Endometriosis returns five months after surgery

Five months after surgery to remove endometriosis and the pain of endometriosis returned for Elle and is now searching desperately for answers

This is Elle’s story ….

I got my period when I was 14 and well the symptoms just started from then on. I have been to many doctors over the years and quite simply told that I was a woman and needed to just get over it. My friends never understood what I was going through and I was pretty much called a hypochondriac.


I am now 24 and was diagnosed with endometriosis in June of this year. I had my daughter in April, the pregnancy was hell for me, my mum had always told me that being pregnant was wonderful and that by enjoying it, it would help me bond with my baby, but to be honest I just wanted her out. I could not stand up straight and constantly had pains.


I have been told I have a miracle baby and that my endometriosis is so bad that I never should have fallen pregnant.


Sex after the birth (of course we waited) was dreadful, I would often just grin and bare it for the sake of my partner. I remember waking up one day with pains that I was convinced were appendicitis, my partner just thought that I was overreacting.


I drove myself to the doctors and was immediately told that I had a pelvic infection. I took the antibiotics for a few days but I was feeling worse, I went back to the doctor who just prescribed me with different medication.


I had been to the hospital twice during my course of medication and sent home with pain killers. I remembered my sister telling me that her friend had endometriosis and decided to ring her to find out the name of the doctor who had helped her.


The doctor was amazingly sensitive to my feelings and I found myself sitting in his office for over an hour while he made an emergency appointment for me to see a specialist (he thought I had an ectopic pregnancy), but he had not ruled out endometriosis.


I went to my specialist and after having an ultrasound was told that my uterus was retroverted and would need surgery to be fixed. The specialist told me that he was also going to do a laparoscopy to rule out endometriosis. I woke from my operation in immediate pain, I was given pain killers and told that they could not give me much more until I had seen my specialist and he could explain what was found.


I had 5 procedures done on me during my laparoscopy, and yes, endometriosis was found.


I was told that it had been 'burnt' off and that I would feel much better after I had recovered. It took me 12 weeks to recover and it has been 5 months since my op but guess what ladies???? it's back and today I find myself surfing the net looking for answers on how to deal with this.


I have read all your stories and they scare me but it also helps me realise that I'm not suffering alone and that mine could be a lot worse. I am so sorry for what many of you have gone through and I pray that one day soon someone will miraculously discover a cure for all of us.


I just hope that this time I can be strong enough not to let it ruin my life and my relationship. My only advice is to hold your loved ones close and explain things to them because I'm sure that if your moods are anything like mine, they are suffering too!!! Stay strong and healthy, Elle 


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