Three laparoscopies, drug treatment and major surgery 

This is a harrowing story of multiple surgeries, long term damage from taking Lupron, surgery to remove ten inches of large intestines due to a large endometrioma, and was thinking about having a hysterectomy until reading feedback stories from other women

This is Melissa’s story ….


Hi my name is Melissa, I'm 32 years old, married 1 year and do not have children. I have suffered with endometriosis for over 16 years. I also have chronic IBS and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 4 years ago.


I had my first laparoscopy at 19 and was then put on Lupron treatment for 6 months, which I warn all women who are told by their doctors to take this terrible drug, DON'T DO IT, its not worth it!


It has ruined my life and I truly believe that it only made my endometriosis worse and 13 years later, I still suffer from the horrible side effects, it did not help me one bit. I took anti-depressants for 10 years which I finally kicked about a year ago but still take sleeping pills every night. I have taken an array of birth control consistent for 15 years, depro, you name it I've tried it.


I have had 3 laparoscopy surgeries to remove and treat the endometriosis, but it always comes back bigger and better.


In January of this year I started having rectal bleeding which at first I thought was "normal" for me during my period but it became worse and I would bleed rectally just urinating. After several tests they found I had a large mass causing a blockage in my large intestine and thought it may be cancer but wouldn't know until another laparoscopy was done.


I feared the worst cancer, and thought I was going to die. I had surgery in March they removed over 10 inches of my large intestine due to a large endometrioma had grown into my large intestine which had caused the blockage. I was covered with endometriosis again but they did not remove it all during that time, said it was too much trauma to my body at one time.


So now only 6 months later the pain is back I had an ultrasound and found a cyst on my ovary and was told my only options were doing Lupron again or total hysterectomy as treatment.


Well I knew that the Lupron was no option for me, been there, done that and I would never go down that road again EVER!


So now I'm scheduled for a complete hysterectomy on Oct. 15 which now after reading all the horror stories from women who have had hysterectomies thinking it would cure their endometriosis and it still came back, totally freaks me out and I'm thinking of cancelling surgery.


What's the point if its not going to fix me and really not looking forward to hormone replacement for the rest of my life. My husband and I have just celebrated our 1 yr anniversary but have been living together for 9 years.


We had talked about having children in the past but involved with our careers we just were not ready, and now I really regret waiting, we may never have the chance, which is really depressing, but of course we can adopt which we are fine with.


I'm very thankful to have found this website, it has truly helped me reading these stories knowing I'm not alone. I feel like no one understands what I have been dealing with for the past 16 years, my girlfriends, co-workers all pretend to, but if you haven't felt the pain, agony, depression of dealing with this awful disease then how can you possibly try to help.


Well I've decided to seek a third opinion and I'm going to see a pelvic pain specialist today which is the only pp specialist of his kind in the state. I don't really expect he will tell me anything different I didn't already know. I've seen nearly 12 doctors/specialist over the years battling this disease, I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision.


To all my endometriosis sisters out there, just want to let you know I feel your pain and my only advice is keep your head up, stay strong, always trust your instincts, you know if something is wrong, don't let anyone tell you "its all in your head" or "not to worry".


Don't take just one doctors word, get a second and third opinions, and if you really think you want to have children someday but aren't ready and you have this disease, don't wait you may never have the chance. I wish you all the best and pray that someday there will be a cure for this disease. 

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