Adhesions on the bowel and diaphragm

Endometriosis was confirmed with a laparoscopy and a cyst the size of an orange when Heather had surgery and it was discovered she had adhesions on her diaphragm and her bowel

This is Heather’s story .....

My story is so similar to those I have been reading today, I just came across your site and so far have found it wonderful! I live in the West Highlands of Scotland, and even here there is a large number of endometriosis sufferers! I had suffered from heavy and very painful periods since I started when I was 11 years old - I always thought that was just how it was!


As time went on I understood it wasn't meant to be that bad! I went on the pill at 17 and was on it for 11 years, I still had the horrendous discomfort and heavy bleeding until eventually I had a huge argument with my GP - she didn’t want me to come off the pill as 'you will just get pregnant' she said!


Never mind that I was just about to marry and perhaps that was the idea! After being off the pill for about a year things got to the point where I couldn’t cope with the painful symptoms, it was starting up to a week before and increasing to the point through my period where I was off work and vomiting with the pain and lasting up to and after I ovulated.


I reckon I had about 5 clear days a month when I was 'normal'. 

Finally I was referred to the consultant and after a wait of 9 months I saw her, she was brilliant and suggested for the first time that I may have endometriosis! She prescribed me tranexamic acid for the pain, those didn’t work but then we tried mefanamic acid which really helps!


A further 9 months later I had a laparoscopy and endometriosis was confirmed along with a cyst the size of an orange on my right ovary, there were adhesions all on the right side attached to my diaphragm and bowel plus a few smaller cysts.


The consultant was honest and said that I may not conceive naturally and may have to get IVF. She was also keen to remove the cyst and my right ovary. I was booked in for the operation 3 months later but the cyst burst a month before the surgery! It was incredibly painful and scary, after a scan it showed the cyst had shrunk to 4cm, the operation was cancelled!


I was asked to try a new treatment, known as 'triptorelin' or 'decapeptyl', monthly injections for 6 months instead of future surgery. This is usually used to treat prostate cancer; it causes a shutdown in hormone production and creates a mini menopause - also the symptoms! Weight gain, hot flushes, hellish mood swings! It was very hard but I had nearly 2 years symptom free after it! And I would recommend it!


Since then the symptoms have recurred, but not as bad! The cysts are still there and I’ve just been in hospital again when one burst, but I’m hopeful! I’m trying the diet and it’s amazing! I think the single biggest thing you can do is find out what you can and get your doctor to listen!


I was lucky I had a consultant willing to try something new and for me it has worked well for a while! Also knowing there are others out there going through the same means you feel less alone and there is hope! Heather xxx 

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