primary doctor told me that I must be depressed and that was why I had the pain.

I finally told my GYN and he said lets do another laparoscopy, guess what, I had a huge tumour on my right ovary, which at first looked like ovarian cancer so he did not remove it...I was sent to another specialist who did a total hysterectomy and said he was amazed that I could even walk with all of the adhesions and scarring.

Once again my left ovary was attached to my colon and my uterus had adhesions going to my diaphragm. After this surgery I did not have to take any pain medications because I felt so much better. Going through menopause was rough but worth it!

My niece is now suffering at 24 and has not found a doctor who will treat her endometriosis because they feel if they do anything now it will compromise her fertility, but she is also suffering. Hopefully we will find someone who will treat this now. Good luck to everyone suffering with this out there. 

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I got married when in 2000 and when I was 23 yrs old. My husband and I started trying to get pregnant but just couldn't. Two years later I started spotting, having abdominal pain and etc. Went to see a doctor and about 6 months down the road had surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis.

I was told that getting pregnant would be almost impossible but in 2006 I got pregnant and had a little boy. After I had a C-section problems started with my period with a lot of abdominal pain. After about 7 months of going to doctors I had surgery and was diagnosed with Endometriosis, with a lot of adhesions and scar tissue. I am now 30 and trying to get pregnant after all of that. 

Jennifer Vetter
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I have read a lot of stories here and find that though I suffer from endometriosis, I am so blessed compared to a lot of you--my prayers to you all. My first blessing is that I have 4 beautiful children whom I love dearly and for me to not be grateful for them would be crazy (for I know some women are unable to conceive).

I have a husband who is one of the greatest there are and we are still deeply in love after 8 years of marriage. I so hope to not seem like I am bragging--only very grateful. I have a question for you all but first I should give you some of my history.

I have always had painful periods, but I could still go about my day. I married at 18 and got pregnant after having only one period. I have always had pain during intercourse, but I was not very comfortable talking to my doctor about it. Had a beautiful baby girl. After that, I got the depo provera shot twice and then didn't get it again because we couldn't afford it.

We started TTC when she turned two after I had a miscarriage and was very disappointed. Then I started having more painful periods and only every three months, till not any.

Figured it was because of the Depo, so the doctor put me on a hormone to get me to ovulate. Everything was regular after that. Well, I started having cramps low in my abdomen without my period, and it was time for the annual, so I scheduled it.

They did the pregnancy test they always do when your not sure if your pregnant and to my surprise, I WAS PREGNANT!! The doctor just figured that I was having the pain because I was pregnant. I went on to have a beautiful baby boy and didn't use protection because I figured we couldn't get pregnant anyway since it took me a while getting pregnant with my second (boy was I dumb) and got pregnant again! In a short while, we went from being a family of three to a family of 5!

We were more careful after that one and I started having symptoms of endometriosis again. I remember thinking I was going to start my period several times in a month and when I did start, I was surprised. It was like I had no warning.

That was when I started timing them again. I was getting them every 30 days, but I would have the cramping three out of four weeks and it got worse when the period would be letting up. I couldn't understand it.

I read about problems that it could be and realised that my whole family (women) had a history of needing hysterectomies at an early age. I asked some of them and found that endometriosis was the case in almost all of the women. Man, I knew this was hereditary and wondered why no-one warned me? Maybe they didn't know. Oh well, I was needing another annual (quite overdue actually) so I scheduled one.

My youngest was 1 and a half so we weren't trying to have a baby yet. So I knew the pain wasn't caused by a pregnancy this time. I finally said something about the pain with intercourse and told him about the pain and other symptoms, like feeling I was having braxton hicks contractions (which was weird because I knew I wasn't pregnant). He examined me and told me that he was pretty positive that I had endometriosis and he could feel the lesions in my vagina.

He told me that I wasn't crazy in feeling like I was having the bh contractions because the muscles will sometimes contract when the endometriosis would burrow into the muscle walls.

I knew that infertility was an issue here, so I asked about getting pregnant and he said that would be great for it, but if you can't get pregnant in 6 months come back and we will start the lupron.

We got pregnant right away! I was so happy! I was pain-free as far as the endometriosis goes after the 2nd month. And now for the question. Had the baby by emergency c-section for a number of reasons and recovery was slow. After 5 weeks, I felt great, though. Now, he is 10 weeks old and I have started to have strong pain from the belly button down (but it doesn't seem to be at the incision site) especially when I urinate.

It feels like I pull everything down and it's like a drain and everything is going to get sucked out with the urine. It is strange, and hard to describe. It doesn't feel quite like menstrual cramps, but like it is all of my organs below my belly button. It lets up a while after--until I have to go again.

This is the 6th day of this and I am not sure if it is the endometriosis or something else. I had my check-up at 8 weeks because he was out of town when he turned 6 weeks old, and all seemed well.

I have not had a period yet but could be ovulating as you never know when that will return. I got on here today and saw these stories and thought maybe one of you could help me.

I should add that I don't think it has anything to do with an infection of the bladder, it just feels like when I empty it, I am upsetting something in there that got pushed up by the fullness of it. Still not sure how to explain it. Oh and I never had a internal examination to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of endometriosis either. 

Melissa Jensen 
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Hi I’m 22 yrs old and am not sure what is going on here with my reproductive organs. I'm trying to find answers as to why I'm having trouble getting pregnant, and when I finally got pregnant I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks.

Here’s a little background on me. My sister has endometriosis and my other sister has pcos. I think I may have endometriosis. I know that I don't have pcos, well I could but is not likely because I do ovulate and don’t have the symptoms for pocs.

Anyways when I was a child of maybe 11 or 12 sometime before I started getting periods my sister, the one with endometriosis and I were getting checked out at the doctors office, well when he was doing the pelvic exam he noticed something about us like he could already tell that we were going to have endometriosis. I asked what’s that and he said that it was something that could effect our ability to get pregnant.

Well my sister who is older than me got on bc. only after one month off the pill she got pregnant right away. But me, who has been having unprotected sex for like five years has only gotten pregnant once and lost the baby.

Well back to the beginning when I first got my period, I had a strange feeling about it, but I think that’s normal for any girl who first gets her period but something didn't feel right about it.

Maybe a year into getting my period the pains were so bad and got worse with every period. I remember once I was looking at motorcycles with my ex when I got these shooting pains in my side that would come and go. I was confused, I'd never felt anything like it before. And then I discovered endometriosis. So I figure that’s what is causing all this.

Well now is different. I barely experience pain with periods. Nowhere as severe as before, only like a few days before and a few days into my period I'll have like cramping on and off. But during sex if penetration is too deep it will hurt. But what really concerns me is my ability to have babies. I'm starting to get so depressed about it because every month I'm mistaking pms for pregnancy.

And I get my period and I cant take it any more. I have a feeling I'll never be able to have kids but I can't stop dreaming about it. I fantasise about it a lot and I know now not to get my hopes up because of so many let downs. But I can't stop thinking about how good it would be to have a little me.

So now I'm spiralling down depressions evil sink-hole. Can't be strong now. The one thing that’s supposed to be your right as women isn't for me. And I know I'm not alone, but its just so unfair. Like God is playing some cruel joke upon me. Now I question my faith.

If God is supposed to be loving and he's everywhere then why can't he give me just one break in life. I've been through so much, my father died when I was little to a drug overdose. I'm watching my mother kill herself my taking a whole bunch of vicodin everyday. And I've always been compared to my sisters. And my oldest sister is very anorexic. 

Jessica Vey 

Love and hugs to all!!! Before I tell you my story, I want to tell you what works for the dreadful pain pain. First of all, I went to see this really helpful naturopath, and I want to tell you what he told me. First, endometriosis is caused by excess oestrogen (basically not enough progesterone) in our bodies.

So GET off your birth control pills. Think about it, birth control pills add MORE oestrogen, and only offer a synthetic form of progesterone, called progesterone. (sorry for spelling mistakes. )Look up natural progesterone cream and find out for yourselves.

About 2 years ago, I was eating really healthy, exercising and using the cream, taking primrose oil, fish oil, flax seed oil, and vitamin E(very important to keep the scars from hardening). Also its important to get your immune system up. Bottom line, do your own research...

Anyways, I thought the pain was gone for good, so I slacked off and a year later it came back. Its so bad, that I got horrible grads in school, (in 3rd ) year of university, and I get so depressed thinking about how I will deal with everyday life activities.

The worst is the fear of not knowing what is exactly going on, and having doctors prescribe you anti-depressants. Anyway, here are some tips that make it easier.

When pain is just starting, get out your best friend, the heating pad. TAKE IT EVERYWHERE. Call mom or a friend who can tell you its ok. Prepare mentally for it, sometimes it helps, and never give up..... Get a support group, and did you know there are grants available for medical assistance?


I had my hysterectomy just 2 months ago (March 8, 2006). You see, I suffered from endometriosis for 5 1/2 years. It started when I was 18 years old. Every time that I would go to the doctors to see how come I was always sore and how come it when I had sex, they just kept telling me that I must be pregnant. That was their solution to all my pain.

It never came back to be the problem. After 1 1/2 years of complaining to my doctor about my abdominal pain she told me that it was all in my head because she could find nothing wrong with me.

She then finally sent me to see a gynaecologist. He diagnosed me in 10 minutes with endometriosis. I went for a laparoscopy, that worked for three months and then it was back, so I went for another one, three months sick again.

He then put me on Lupron shots ($400/shot) for 6 months. After I was done my treatment I had a Laser Laparoscopy. After that I felt good. 8 Months later it came back. I went back to see my gynaecologist and he told me that if I wanted a family I would have to do it now. It was a good thing that I was 21 years and had a stable relationship for the last 3 years.

I went home and we talked it over and we decided to try for a baby. There was only one problem, I was given only 6 months to conceive ( I couldn't be off treatment for any longer). Four months into trying and I was starting to worry that I will never get pregnant or have the chance to have a baby.

This was one of my dreams in life, was to have a baby of my own. I went for hormone testing, that came back fine. I went for blood tests, those came back fine also. I went for fertility testing and there was the problem. I wasn't producing any eggs at all.

The doctor told me that there was one last option, fertility drugs! So, I took them. I became pregnant the first month I took them. My fifth month! I was sick through out the pregnancy because of all of the adhesions on my uterus so I was on bed rest for 5 months.

I had a good delivery and got the boy that I have always wanted. 3 months later it was back worse than I have every had it. I went to the doctors crying because I couldn't take care of my son the way a mother should because I was so sore.

I had another laparoscopy for treatment of my endometriosis. I felt great for 8 months and back to the same old thing. I went to his office again and told me that he has to send me for emergency surgery because he had found abnormal cells in my cervix and that they needed to be removed and to do a hysterectomy at the same time. I was told that he will try to save at least one ovary and tube if they weren't damaged too bad so I didn't go into menopause.

He saved the left of both! Now, I realised that I haven't felt this good in 5 1/2 years and that it was about time. I am now finding it hard that I will never have another baby, but all I keep telling myself is that at least I have my miracle baby. 

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