Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis

Kayla was originally diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome but after pushing for a proper diagnosis and having a laparoscopy it was discovered she had endometriosis. Due to the severity and location of her endometriosis not all the implants could be removed

This is Kayla’s story ….


I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis in June. My life has been totally turned upside down from not only the distress of endometriosis but also the emotional side effects as well.


I started my cycle when I was 12 yrs old and it has never been normal for me. It started out only getting my period two or three times a year for over six years. I knew this wasn't normal but no one would listen to me.


I would get horrible lower back ache but never any abdominal pain (this comes later). I was in a steady relationship for 3 years and never used protection (immature, I know) but I never got pregnant and deep down I knew something was wrong. I went to over five different doctors and not one of them would listen to me.


I started getting dark hair on my stomach, craving food all the time, depression and mood swings, as well as weight gain and hypoglycaemia. I finally started getting really bad cramps on the few times a year that I would actually get my period.


I would be out of work for at least three days and was stuck in bed with a heating pad doubled over with extremely painful symptoms and no relief.


As time went on I started experiencing shooting sensations that felt like a knife stabbing though my sides almost on a daily basis. It finally came down to my husband rushing me to the hospital. I was hooked up to an IV and they were pumping pain killers into me every few hours.


I told the ER doctor my history and that this was something I had been experiencing for years and that I tried several doctors and no one would listen to me.


Finally and ultrasound (which showed my ovaries to look like swiss cheese due to being covered with cysts) and blood work diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This is a fertility disease of which there is no cure. I had all the signs all along!!


I finally started seeing a specialist and was started on birth control to get my periods regular. I was told I would have an extremely hard time getting pregnant and would need fertility treatments. They also said if I did succeed in getting pregnant I would have a difficult time making it through the pregnancy and would be high risk.


Things only got worse from here, I was extremely depressed because I have always wanted my own children. I became obsessed about getting pregnant and was let down every time I took a test and it came back negative.


I felt so alone, no one could relate to me and still can't for that matter. The birth control was doing its job and giving me my period every month except my pain started getting worse every month and all month.


I started having to urinate all the time and my bowel movements were becoming a problem; to make matters worse it was tender during intercourse. Finally I stood my ground and got a new doctor because I knew I shouldn't be in this much agony with the PCOS.


I went to a male doctor and he listened to me and sympathized with me more that the female doctors I had. He suspected Endometriosis and performed a Laparoscopy. To no surprise it showed that my bladder was covered with endometriosis as well as my bowel and uterus.


He was not able to remove a lot of it because it was next to too many blood vessels. Finding this out only led to more depression because I had yet another infertility condition. Only a month after the laparoscopy I stopped my birth control and tried getting pregnant.


To everyone’s surprise I found out I was seven weeks pregnant when I went to the hospital for dehydration. I was so happy I can't even begin to try to put it in words. But there was a nagging feeling that something was wrong the next day when I started getting this nagging ache in my left side. I was so scared, I ended up having a miscarriage four days later and getting a d&c.


I'm running out of room so I will finish this up. The symptoms were only getting worse to the point where I was rushed to the hospital from work because I passed out from the pain of my last period. That was 4 months ago now. My doctor put me in medicated menopause with lupron ever since then.


I have three more months left to go and I hate the side effects. The hot flashes, night sweats, depression and I have no energy. All I can think about is having a baby, I was due in April if I wouldn't have lost the baby and as the date fast approaches I think about it even more.


I hate going through this and I hope the lupron helps, because I am considering a hysterectomy, the only thing stopping me is wanting to have a child of my own and to experience pregnancy. 

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